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Nike Air Max 270 Performance Review

Have you ever thought what the is the feeling of walking in the clouds? I am sure every kid in his/her childhood once thinks of flying in the sky. And if you happen to be one of them, fortunately, Nike Air Max 270 will definitely give you the answer you want and realize the wish you ever made in your childhood. It is no kidding.

The AirMax 270 features the highest Air Max air cushion in the history of the brand and the 270° super big air cushion that surrounds the rear heel can offer you  an exceptionally soft and comfortable experience.

The Nike Air Max 270 is the first Nike Air shoe that perfectly blends sports and leisure. The half-foot “U” thick air cushion is designed to offer a high level performance and meets daily wearing needs. Only by looking at the upper, you can feel that the classic black and white color scheme is simple but versatile. By checking its appearance alone, most people have been satisfied. According to numerous buyers, the Air Max 270 is a stylish shoe, many of whom even said they loved this shoe so much that they will order other colors. So, it is lucky that if you don not like this color scheme, there are plenty of colorways made available for both men’s and women’s Nike Air Max 270 shoes.

At the front of the shoe, the toe part of the outsole is printed with the letter “MAX”. And there are many ventilation holes of different sizes on the upper to ensure air circulation inside the shoe and the front material can protect the toes. The irregular one-piece tongue design, the three-dimensional Nike logo on the tongue and the “Air 270” make the whole shoe very lovely. As is said by many buyers that this shoe had gotten them lots of compliments from other people. Quite nice!

The white foam midsole is paired with the black upper and the large air cushion protruding outward at 270° creates a unique visual effect.

At the heel, it is obvious that the air cushion almost occupies two-thirds of the heel. The black tongue and the collar help make it easier to put on and take off.

A single shoe weighs 323 grams which is stated  to be exceptionally lightweight by some reviewers. Since the upper is made of elastic fabric, it can be bent freely to ensure full flexibility in all kinds of movements. The sock-like design allows the upper to fit well with the foot and ensures comfort.

Several reviewers just said that they were beyond impressed with the comfort of the Nike Air Max 270 whereas there are also a lot of reviewers saying that they loved the way this shoe fits their feet.

As is seen below that the mesh air holes of different sizes in the upper can ensure air circulation inside and outside the shoe, thus further providing good breathability and ensuring dryness.

As have been mentioned earlier that some people said they like the way the shoe fits their feet, so you can imagine how nice the wrapping could be. The elastic fabric upper and the sock-like design can both wrap the feet very well and also fit the foot very well during exercise. But on the other hand, compared to other sock-like shoes, Air Max 270 offers a moderate wrapping.

The sock-like construction allows the upper to be adhered to with the movement of the feet.  The front of the upper uses a different material to protect the toes while enhancing the support of the shoes. The upper does not have obvious deformation when running and provides excellent support for sudden force or sharp turn.

The heel is made of a more tough material  and the air-cushion rubber material stretches up and wraps around the heel to provide strong support for the ankle. Some people just proclaimed that the heel Air unit is phenomenal, so you can believe the shoe’s ankle performance.

The foot remains stable when the shoe is swayed from side to side.

In terms of the traction, it is not as phenomenal as the heel unit however. The outsole material is made of the same  material as the original one and is distributed in a protruding position on the edge of the outer sole. Because the Air Max 270 is mainly a casual wearing shoe, Nike didn’t seem to pay too much attention to this respect. So the grip performance is just passable. 

The thickness of the rubber outsole is still considerable and it is acceptable in terms of wear resistance.  But if it is used for a long time on rough roads, the life of the shoes is not expected to be too long.

Equipped with a 270° half foot super big air cushion, the shoe is especially soft and bouncy.

When you are walking, you can clearly see the obvious deformation and rebound of the air cushion.

When running, you can feel the obvious energy feedback of the forefoot foam and the rear cushion. The super big cushion can accommodate more air and has excellent cushioning performance. In addition, the “U” shaped air cushion can be stepped on without the need for much effort. After jumping high and landing, you can clearly feel the compression and rebound of the air cushion whereas your whole body is still very stable.


On balance, the overall performance of the Nike Air Max 270 is still excellent although a couple of reviewers commented that this Air Max runs a bit narrow in the toes for wide-footed wearers or the shoe is not worth the price  tag. However, if making allowance for this Air Max model’s performance concerning comfort, support, superb fit, and lightness, you feel they has made up for its expensive price point.


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Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 Performance Review

Dating back to the history of Nike Air Max series, it seems like a legend. In 1987, the first pair of shoes that equipped with the Air Max air cushion, the Nike Air Max 1 was born. Then in 2017, Air Max also launched the Nike Air Vapormax flyknit so as to memorize its  30th anniversary of its birth. What’s more, in 2018, the Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 hit the retailers and were widely welcomed by Nike fans. Well, the the Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 is the protagonist of today as well.

Subverting the shoes of the traditional Air running shoes, this pair consists of only two parts which are the upper and the air cushion. Not only is the shoe’s performance excellent, but it has also become one of the fashion items that everyone loves. There are quite a number of different color schemes and a majority of those who have tried the Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 2 stated that the sizing scheme was able to adhere to their expectations.

The Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 which is slightly different from the 1st version performs even much better. The pure white upper is simple and versatile and made of large mesh knit, it also creates a comfortable foot feel.

The “VAPORMAX” patch on the tongue fits perfectly with the shoe body and the pure white upper. The toe has a layer of the same color hot film reinforcement layer, making the shoe very distinctive.

The side flying line design, combined with the lacing system makes the shoe look as if it is a sock. The three-dimensional white bright leather Swoosh and the eye-catching translucent atmospheric cushion also make the shoe very technological.

A visible air cushion is there at the heel. There is also white a reinforcement layer with some hollowed out dots and also a reflective strip that ensures night running security. So having checked all the details of the shoe’s appearance, what do you think of the shoe? Anyway, for me, I’ve deeply attracted by its charm and generally people feel that the aesthetics of this running shoe are visually striking; they claim that they receive compliments while wearing it. However, besides that, it is its performance that really dominates. As is seen that a single shoe weighs 300 grams which is excellent for a combat shoe and a tremendous job ever done by Nike Air Max. Several reviews have talked about the suitably light construction which accommodated extended running sessions.

The integrated knit upper is very soft and yet tough. It simply fits very well with the foot. A high phrase of the upper that I’ve heard of is that  the upper unit felt like a glove that wrapped around the foot in a non-irritating manner. In short, you won’t feel extra room inside the shoe and the wearing experience is really nice. Some even signified that the underfoot experience was compared to walking on a cloud and people all liked the bouncy feel of the platform.

But for the cushion, the shoe requires some time breaking in. So it is normal that you may feel some pain if you first wear it.

The side fly line and the shoelace system are integrated. After tightening the shoelace, the upper can better fit the feet, creating a comfortable and stable fit. Apart from that, a comfortable, stable and strong flying wire that crosses from the shoelace hole to the sole provides nice side support. And the toe heat film reinforcement layer not only protects the toes, but also provides corresponding support. According to happy purchasers, the Flywire cables and the printed overlays helped to lock the foot in place at all times.

For the heel support, a couple of testers lauded the arch support given by the platform, stating that underfoot fatigue was averted.

The traction capacity of the outsole was lauded by consumers for being effective and dependable. Well, this is quite true. The outsole uses the classic non-slip granule with high hardness waffle grain where the air cushion is in contact with the ground. The parts where there is more pressure are added with rubber-thickening granules to provide stronger grip and nice anti-skid performance.

As for the cushion, its durability is the thing that most deserves worrying. But after thickening the wearable parts, there is no need to worry that the air cushion will be damaged by accident.

The performance of vapormax cushioning  is also very prominent. When you jump high and then back to the ground, you can see that the forefoot air cushion has no obvious deformation whereas the back palm air cushion deforms quickly and rebounds, providing a very good impact protection from the toe to the heel. When running, you can also see very obvious deformation of the rear air cushion.


I’ve also heard of a lot of negative views about the shoe, say, the durability of some parts of the shoe. A couple of runners have observed that the tongue unit quickly tearing off after only a few uses and there are also some complaining that  the Air cushioning unit deflated and collapsed after a few months of use, thus suspending all underfoot support. What is even worse is that some are unsatisfied with the price. However, we should bear in mind that no one is perfect, let alone a shoe and we should not ignore its advantages either. I am sure those who enjoy road-centric adventures are the ones who are going to benefit the most from this product.


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Nike Air Max 95 Essential Performance Review

From the past to the present day, the Nike Air Max series is very popular though it ran into criticism and failure at times. These are more than normal anyway. And among the many Nike Air Max sneakers, the Max 95 is definitely on the list of the excellent ones. As the first pair of running shoes with a forefoot cushion, the popularity always stay there and are all obvious to everyone. 

The Air Max 95 draws inspiration from the human body and is bold and avant-garde; the front and rear foot independent air cushions are designed to provide effective protection and high cushioning performance. In short, the shoe is believed to attract a lot of fans and I know many of you must have got very excited. Let’s go on checking then.

The shoe tested  today features the marine gradient color scheme. The classic Air Max 95  shoe body and the fresh blue gradient color has a lovely “flavor”, quite eye-catching! Besides, the visible air cushion in the front and rear part looks very technological.

At the front, we can see the blue, black and white color scheme. The upper is composed of mesh material and leather  and the combination of white-blue-black is very harmonious. In hot summer days, this shoe seems to offer us a very cool feeling. The dark blue Air Max 95 leather makes up the lacing system  and the oval tongue also features “Air Max” letter embroidery.

At the side, the appearance is even more eye-catching. The streamlined shoe body and the dynamic line bring full visual impact. And the colors in the upper is layered, which is very fresh. Apart from those, the small embroidered logo on the outside of the heel is very simple but not monotonous. After seeing the detailed designs of the appearance, many fans may say admiringly in spite of themselves that the low-top Air Max 95 Essential deserves heaps of compliments for its stylish looks. Well, that’s quite true!

The “Nike Air” logo is printed on the T-shaped dark blue leather and the thick outsole is equipped with a visible air cushion to increase the wearer’s height.

Many buyers who have experienced the shoe will know how comfortable it is. It is a fact that almost of the buyers all gave these Nike Air Max 95 sneakers two thumbs up for the comfortable in-shoe feel it provided and these Nike Air Max shoes are also recognized by many for their quality materials that looked good and felt nice. The upper uses a compression molding process, and the leather provides strong support for the tough leather cannot be easily bent.

A single shoe of  Nike Air Max 95  weighs 431 grams, which is at a normal range. However, there are still many people observing that the Nike Air Max 95 running shoes looks bulkier and feels heavier compared to other running shoes. For this part, there are many positive and negative views and everyone holds their own opinions.

The upper is made of mesh material, as is seen in the picture below. However, most of the leather that is used as well as the inner layer help very little in terms of the breathability. What’s more, the minute you put on the shoe, you will have sultry feeling under your feet.

As I mentioned before that the upper is not easily  bent, so the support performance is ensured. The tough leather uses stitching and compression molding aiming at creating an outstanding support that locks your feet and providing strong support. When you wear shoes and move from side to side, you will find that the feet are very stable. Aside from that, after fastening the laces, your feet are tightly locked and wrapped. In short, the upper fits your feet very well if you are not high-insteps.

If you suddenly change direction when running, your center of gravity is placed on your right foot, you can see that the upper has only very little deformation. So I want to say that the support of the upper is really worthy of recognition.

The outsole materials used are of high quality and are carefully selected. The rubber outsole with considerable thickness is very outstanding in terms of wear resistance and can withstand the test of various tests.

The forefoot in the sole features a classic waffle grain and raised square elements to provide excellent grip whereas the rear sole is a larger area of the square unit with the same nice and  outstanding grip.

The Air Max 95 is well known also for its excellent cushioning. But when walking, the feedback is not obvious; when running, the rear air cushion undergoes some deformation and much rebound. Lots of energy feedback under the feet is received from the cushion. Based also on a couple of reviews, the Nike Air Max 95 Essential running shoes supplied adequate support and sufficient cushioning.


Comfortable, breathable and durable are all tags of this Air Max 95 Essential. A number of people look upon the shoe as a product that is worth buying at its original retail rate despite its average to expensive price point. For most of you, comfort is an important part of a sneaker, and what is fortunate is that the Nike Air Max 95 Essential remained comfortable after wearing it for work for extended hours as well as long walks. So have you still any worry about the shoe? Why not have a try in the  flesh?

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Nike Air Max 1/97 SW Performance Review

Last year, the Nike Air Max 1/97, designed by Round Two chief executive Sean Wotherspoon, won the Nike Vote Forward shoe design competition. So it instantly gets a lot of attention among the present sneaker market.

However, another model, the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW , arises in response to time and occasion. The Nike Air Max 1/97 SW integrates the vamp of Nike Air Max 97 and its outsole is full of originality. The vintage corduroy material and a variety of color combination show the sincerity of the designer. Other details like tongue stickers with wave elements and smiley faces on the insole make the shoes look very appealing.

Looking at the front part of the shoe. The corduroy uppers gives us a retro feeling toward the shoe. And many consumers adored the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW’s unique corduroy-crafted upper. Some even remarked that the material reminded them of their childhood ensembles. And with a striking mix of contrasting colors and a retractable tongue tag available in small hooks and waves, the shoe stands out among the many sneakers of today. For the shoe tongue, there is a number of video reviewers commending that the patch’s feature is on the shoe’s tongue as it offers the option for customization and self-expression.

The vamp, as you can see, is layered. And the color changes from light to dark. There is also a small hook mark on the front and middle part of the side. In addition, the outsole which is made of four colors is very fruitful. Many Air Max fans just expressed excitement over this sneaker’s unique design concept of combining the Air Max 97’s upper and Air Max 1’s sole. And as a fan of Air Max, I am also into the design.

At the heel, the collar extends from the sole to the shoe opening and there is also embroidered with the delicate letters “VA, LA,”fully showing an exquisite design.

Out of question, comfortable is a frequent word used in describing this pair. Unlike the stiffness of leather uppers,  the vamp of this one is made of soft corduroy material, which is super soft to wear. Softness and comfort are all you  can feel inside the shoe. However, despite the fact, the performance of air permeability is not outstanding; it is slightly muggy. A few buyers complaint that the shoe is simply passable and the price for it  is a bit high then.

But the soft upper, on the other hand, offers quite enough flexibility. When the player change directions suddenly, the upper responds quite well.

Consisting of corduroy vamp, a single shoe of this pair is not that heavy. Conversely, it is somewhat lightweight or in other words, its weight is moderate.

The upper is only  single-layer corduroy, thus it can not offer a very nice wrapping for the feet. It just cannot fit your feet well, so you will not feel your feet tightly wrapped inside the shoe. According to a number of consumers that they can feel the roomy shoe box and they sometimes experienced slipping in the shoe.

Then as for support, I had thought that the single-layer corduroy uppers would show insufficient support, but it just turned out to be very excellent. Unexpectedly, when you change direction you can see that the vamp has very little deformation and the foot remains stable inside the shoe.

The heel wrapping has somewhat made up for the insufficient upper wrapping. There is a soft sponge inside the heel. And the thickened heel performs nicely in terms of support. When running and the heel has some direction changes ,  the foot will undergo obvious deformation whereas the heel is still very stable.

For the traction, I just want to say that it is a colorful outsole an dis also the most colorful one I have ever seen. And the four colors respectively corresponds to different patterns. The blue part of the forefoot is a raised waffle grain with extraordinary grip and the yellow, indigo and pink parts are all latticed, providing all-round and multi-angle grip.

The thickness of the rubber outsole is considerable and you do not worry about wear problems in daily wear or sporting. The sole can stand the tests of wear and tear. And besides the durable outsole , a couple of shoe users are also pleasantly surprised at how the corduroy upper held up longer and better than they expected.

Nike Air Max 1/97 SW midsole adapts the midsole of Air Max 1 and sets up half foot visible Air cushion. Not only does the pair look perfect in reproduction, it also does a tremendous job in cushioning.

The midsole is relatively hard and the soft bouncing feeling is not apparent when walking. When running, the soft spring feeling will be obvious then and the pressure for the foot is all released.

Only a slight cushioning is felt during movement.


The shoe’s wrapping is passable though, you can make up for this by tightening the shoe laces. But the support performance is superior and can fully protect the foot. To some extent, as a fashionable shoe, I believe there are few people who are willing to wear it out to exercise. In short, the Nike Air Max 1/97 SW is a fusion of Nike’s two well-loved silhouettes and if you wan to cop one pair, you’d better take action now.

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Nike Air Mmax 98 QS Performance Review

From the first pair of NIKE AIR MAX 98, this series has passed 20 years.

For celebrating the 20th anniversary of NIKE AIR MAX 98, NIKE releases the brilliant colorway. The main colorway of vamp is mint green, orange and purple. And the shoelaces are also mint green. The insole is white and outsole is orange.

The Front View

Several brilliant colorway makes the impressive vamp. It looks dynamically.

The Side View

The side vamp is made of purple, orange and mint green raised grain. It’s colorful.

The Rear View

The shoe heel is irregular design. It’s jointed with kinds of materials and colors. It’s impressive. This colorway will be very attractive if walking on the street.

Comfort Level

The vamp is made of kinds of materials. The purple and orange material is good and durable anti-fur. And the mint green part is soft fabric which guarantee the air permeability.

The mint green vamp is decorated with orange stripe embroidery which has the reinforcing effect. The insole has full-length visible air cushion.

The unit weight is about 420g. It’s not light.

Fit & Supporting Performance

The interlaced shoe lacing system wrap the foot well. The mint green shoe collar match with mint green shoelaces and orange holes of shoelaces.

The complicated vamp design and embroidery reinforcement guarantee the supporting performance of vamp. The vamp doesn’t have obvious deformation when running, but it is also not stiff.

The shoe heel is made of multiple material overlay design, with the thick filling, it offers excellent supporting performance. It can offer the stabilizing support to heel.

Traction & Abrasive Resistance

The outer layer of full-length air cushion is durable rubber outsole. After testing, it doesn’t have obvious abrasion. As a pair of fashion shoes, its cost performance is good.

The grain of forefoot sole is obvious. The grain of rear sole is a little smooth. The unevenness of forefoot sole has great traction performance.

Cushion Performance

Although it has full-length air cushion, but I don’t have the obvious soft and elastic feeling in the beginning. It needs time to break-in.

The feedback of full-length air cushion is also not obvious when running. Actually, most of NIKE air cushion are more suitable to the guys who have heavy weight. It not, you can’t feel the soft and elastic feeling of air cushion.

When jumping to floor, the full-length air cushion also doesn’t have obvious variation.

Overall, the appearance of NIKE AIR MAX 98 QS has many details. The colorway is brilliant and special. It’s a pity that the full-length visible air cushion is not so soft and elastic as expection.

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Nike Air Max 270 Performance Review

What kind of feeling for walking in the cloud? NIKE Air Max 270 will give you the answer. Air Max 270 has the highest AIR MAX cushion, which brings the super comfort level.

NIKE Air Max 270 is the first model of NIKE Air models for sports and casual shoes. The design and performance have high standard.

The classic black and white colorway is easy matching color. A lot of hipsters choose this special design. It becomes present fashion sneaker.

Height: 175cm, Weight: 57kg

The front view:

The shoe head is printed with MAX. The vamp has different sizes of air holes to guarantee the ventilation. It looks good for the irregular integrated shoe tongue design and the tridimensional NIKE logo and AIR 270.

The side view

The sole design is low front and high rear sole. The insole of forefoot is white foam. The 270° outward big area air cushion is special.

The shoe heel:

The air cushion almost takes up 2/3 of the shoe heel. The black shoe tongue is convenient for taking off and putting on.

Comfort Level

The unit weight of US8.5/EUR42 is 323g. The weight is moderate.

The vamp is elastic fabric which can be bended freely to make sure the flexibility. The socks type design makes the vamp fit the foot well.

The different sizes mesh air holes on the vamp can make sure the air permeability.

The 270° air cushion thickness of rear sole is about 3.2cm. The low front and high rear sole design can push you to go forward. It has obvious soft and resilient feedback.

Fit & Support

The elastic fabric vamp and socks type design can fit the foot very well.

The special material on the front of vamp can protect the toes and also enhance the support. The vamp doesn’t have deformation when running. It can offer excellent support when turning or abrupt acceleration.

The shoe heel uses tenacious material. The rubber material of air cushion is extended to the upper to offer strong support to ankle. When changing directions, the upper of shoe heel doesn’t have big deformation, and it can stable the ankle well.

Traction and Abrasive Resistance

The outsole is rubber material. As Air Max 270 is mainly as casual shoes. So it doesn’t have deep grains. The traction performance is not obvious.

As the thickness of rubber sole is thick, so the abrasive resistance is good. But we don’t suggest to wear it on rough road surface, it will reduce the lifetime.

Cushion Performance

My weight is 57kg, The feeling is not stiff after wearing. I felt the soft and elastic feeling obviously.

The feedback of foam on forefoot and air cushion on rear sole is obvious when running.

The super big air cushion can accommodate more air. It has excellent cushion performance.

After jumping and fall to the ground, I can feel the compression and resilience of air cushion obviously. And it’s stable after jumping to floor. It can protect the foot well.


I normally wear EUR41 or EUR42. The size that I wear for this model is EUR42. It’s very comfortable.


The appearance and performance of NIKE AIR MAX 270 is excellent.

The different sizes of air holes on the elastic vamp can make sure the air permeability. It’s comfortable.

The soft and elastic foam of forefoot can offer strong support. The big air cushion of rear sole offers great cushion feedback not matter walking or running.

Overall, the appearance of NIKE AIR MAX 270 is special. The performance is also great. It can satisfy the request of daily exercise and is also suitable for daily wearing.

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Nike Air Max Dominate Performance Review

Although the appearance of NIKE Air Max Dominate is simple, but many stars wear it. Many shoe fans are very interested in it. So, I want to talk about the performance of NIKE Air Max Dominate for your reference today.

1. The big Air Max cushion is very comfortable

I remember the last pair of shoes which has Air Max Cushion is Air Max Infuriate. Now there are not many shoes that use Air Max Cushion. According the official story, the Air Max Cushion on Air Max Dominate is matching with the foamed plastic insole. So I feel good for the air cushion.
Comparing with previous Air Max, the big air max on rear sole of Air c has been adjusted. I can feel the cushion obviously. It’s not only suitable for the centre forward, but also suitable for other positions. The cushion performance of Air Max Dominate is excellent.
Although the front sole doesn’t have any technology, but it’s also very comfortable. I can feel a little cushion performance. It should be due to the full-length foamed plastic.

2. Traction Performance is great
The outsole of Air Max Dominate is normal design. The standard herringbone and circular design is common design as previous Nike basketball shoes.
Why is it common? Of course, the reason is it has great traction performance. I haven’t slipped when wearing Dominate to play basketball on 3 different covered courts. And the deep grains hasn’t been abrased. The abrasive resistance should be great.!
▼The herringbone outsole is useful

3. The shoes fit the foot very well, and the supporting performance of the vamp is also good.
Air Max Dominate doesn’t use high-level material like Flyknit or built-in Zoom. The vamp material is mesh fabric. The air permeability is good. The shoes fit very well with the feet. The thick shoe tongue and inner sleeve of half sole ensures the degree of packing.
▼The both sides of shoe tongue has small ‘wings’, it can cover the feet very well.

▼Mesh fabric vamp has good air permeability

The built-in TPU on the shoe heel can protect the heels very well. And it makes reinforcement on the thumbs. The mid-high design with the thick foam on the upper can fix and protect the ankle very well. Although is a pair of shoes for centre forward, it makes extension on the outside of half sole for anti-rollover.
▼The double pull-tabs on the shoe heel and the built-in TPU

▼The hot melting material on the thumbs can reinforce the vamp, and it has anti-rollover design on the half sole

The center of gravity on the shoe heel is a little high.
Since it’s a pair of shoes for centre forward and it has Air Max Cushion on the shoe heel, so it’s unblameable that the center of gravity is a little high.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9 Stars

Shoe shape: normal, but a little narrow
Size: you can choose the normal size that you wear. I normally wear Nike / Adidas EUR43, the EUR43 for Air Max Dominate is also suitable.
Although it doesn’t have cool appearance, expensive material and present high technology cushion, but it’s still a pair of great basketball shoes. It’s unexpected. I’m surprised that Air Max Dominate with Air Max has such excellent performance.
Air Max Dominate is not only suitable for forward, but also the defender. Although the cetre of gravity is a little high, but the excellent performance is suitable for every position.