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Nike Air Max Dominate Performance Review

Although the appearance of NIKE Air Max Dominate is simple, but many stars wear it. Many shoe fans are very interested in it. So, I want to talk about the performance of NIKE Air Max Dominate for your reference today.

1. The big Air Max cushion is very comfortable

I remember the last pair of shoes which has Air Max Cushion is Air Max Infuriate. Now there are not many shoes that use Air Max Cushion. According the official story, the Air Max Cushion on Air Max Dominate is matching with the foamed plastic insole. So I feel good for the air cushion.
Comparing with previous Air Max, the big air max on rear sole of Air c has been adjusted. I can feel the cushion obviously. It’s not only suitable for the centre forward, but also suitable for other positions. The cushion performance of Air Max Dominate is excellent.
Although the front sole doesn’t have any technology, but it’s also very comfortable. I can feel a little cushion performance. It should be due to the full-length foamed plastic.

2. Traction Performance is great
The outsole of Air Max Dominate is normal design. The standard herringbone and circular design is common design as previous Nike basketball shoes.
Why is it common? Of course, the reason is it has great traction performance. I haven’t slipped when wearing Dominate to play basketball on 3 different covered courts. And the deep grains hasn’t been abrased. The abrasive resistance should be great.!
▼The herringbone outsole is useful

3. The shoes fit the foot very well, and the supporting performance of the vamp is also good.
Air Max Dominate doesn’t use high-level material like Flyknit or built-in Zoom. The vamp material is mesh fabric. The air permeability is good. The shoes fit very well with the feet. The thick shoe tongue and inner sleeve of half sole ensures the degree of packing.
▼The both sides of shoe tongue has small ‘wings’, it can cover the feet very well.

▼Mesh fabric vamp has good air permeability

The built-in TPU on the shoe heel can protect the heels very well. And it makes reinforcement on the thumbs. The mid-high design with the thick foam on the upper can fix and protect the ankle very well. Although is a pair of shoes for centre forward, it makes extension on the outside of half sole for anti-rollover.
▼The double pull-tabs on the shoe heel and the built-in TPU

▼The hot melting material on the thumbs can reinforce the vamp, and it has anti-rollover design on the half sole

The center of gravity on the shoe heel is a little high.
Since it’s a pair of shoes for centre forward and it has Air Max Cushion on the shoe heel, so it’s unblameable that the center of gravity is a little high.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 9 Stars

Shoe shape: normal, but a little narrow
Size: you can choose the normal size that you wear. I normally wear Nike / Adidas EUR43, the EUR43 for Air Max Dominate is also suitable.
Although it doesn’t have cool appearance, expensive material and present high technology cushion, but it’s still a pair of great basketball shoes. It’s unexpected. I’m surprised that Air Max Dominate with Air Max has such excellent performance.
Air Max Dominate is not only suitable for forward, but also the defender. Although the cetre of gravity is a little high, but the excellent performance is suitable for every position.