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Nike Air Force 1 Mid Performance Review

Air Force 1 should be one of the symbol of Nike and even the whole gym shoes. Since 1982, it always the one of NIKE’s hot-sale shoes. And it’s also the first model of NIKE’s basketball shoes which use air cushion. Air Force 1 has released more than 1700 colorways till now, including the high, middle and low types. Today we want to disclose the actual performance of Air Force 1 for your reference.
BTW, we tested Air Force 1 Mid today. It has a little difference with the Low and High types.
Personal Information of Tester:
Height: 172cm
Weight: 72kg
Size: US8.5=EUR42
Playing Way: Running Shooter
Field:Indoor wood floor & out-field cement

Nike Air Force 1 Mid
Material: Artificial leather vamp, artificial leather lace up on ankle part, common rubber outsole, 3/4 Air Cushion

Most of Air Force 1 use leather material (dermis or artificial leather). The vamp material of this sneaker approach to artificial patent leather. The comfort level is not bad. But the vamp is a little stiff, so it’s painful during the period of breaking-in. If you like softer leather or higher comfort level, you can choose the Premium model which uses higher-class leather.
Cushion Performance
Air Force 1 is the first pair of basketball shoes which use Nike Air Cushion technology. It’s built-in 3/4 length of Nike Air Cushion in the rubber insole. It seems that the 3/4 length air cushion is not bad. But the actual performance is not good. If you only wear it for waling, you won’t feel that it’s uncomfortable, but you can’t feel the feedback of air cushion. After playing basketball for a long time, I feel that my arch is sore. The insole of Air Force 1 is very thick. Anyway, the cushion performance of Air Force 1 is very bad without changing the shoe-pad.

Traction Performance
The traction performance is the opposite of cushion performance. The traction performance of Air Force 1 can competitive with present sneakers. The conventional rubber outsole with the roundness pattern make it has great traction. It can cater most of my movements. I rarely slipped not matter on indoor wood floor or out-field. The traction performance of Air Force 1 is excellent.

Please kindly note that the comment for fit is to Mid type, not including the Low and High types. For the size, I think that you can choose the normal size for Air Force 1. The plying-up level of vamp is insufficient. The ankle lacing up of Mid type can fit the foot better. After tensioning the second shoelace’s hole, it will lock the ankle well. It reminds me the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1. But this kind of lock will also limit the movement of ankle.

The support to ankle is great. If you believe that the high type won’t sprain the ankle, you will love this sneaker. As the center of gravity is high and traction performance is great, the Air Force 1 can’t stop immediately. As the base of Air Force 1 is not wide enough and the center of gravity is high, it has risk on lateral support. The advantage of Air Force 1 is the support above insole is good.

Abrasive Resistance
The outsole of Air Force 1 is wearable. We haven’t found the visible abrasion. The hardness of the rubber is high and the grain is deep, so it can assure the lifetime of outsole. I think that Air Force 1 is the most wearable shoes that I have tested.

Air Permeability
It doesn’t have mesh on the shoe tongue. The holes on the vamp is useless. So the air permeability is very bad. But if you want to wear it when raining, the missing air holes will be a advantage. Of course, you can choose Air Force 1 Flyknit which is lighter, softer and has better air permeability. But Air Force 1 Flyknit is only suitable for walking.

I’m disappointed at the actual performance of Air Force 1. It can’t compare with present basketball shoes. The biggest advantages of this sneaker is the traction performance and abrasive resistance. But other performance is below average. I don’t like the thick and stiff insole. If you want to purchase it for walking, its advantage is enough for you. But if you want to wear it for playing basketball, I suggest you to change the shoe-pad to Sof Sole Airr Orthotic.