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Nike LeBron 15 Performance Review

The LeBorn series has tried most of NIKE cushion technology. The gray LeBron 15 should be the most popular colorway.

The Front View

The gray colorway is cool. The Flyknit vamp is soft and fit the foot well. It’s elastic. It’s very comfortable after wearing.

The Side View

The socks type and elastic knit shoe collar is easy for putting on. The rhombic knit can improve the supporting performance.

The Rear View

The pull-tab on the shoe heel is convenient for putting on. It’s decorated with golden swoosh logo. It looks cool.

Comfort Level

The upgrade Flyknit vamp is elastic. It won’t press the instep. The light material is comfortable and durable. It’s very comfortable. I give 9 scores for the comfort level.

The knitted shoe collar is elastic. It’s easy to put on. And the width of forefoot is moderate, not narrow. It can fit the foot well.

The unit weight of US8=EUR41 is about 391g. It’s not heavy comparing with other basketball shoes.

Fit & Support

The elastic knitted design on shoe collar with the Fywire shoe lacing system, the shoes fit the foot very well, and it’s very comfortable.

It uses difform knit on the vamp. The right side is flat type knit and the side face is stereoscopic knit which can offer the supporting performance. When moving, the vamp don’t have obvious deformation.

The supporting performance of shoe heel is excellent. It also has reinforced TPU design on the Swoosh logo. So the stability is great.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The grain of crystal outsole is similar to scales. The traction performane is excellent.

We can see the divisional cushion modules on the sole and the Lion logo on the sole of shoe heel. It looks cool. We haven’t found obvious abrasion after testing on the rubber court.

Cushion Performance

Nike LeBron 15 has double cushion system ZOOM Air and Max Air. It has obvious elastic feedback. The cushion performance is excellent.

When running, I can feel the feedback from cushion obviously. When jumping, the cushion feedback is more obvious, it will remit the pressure to knees.

Overall, for the appearance, the gray LeBron 15 is quite cool. It uses different knitted way on different part, which can improve the performance of the shoes.

It’s not only a pair of basketball shoes, but also a pair of fashion shoes. Although LeBron 15 has double air cushion design, it has the risk to sprain foot, but many people still like it.

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Nike LeBron Soldier 12 Performance Review

In fact, for the general public, the Soldier series has always been a relatively better choice than other LeBron series. As the price of Solider series is cheaper, most of the colorway also have a durable XDR outsole, and most of Soldier series are equipped with front and rear Zoom Air Cushion. To be honest, with these two points, it is already a pair of good basketball shoes.

It’s interesting that LeBron James hasn’t weared Soldier series in 2019 playoff. As LeBron likes to wear Soldier series shoes in some important competitions. Let’s have a look at the performance of Soldier Ⅻ today.


1.Better vamp material, fit

I think the biggest difference between new Soldier 12 and Soldier 11 is the improvement of vamp texture. The shoe head should be made of artificial leather. It is comfortable. It’s easy to put on. The vamp uses some battleknit, although it can’t be compared with LeBron 15’s amazing excellent texture, but it is already prominent in the Soldier series.

▼The artificial leather on shoe head looks excellent

▼The battleknit under the buckle fastener also looks great.

▼ Excellent ductility of shoe collar material, with the double pull-tab, it’s easy to put on.

The previous Soldier series have 2, 3 and 4 buckle fasteners. Now LeBron Soldier 12 only use 2 cross-over design buckle fasteners. The colorway looks cool. It can fit the foot better with the battleknit material on vamp, and it’s more comfortable than Soldier 11. But it’s not real high type, so it can’t protect the ankle well. It should be good enough for the defenders and SF. But if you are forward in strong playing way, it’s not suitable to you.

In other respects, TPU protection on rear sole is indispensable. And the TPU supporting plate is bigger than last generation. The anti-torsion design is also quite good, which is very suitable for defenders. In fact, from Soldier IX to Soldier 12, I think Soldier 12 is the best choice for defenders.

  1. Great Traction Performance

The outsole grain is similar to the U-shaped design. I rarely slipped when playing basketball about 10 hours. Although Soldier 12 should be positioned as a pair of forward’s shoes, but the traction performance is totally enough for me. I don’t need to worry about slipping or turning. Overall, with the satisfactory traction performance and XDR wear-resistant outsole, it has excellent outsole performance.

  1. Great Cushion Performance

Soldier 12 maintains the consistent configuration of Soldier series. And the Zoom Air Cushion is excellent. For the Soldier series that I have weared till now, the cushion performance of Soldier 9 and Soldier 11 is great, only the cushion feedback of Soldier 10 is not good. The half sole of Soldier 12 is thicker than Soldier 11. It’s more comfortable than Soldier 11. The starting speed hasn’t been delayed, probably because the air cushion is located near to the outsole.

The rear sole is almost the same as the last generation. The feedback is also obvious, the overall cushion performance is very excellent. It maintains the good reputation of Soldier series. It’s suitable to many positions.


  1. The shoelaces are easy to be loose.

The buckle fasteners are always one of the greatest features of Soldier series, especially the three buckle fasters without shoelaces design of the champion boot Soldier 10.

Although Soldier 12 is slightly less protective than Soldier 11 because of its soft material, but the real problem is the buckle fasteners on the inner side of the shoe, which is very easy to fall off.

Overall: 8 stars

Shoe Tree:Normal

Size: Normal

It’s troublesome for the buckle fasteners which is easy to fall off. I need to solve the problem of buckle fasteners’ viscosity by myself. If you can solve the problem of buckle fasteners’ viscosity. Soldier 12 will be a pair of excellent basketball shoes.

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Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

This year, LeBorn join in the Lakers, and he needs to bring an array of young players to compete in the spiny western conference. To extend his record of reaching a championship game, it will be harder this year. Anyway, the emphasis that we want to talk about is LeBron 16.

LeBron 15 is one of my favorite shoes. The appearance is very cool. Although it has some small problems, like the insufficient support, but it’s still a pair of pleasing basketball shoes. What about its performance?

▼The colorway of LeBron is also changed to Lakers’ colorway


  1. The cushion is suitable for frontline players

LeBron 16 keeps the ZOOM+Max air cushion as LeBron 15.  The insole air cushion of LeBron 16 is still the top-level of Nike. The insole is still soft and elastic. I can feel the great feedback from Zoom and Max air cushion whether in what kind of field.

I have tried several pairs of LeBron 16 in different colorway, black, red and Oreo colorway. The hardness is different. The red LeBron 16 is softer. The frontline players should like it.

▼LeBron 16 keeps the Zoom + Max air cushion

  1. Great Traction Performance. The outsole has XDR

The outsole of LeBron 16 is deep slant grain. I haven’t slipped when playing basketball on wood floor and plastic cement. The traction performance is great. And I’m surprised that the red LeBron 16 has XDR outsole.

▼The grain on outsole looks great. It has LeBron’s golden symbol on the rear sole

▼The grain of outsole is deep

  1. The supportive of the vamp is improved

Many people denounce the vamp material of LeBron 15 is too soft. The supportive is insufficient. But the Battleknit 2.0 vamp of LeBron 16 is harder. The leather shoe tongue of LeBron 16 is printed with Lion pattern. It looks cool. The integrated vamp also has the elastic cord to connect with shoe tongue. The shoe laces also can pass through the shoe tongue. So that the vamp can cover the foot very well. And I obviously feel that supportive of LeBron 16 has been improved.

▼The vamp and shoe tongue is connected by the shoelaces

▼The lion on the shoe tongue is very cool

▼The vamp can cover the foot very well

LeBron 16 not only has nice appearance, but also has protection effect with the TPU of shoe heel. The pull-tab on the heel can also reduce the difficulty to put on the shoes. But the anti-rollover design is not obvious.

▼The animal print on the shoe heel looks great

▼The integrated vamp

▼The pull-tab of shoe heel


  1. Start slow

The insole of LeBron 16 is softer than LeBron 15. The feeling is very comfortable. But the soft cushion performance is not very suitable for shooter or the playing way of quick attack.

▼If you like fast starting, LeBron 16 is not suitable for you

  1. The center of gravity on shoe heel is still high

The disadvantage of LeBron 15 is the high center of gravity and insufficient support. Although LeBron 16 has improved the support, but the center of gravity is high. After all, it uses the excellent Zoom+Max air cushion, so the insole won’t be thin. Anyway, you need to have a try before purchasing.

▼The center of gravity is high



9 Stars

Shoe shape:normal
Size: normal size

The LeBron series still keeps the great technology. LeBron 16 is a pair of excellent basketball shoes. The cushion performance and traction performance is great. If you play on front line, LeBron 16 will be very suitable to you.