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KOBE AD NXT FF Performance Review

It’s already 3 years that KOBE has left the basketball competition terrain. In this 3 years, NIKE has released 6 models of signature shoes for KOBE. Today, we want to talk about KOBE NXT FF.

The inner length of EUR42.5 KOBE NXT FF is about 27.31cm, the unit weight is about 400g. Comparing with present hot-sale shoes, it’s already light type.

Comparing with AJ33 which also has FAST-FIT technology, the advantages of KOBE NXT FF is also obvious. But it’s just the medium level if comparing with other NXT series shoes. To purchasing for light weight, it’s always the characteristics of KOBE series.

The other characteristic of Kobe series is the grain of outsole. The outsole of KOBE NXT FF is similar to Kobe 11, but it has obvious difference on the grain details.

on the wood floor

on the plastic filed

on the cement

Although the inside and outside grain of KOBE NXT FF is not extended to upturning like KOBE NXT 360, but it still have good traction performance when turning and urgent stopping.

After playing not more than 10 competitions, the outsole already has obvious fluffiness. The abrasing length is about 10.81mm. The abrasive resistance is not good.

The insole of KOBE NXT FF is Fast-fit technology. The cushion material is dismountable.

This kind of configuration and shoe-pad design begins from Zoom Kobe 7. With the system of Attack Fast of Zoom Kobe 7, it also has ZOOM air cushion on the forefoot and rear sole. The responding speed is as fast as previous KOBE series.

To ZOOM Kobe 7 Elite version, NIKE give up strength system.

It upgrades the speeding system, and change to full-length Zoom cushion.

The configuration of Zoom Kobe 8, Zoom Kobe 9 and Zoom Kobe 11 are designed according to Lunarlon and Zoom. It cancels the shoe tongue of ZOOM Kobe 7 and improves the replaceability of shoe-pad.

Comparing with previous configuration of shoe-pad, the React with Cuslon configuration of KOBE NXT FF is not better. Although the cushion performance is not excellent, but it’s not bad.

It can grip the ground well, and the starting speed is fast. The feedback is powerful. It’s enough for the tester whose weight is 85kg.

It’s a pity that the anti-torsion performance of KOBE NXT FF is not perfect.

The main 3 elements of good anti-torsion is as below:

  1. The center of gravity can’t be too high.

The center of gravity on forefoot sole is only about 13.15mm. It’s not high.

  1. The insole can’t be too soft.

The insole and outsole are covered state. So if the outside of insole is reinforced, the stability is good. But the outsole of KOBE NXT FF can’t fit well with the shoe-pad, so the surrounding area of shoe-pad is not so stable.

  1. It has obvious anti-torsion design.

The width of inner side is 8.72cm., and the outside width reaches to 11.2cm. The difference is 2.48cm. If you have good bounce, the outside of forefoot sole is too soft for you and it will effect you the stability when jumping to floor. If you have such doubts, you need to pay attention on it when purchasing it.

KOBE NXT FF is indeed a good pair of basketball shoes. It has some special characteristics, not the same as NXT 360. Anyway, it’s suitable for the defenders. And it’s a nice pair of shoes for the players who like breaking through or fast speed.