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Simple Comparison Between Nike KD 11 and Nike KD 9

As a top star in the NBA league, Durant’s shoes  absolutely gain much attention, not to mention the he himself. When it comes to his sneakers, some words first surge into my mind:  hard, comfortable and practical. Before the KD 11 was released, it has received a lot of attention. My first encounter with KD shoes was the Sprite color KD5 that is equipped with ZOOM both in the front and the rear of the sole. However, it is really very hard the minute I put it on. Then several years have passed and Nike has now launched its 11th version. But among those, it is the 9th version that impressed me most. I should say it is a nice shoe with the full-foot ZOOM cushioning and excellent stability. Then this time Nike brought to us a big surprise: the Kd series ushered in a major upgrade of technologywith the midsole of the full-hand ZOOM and the full-foot React. Here is a simple comparison of the two shoes…

KD11’s shoe box is designed in black and kraft paper. In the middle is the “Kevin Durant” and the Roman numeral “XI” whereas that of KD 9 is totally black with the gold “KD 9” letters. Some said the KD9 elite shoe box is better and designed more carefully than that of the KD11 .

The shoe boxes of the two have some parts in common. After, they both come from the same series. But there aren’t any special, so let’s look at the shoe then.

Putting the two shoe together, you can see that KD11 shoes are mainly grayish-white while KD9 elite uses yellow orange green as the base color scheme. On the inner and outer sides of the forefoot of KD 11 there are reinforced with black hot-melt material. As for KD 9, it uses bold fly line, black sole with Durant’s signature on the toe and the suede-material-made tongue. You can also make some comparison by yourself.

Although the uppers of both shoes are made of Flyknit woven fabric, the texture of the two are different: KD11’s weaving is very rough and feels slightly hard which is similar to the TPU line while the KD9 elite’s upper is more tightly knitted but very soft. Both pairs have also used flying line connected to the midsole to add the wrapping. You just don’t worry about the durability of the shoes.

A buyer observed that the KD 11 is  not comfortable and the upper is also very hard. But fortunately, its excellent wrapping has made up for this. Then for KD9, there is no discomfort in it with a pair of thin socks. To summarize, if you seek after comfort, I recommend that you choose the KD 9.

Both shoes have a heel collar to help make it easier to put on and take off the shoe. You can see in the picture above.

KD11 uses a crystal  outsole, which is crystal clear and beautiful and is beloved by a lot of people. The grain of the sole is designed with water ripples with a KD logo in it. The sole grips nicely, however, it is not durable and attracts dust and oxidize as well. The midsole uses the full foot ZOOM+ full foot React, so you will feel the soft energy feedback instantly you put it on.

The sole of KD 9 is made of black and green rubber with XDR. As is seen that there are many diamond pattern that is inspired by the honeycomb. The midsole uses the full foot separated Zoom, ensuring a soft wear feeling.

The heel is wrapped with suede and has a venting design. The outside has also a KD Logo embroidery. But the rivets may disappoint you.

The inner side of the heel is Nike’s hook embroidery. And above the midsole is the exposed React which is very elastic.


According to some, KD11 is a very distinctive shoe. The case is that: if you like it, you will ignore all its downsides or you can face it with an inclusive mindset, but if you don’t enjoy it, you will turn your back away immediately.  As for me, I prefer the 9th to the 11th, but I also recommend the two model to those who are in need of a pair practical shoes.


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Nike Zoom KD 11 EP Performance Review

NIKE ZOOM KD11 was released in the Summer of 2018. As a pair of signature shoes, it is already the 11th generation, so we can know that it’s very popular.

The vamp is made of blue and green knit. The mid socks type is convenient for putting on and taking off. The shoe heel is made of chamois leather and embroidered with KD logo. It also has punching design. The punching holes show number 35 and Nike Swoosh logo. It has many details. It has the new NIKE REACT cushion technology and is combined with full-length ZOOM Air cushion. The performance of NIKE ZOOM KD11 is improved and excellent. Let’s have a look at the performance of NIKE ZOOM KD11 EP today.

The Front View

The main colorway is blue. The vamp is integrated Flyknit. It has a piece of extra TPU on the shoe head. The Flywire constitutes the shoe lacing system.

The Side View

The crystal outsole is very attracting. It has a piece of TPU reinforcement on the shoe head which has a small swoosh logo. The blue leather on shoe heel is embroidered with KD.

The Rear View

The shoe heel is almost made of a piece of leather. The upturning extending leather constitute the pull-tab which is convenient for putting on and taking off.

Comfort Level

The integrated Flyknit vamp offers excellent flexibility. The air permeability is good.

The vamp uses Primeknit technology which can offer great flexibility to foot.

The unit weight of size US8.5=EUR42 is 436g. I haven’t feel that it’s heavy when exercise.

Fit & Support

The Flyknit vamp with inner sleeve design can cover the forefoot and arch perfectly. The shoe heel is filled with thick foam. The shoes fit the foot very well.

The inner and outer side of vamp has the Flywire design. Both sides of the inner sleeve has been seamed to fix Flywire to improve the lateral support.

The shoe head and outer side has a piece of supporting TPU to increase the fastness and excellent supporting performance. The supporting performance of NIKE ZOOM KD11 EP is excellent.

The shoe heel uses leather material which increase the supporting performance of vamp. When breaking through, the shoe heel doesn’t have obvious deformation. It can make the foot on stable state.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The crystal outsole looks great. The full-length arch cyclic annular grains can offer excellent traction performance.

The abrasive resistance of crystal outsole is always not good. The outsole of KD11 is thick. Its abrasive resistance should be not bad.

Cushion Performance

NIKE ZOOM KD11 EP uses React and Zoom Air cushion technology which offers unprecedented cushion performance. It’s soft and elastic when walking.

The thickness of React foam insole is thick enough. The resilience is more obvious when running. I can feel the obvious feedback from insole.

The appearance of NIKE ZOOM KD11 EP is succinct. The inner sleeve design and great material can offer excellent wrapping performance and supporting performance.

The React foam and ZOOM Air cushion of NIKE ZOOM KD11 EP has excellent cushion performance and resilience. It can satisfy the exercising request. Overall, this pair of KD11 has excellent performance. It’s suitable for exercise and daily wearing.

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Nike Zoom KD 11 EP Performance Review

It is widely known that Nike released KD 11 this summer. As a pair of sneaker, we can see that how popular is it since the series was founded. And after some improvement, another sneaker was launched. It is the Nike Zoom KD11 EP. Many remarked that the shoe has packed with Nike’s most innovative technologies. Then is it the case? Let’s see…

To some extent, the shoe which features blue is quite a cool tone. On a personal, I do not like it very much. But it was not until I attended my matches in it did I found that it was such a nice model which can not be resisted by most people.

The upper of the shoe is made of blue and green fabric. And the shoe body is designed for easier putting on and taking off. Besides, the heel is made of suede and embroidered with KD logo. Combined with the new Nike react cushioning technology and full foot Zoom Air, the shoes have taken a real leap in performance.

The blue upper is an integrated Flyknit vamp with an additional TPU in the toe part while the Flywire makes up the shoelace system. And the crystal outsole is super eye-catching and at the heel, there’s a small Swoosh over the blue leather which is embroidered with the letter KD. The leather extending upward also form a collar which helps make putting on and taking off easier.

Again, the Flyknit upper offers enough flexibility and breathability.

The vamp is equipped with Primeknit technology so as to offer flexibility while giving a nice fitting for the feet. However, you had better bear in mind that the Flyknit upper is too stretchy though, it does a terrible job of supporting and containing the foot. So if you mind about this aspect, you are suggested to turn to other ones.

The weight of a single shoe is 436g, which is moderate. There doesn’t seem any obvious feelings of heaviness during exercise. A number of consumers have remarked that the shoe comfortable to walk around in; it is even more comfortable than most shoes they’ve tried before.

When it comes to the shoe’s wrapping and support, I have to mention the vamp once again though it has been referred to time and again. The Flyknit vamp, along with the inner boot design, perfectly wraps the forefoot and the arch; besides,  the heel of the shoe with thick foam, improves the overall wrapping. You will feel you are just wearing a pair of socks or during exercise, you may even feel you are walking on the air.

The Flywire is installed on the inside and outside side of the shoe. With stitches on both sides of the shoe,  the lateral support is enhanced.

When making emergency stops or direction changes or breakthroughs, hardly does the heel deform. The feet simply retains steady in the footbed.

According to some, the traction does a tremendous job on clean courts while on dusty courts, the outsole requires frequent wiping. It is true that it grips nicely, but it is also true that the grooves are spaced really tight, and dust gets clogged easily. The fact that crystal soles have long been criticized for their durability does not fit this Nike Zoom KD11 EP. It simply isn’t the case. The soleis thick enough to stand the tests of durability.

Amazingly, nearly all testers are impressed with the shoe’s cushioning. The setup is highly appreciated: the combination of React and full-length Zoom Air which offers a lot of bounce and provides a ton of protection against impact is enjoyed by most of we fans. Some even said that the React plus full-length Zoom Air cushionin alone can make up for the shoe’s all downsides, from which we see the cushion is really fantastic.

The setup has brought unprecedented cushioning experience when we are walking and running.

The react foam is quite thick in the middle and you can feel much more soft bounce when you are running with clear feedback responding to each step.


All in all, with the way the shoe is built, it is surely to get much popularity. It is just more than suitable for daily walking and combat. Though there might be some letdown, you are still most likely to pull your money out of your pocket for it is overall nice. I’ve heard some claim that the Nike Zoom KD11 EP  is more comfortable than the LeBron 15 and I sincerely hope you will think so. Just expect your wonderful encounter with it.

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NIKE KD 11 VS KD 9 Performance Comparsion

NIKE KD11 has got many attentions before releasing. I had a pair of KD9 which is a nice pair of basketball shoes. KD9 uses full-length ZOOM Air Cushion which has great cushion stability. KD11 has been upgraded, it has full-length ZOOM Air Cushion and full-length React insole.

I get the Oreo colorway KD11.

The shoebox of KD11 is black and brown paper two colors design. The front side of the shoebox is printed with KVEIN DURANT XI. The shoebox of KD9 is black with gold words of KD9 KEVIN DURANT. The shoebox of KD9 is better than KD11.


The appearance of KD11 is gray and white colorway. Both sides of forefoot is reinforced with black hot-melting material. The shoelaces is chequered with black and white. It uses socks type shoe tongue and crystal outsole.

The main colorway of KD9 is mixed with yellow, orange and green. It has black shoelaces with thick Flywire and black outsole. The shoe head is printed with the signature of Durant. The high shoe tongue is jointed with chamois leather.

Material: Although both of KD9 and KD11 uses Flyknit material, but the feeling is different. The knit of KD11 is a little stiff. The knit of KD9’s vamp is more tight. Both of KD9 and KD11 use Flywire which are extended to insole to make the shoes fit the foot better. KD11 uses normal Flywire which is hidden in the inner side of vamp. KD9 uses thick Flywire which is similar to shoelaces. So it should be durable.

Comfort Level:

The vamp of KD11 is a little stiff, so it’s not very comfortable if wearing thin socks. The fit is good. But the inner stitch on the shoe heel is uncomfortable. But KD9 is comfortable when wearing thin socks. The comfort level of KD9 is much better than KD11.

Comparing shoe heel, both of KD9 and KD11 has pull-tab. After wearing, KD11’s center of gravity is higher than KD9.

The outsole of KD11 is crystal sole which is very pretty, but it’s not wear-resistant and is easy to yellowing. The outsole is the design of water ripple. There is a hollow out window on the middle of sole.

The insole uses full-length ZOOM Air Cushion and full-length React.  The resilience is great. But the disadvantage is the high center of gravity.

KD9 has black green XDR material. The design inspiration of rhombus grain comes from honeycomb. The insole has full-length ZOOM Air Cushion in separated air chamber. We can feel the resilience from ZOOM obviously.

The detail Picture

It has hot-melting reinforcement for anti-torsion and the area of toes.

The shoe heel is made is made of chamois leather. It has the design of ventilated holes. The outer side is embroidered with KD logo. The rivets are plastic. The outside of gray part above insole is stiff TPU which also has KD’S signature.

The inner side of chamois leather on the shoe heel is Swoosh logo. The inner side of gray part above insole is React material.

The inner side of shoe heel is easy to be rubbed.


Advantages: Excellent cushion performance, soft insole, good fit etc.

Disadvantages: it’s not very comfortable, high center of gravity, crystal sole is not wear-resistance and easy to yellowing.

KD11 has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Some guys love it, but some guys don’t like it. We recommend it to the guys who like jumping and the internal line players.

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NIKE KD 7 Performance Review

I always love but also hate KD series shoes.

Love, because the releasing price of KD is cheap, I could buy it when I was student. From KD5, the separated air cushion on rearfoot and forefoot is very suitable for my playing way. And it has been improved to full-length ZOOM Air Cushion from KD8.

Hate, that is because the shoe shape is not suitable for my foot, especially KD4 and KD6. The forefoot is too narrow, and it also press my instep. And I can’t even put on KD9. But the vamp of KD10 is too loose even if I have fastened the shoelaces. I haven’t tried KD11 and KD11, so no judgement now.

Except KD1, the most suitable one to me is KD7 till now.

Not matter the appearance or configuration, it’s better than many signature shoes.

The outsole is wave grain. The thin air cushion on forefoot is very suitable for my playing way.

The mesh fabric on forefoot and flywire material is also suitable for my wide foot.

The Velcro is only a decoration for me. After fastening it, the Velcro will press my instep.

But the actual performance of KD7 is really great. The cushion performance of rear sole is excellent. I love it.

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Nike KD 12 Performance Review

For Nike signature shoes, most of the players have some kind of preference, such as the reactiveness, cushion, low type, flexibility and light weight etc. But there is no rules for the design of KD series. But Kevin Durant has his requirement for his shoes, that is comfort level.
The shoebox of KD12 is simple. The big SWOOSH logo and the name of the shoes. It’s concise.

The style of KD12 is designed by KD’s favorite 90s shoes’ style. It looks concisely, but it’s also added some new ideas.

Shoe tongue: Ultra-Plush Flyknit shoe tongue, the shoe tongue is thick and fluffy, with the shoe tag

Insole: full-length ZOOM Air Cushion+punching PHYLON insole cushion material+hexagone ZOOM Air Cushion on rear sole
Stability: it adds a big area of TPU stabilizing plate in the insole

KD12 uses new vamp design. The first layer of vamp uses artificial fiber ventilated mesh. The second layer of vamp is added the QUAD AXIAL FLYWIRE. And the third layer is the thickened lining to increase the wrapping performance.

The shoelace holes are sewn directly on the edge of vamp and shoe tongue. With the patent leather shoelaces, it’s not easy to be loose.

The shoe tongue  has the shoe tag of KD mark. It look retro.

The vamp and insole is rounded. And it adds a layer of TPU plate to increase the stability. And the white part is the insole material that extended to vamp to increase the lateral supporting stability. There is a big area of TPU surrounding the insole and outside of the shoes. Then it’s the outsole.

On the front of the vamp, except for the surrounding TPU plate and TPU stabilizing plate of insole, it also adds reinforcing design on the part of thumb.

The part of heel is seamed with KD tag.

The shoe-pad is printed with double layers of ZOOM Air Cushion.

The full-length ZOOM Air Cushion is added with groove to increase flexibility, and it cancels the insole fabric. And it also has groove design on the shoe-pad. So the feet can feel the full-length ZOOM Air Cushion directly. In the part of heel, it adds the hexagon Zoom Air between insole and outsole to increase the cushioning of heel. The configuration of insole is great.

The groove design on the air cushion is obvious. It’s to increase the flexibility when air cushion is bent. The thickness of air cushion is 8mm. Some guys may feel that the air cushion is not thick enough, maybe it’s due to the area.

But it adds a piece of hexagon Zoom Air on the heel. We can see it clearly from the transparent outsole. So we don’t need to doubt the cushion performance of KD12.

Except the thick shoe-pad, it also has the annular padding in the heel.

Brief Comment
Support to ankle
7 scores
7.5 scores
Cushion Performance
8.5 scores
7.5 sccores
Traction Performance
7.5 scores
Comfort Level
8 scores

Support to ankle7 scores
Comparing with last three generations, the stability of KD12 is prominently improved. The height of shoelaces holes is also on a high position. When running, you won’t feel that the ankle is restrictive. But due to the mid-high design, the shoes can’t fit very well to the foot when making some movements.

Fit7.5 scores

The fit and stability of KD12 should be the most satisfied part. Comparing with KD11, KD12 has been improve a lot on the vamp and stability. It has new vamp structure, TPU vamp coating film, big TPU supporting plate and the extension of insole. And the thickness of KD12 insole is thinner than KD11. The stability is improved a lot.
(Mark: The thickness of KD 12 half sole is about 17.5mm and rear sole is about 22.5mm. The thickness of KD 11 half sole is about 18.5mm and rear sole is about 26.6mm)

Cushion Performance8.5 scores

KD 12 don’t have the insole fabric. It put the full-length ZOOM Air cushion directly on the shoe-pad. After taking off the shoe-pad, we can see that it adds the flexible air cushion. The insole uses Phylon cushion material. And it has a piece of hexagon ZOOM Air cushion on the heel.

As we can tread on the air cushion directly, so we can feel the full-length air cushion directly. It’s very comfortable. Some guys may feel that the air cushion is not thick enough, maybe it’s due to the area.

We can’t feel the hexagon Zoom Air obviously. But the cushion performance and comfort level is quite great. It can be compared with the great configuration of KD11.
KD 11 uses full-length React material. The cushion performance is great. But the weight and reactiveness becomes another problem.

Reactiveness7.5 scores

With the new air cushion and configuration, the weight of KD12 is lighter than KD11. With the punching Phylon insole material and great stability, the reactiveness of KD12 is not bad.

The unit weight of size US9 KD12 is about 388g. And the unit weight of size US9 KD 11 is about 435g.

Traction Performance7.5 scores

Although KD series is not famous for its traction. But the simple annular pattern also has good traction performance. The traction of this sneaker is enough.

For the wear resistance, we don’t suggest you to wear it on outer field.

Comfort Level8 scores

KD12 has soft vamp, thickened shoe tongue, full-length ZOOM Air Cushion and suitable weight. We haven’t found big defects of KD12.  It’s very comfortable.
For the size, as I used to wear thick socks, so I feel it’s more comfortable to choose half size bigger.