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HOKA ONE ONE Carbon X Performance Review

HOKA ONE ONE is a special and interesting brand. It has thick insole. But frankly, not everyone can accept this kind of appearance. But few people will feel that it’s uncomfortable after wearing.
HOKA ONE ONE is suitable for long-distance running. We want to talk about HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X today.

Carbon Fiber Plate
The main configuration of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is the carbon fiber plate. I don’t have special feeling for the carbon fiber plate after wearing in the beginning. But I don’t think that is unnormal, as it’s made for long-distance running. RUNNER’S WORLD deconstructed the shoes, so we can know the appearance of carbon fiber plate. If you fold the carbon fiber plate, you will feel the frame of this sneaker.
We can find that the carbon fiber plate of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is flat type, but not the crooked type as NIKE Vaporfly. The carbon fiber plate is between white outsole and blue PROFLY X.

The stability and anti-torsion performance of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is better than normal running shoes and some basketball shoes. Although the carbon fiber plate of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is stiff, but it also has the elasticity. The design director of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X Dr. Matthew Head said ‘Carbon Fiber plate ensures the Carbon X has our best execution of the rocker yet, meaning you can move smoothly through the gait cycle whatever the mile.’ It uses Meta Rocker geometry principle of HOKA ONE ONE with the characteristic of carbon fiber plate to help runners keeping the running gait.

The part of insole and outsole will push your barycenter to go forward
If your barycenter is forward, you can feel the carbon fiber plate obviously. The insole foam of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X uses the adjusting EVA formula insole PROFLY-X. In the HOKA ONE ONE series, only HOKA ONE ONE ELEVON uses PROFLY foam. And HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X uses PROFLY-X insole. The basic of outsole is also EVA material.
As the official said, the EVA material is not normal insole material, it’s mixed with rubber to improve the durability. The advantage of EVA outsole is that it has one more layer of cushion material with different density. It can also improve the comfort level.

The vamp of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is very thin. The brand logo is printed on the vamp. It has less filler on the vamp. The heel counter is also very small. It’s the minimalist design for long-distance running. The air permeability and comfort level are good. After fastening the shoelaces, the vamp can fit the foot well. The space of shoe tree is good enough, it won’t press the instep.
The height of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X’s rear sole is 32mm and forefoot is about 27mm. The insole of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is the widest. The cushion of HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is soft, but the feeling is good.

HOKA ONE ONE series running shoes are more and more popular. It’s hot sale running shoes now. HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X is designed for the runners who require fast running and long-distance running. It’s very comfortable when running. It’s light. And the cushion performance is great. If you want to run faster in long-distance, you can consider HOKA ONE ONE CARBON X.