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Altra Torin 3.5 Performance Review

The design of Altra running shoes is always special. Although it looks weird, but we have to admit that its special design brings the new running experience.
Not matter the FootShape or Zero Drop, the existence of proprietary technology is fundamental to Altra’s growth, which is also the reason that Altra has always insisted on its unusual design.

Today the location of Altra Torin 3.5 that we tested is the light cushioned running shoes. As the new model in 2019, Altra make better vamp design for Altra Torin 3.5 and also keeps the design of FootShape and Zero Drop.
What about the actual experience? Let’s have a look at it.

Appearance 7.5/10 scores
Due to the design of FootShape, so the appearance of Torin 3.5 and other Altra running shoes looks weird. But it’s also the FootShape technology that makes Altra running shoes to be different with traditional running shoes. It has enough space for the toes to stretch freely. It reduce the possibility that it will cause the blister and plantar fasciitis on the foot of the runners.

Altra designed two kinds of vamp for Torin 3.5, one is knitted fabric, and the other one is engineering mesh fabric. So the experience of these two kinds of vamp is different. For the appearance, I think that most of people likes the vamp with engineering mesh fabric.

Comfort level 8.3/10 scores

Both of the two kinds of Torin 3.5 use A-Bound elastic insole and double layers of EVA foam insole. The elastic feedback when running is obvious due to A-Bound elastic insole. And the EVA foam insole is soft, and its cushion performance is great.

Although there are many advantages for the Zero Drop, such as balancing the instep and torso to reduce the effect to body when running. It also increases the strength of the Achilles’s tendon to offer better propulsion and leads the runners to have more scientific running posture.

But if you haven’t tried the Zero Drop before, it needs time for you to break-in.

Torin 3.5 has higher requirements for your legs and feet than traditional running shoes, especially when running.

The knitted vamp reduce the weight of the shoes. With FootShape design, it can offer bigger moving space for feet.

But due to the loss of support, the wrapping performance of midsole and heel is decreased. Although fastening the shoelaces can solve some problems, but the foot will feel too tight.

The traditional ventilated mesh vamp makes Torin 3.5 like a pair of traditional running shoes. The vamp is soft. And the support and wrapping performance is better than knitted vamp.

I feel that the shoe tree of Torin 3.5 is a little narrow. I don’t know if the reason is my wide foot.

Buffering 8.6/10 scores

If you are pursuing for great buffering and resilience, The A-Bound elastic insole and double layers of EVA foam insole of Torin 3.5 will bring you this kind of feedback.

It can realize the best effect of buffering and resilience when jogging.

But the great buffering will effect you when speeding up, even if the unit weight of Torin 3.5 is only 278g/258g.

Of course, the location of Torin 3.5 is a pair of buffering jogging shoes.

Support 7.6/10 scores

The design of Torin 3.5 follows the human characteristics, such as the Inner Flex groove on outsole and FootPod outsole.

Although this kind of design can bring the improvement in the performance, but it has higher request to the runners.

Due to these kinds of design, Torin 3.5 doesn’t have visible extra supporting design. Not matter the vamp or insole, Altra emphasize the capacity of runners.

When testing it, we can obviously feel that the support of Torin 3.5 insole is not enough. And the design of Zero Drop has high requirements to the controlling force of feet.

Durability 8.4/10 scores

To control the weight, Torsin 3.5 uses the popular outsole design of present platform running shoes.

It uses resistant rubber materials in the area where friction is concentrated and it uses the insole material on the other positions. Overall, it doesn’t have big effect to the durability of Torin 3.5.

After several times of 10km running, the outsole of Torin 3.5 is not badly worn. If for daily training, the outsole can last a long time.

Overall  8.0/10 scores

The technology of Altra running shoes can bring us the new special experience. Let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Torin 3.5.


  • Excellent foot feeling, it’s very comfortable
  • The buffering of insole is excellent
  • It can offer obvious resilient feedback


  • The supportive of vamp and insole is insufficient
  • It has high request for the strength of foot