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Unboxing: Air Jordan 1 Mid

Several months ago, I’ve come across the AIR JORDAN 1 MID and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. And I was sure that I must get one pair and shortly my wish came true. Here is the brief introduction of the shoe.

Let’s first look at the shoe box then. It is the traditional and standard shoe box of AIR JORDAN 1 MID. In the middle of the box is an Air logo and at the side of the box is some basic information of the shoe.

There are two colors of shoelaces, but I changes it into yellow from the original black. Personally, it is more lively than the original one which is rather monotonous with the black shoelace. But everybody has different “taste” about this, so you can also have some change if you like.

You can see that the toe and the upper are made of different leather materials.

On the shoe tongue, there is also an Air logo which seems to be seen everywhere, indicating that it is an authentic Air Jordan shoe.

At the side of the upper is another logo which is the flying basketball pattern.

Though it is a mid-top shoe, there isn’t much difference compared with the high-top one. In addition, the outsole of the high-top model is totally the same as the middle -top one.

The middle-top sneaker is lower than high-top sneaker with the same size of Air Jordan 1.  The shoelace holes of the mid-top is 8  whereas the high-top is 9 holes. To tell the truth, I am still fond of the this Aid Jordan  1 MID though it is overall black. However, with the yellow laces and the red matching of the upper and the sole plus the yellow flying basketball pattern, the shoe is quite eye-catching as well. As for the size, I suggest you choose the one that you usually choose.


The shoe, if you wear it for the first time, is a bit hard and might cause some pain for some people. It just requires some time breaking in. I am sure that with the outstanding appearance, it should gain many followers. Here I have to mention that you had better not wear it in hot summer days for it is a bit stuffy. To summarize once again, this is a model that is very cost-effective and its value is worth the price. I think all of you deserve owning such a pair.

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Unboxing: Air Jordan 4 OG “White Cement”

The protagonist of today is a bit special because it is not a newly released model, but was launched several years ago. In 2016, the Air Jordan 4 OG “White Cement” was released after the first re-enactment in 1989 and 1999 and like many sneakers, it quickly got fans’ welcome and gained a number of popularity. Through my friend, I was lucky enough to have copped one excellent product as such. And like most buyers, I was extremely happy with my purchase. Here let’s check it.

You can find that the shoe box looks as fashionable as the shoe and it is also very big. The color of the side matches the color of the shoe as well. Some said the cement gray color is well matched with the concrete floor, giving us a very harmonious feeling. 

On the shoe tongue, there is a large area of cloth and the grey leather seems to be shining. And on the grey leather, there is also a red Jordan logo.

Apart from that, the side window frame designed at the side of the tongue, out of question, is used to increases the breathability of the shoe.

On the inside of the tongue, there is also a cloth label embroidered with the word AIR JORDAN.

The leather seems to deform easily so long as it is stressed. The leather upper , as is remarked by most users, fits nicely just like a glove.

The heel is decorated with a three-dimensional LOGO with black NIKE AIR and SWOOSH. Besides, a few players observe that it is the heel that does a tremendous job in supporting the ankles whereas some other testers attest that these basketball shoes offer excellent heel-to-midfoot lockdown. And the increased cement ash frame can ensure the stability of the sole.  Unpacking the insole you will see the even line of the midsole while the process is unique and delicate. And the visual air cushion  adds some beauty for the shoe. In short, nearly all reviewers appreciate the Air Jordan 4 OG “White Cement” ’s unique and stylish design. They are saying that it has a clean look that goes well with anything.


In general, it is still a pair of sneakers that deserves our reviewing and memorizing. For those who have experienced it before, many of them recommend grabbing a pair for they are satisfied with the quality of these retro Air Jordan basketball shoes. To summarize once again, the Air Jordan 4 OG “White Cement”  is a  stylish and  comfortable shoe to walk in. It is certain that those who enjoy the shoe can gain more after some time getting with it.

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Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” Performance Review

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” was released in 2018. It’s popular and hot-sale after releasing.

As a pair of retro shoes, the colorway Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” is the most popular one. The appearance looks cool. The black and white colorway is succinct.

The Front View

The vamp is made of black and white leather. The front end of shoe tongue is printed with JORDAN. And the shoe tongue has a Flyman logo.
The Side View

The side of vamp is a big area of white leather. The cyclic annular stitch makes the special lines. The insole model is similar to the claw of leopard.
The Rear View

The shoe heel shape is asymmetric. It has the ‘leopard eye’ on the upper. It shows different patterns on different angle.
Comfort Level
The vamp uses big area of soft litchi leather which is very comfortable. Although it’s leather vamp, but it doesn’t affect exercising.

As we know, the air permeability of leather vamp is bad. It’s sultry. So it’s more suitable to wear in Autumn and Winter.

It looks big, so the weight is also not light. The unit weight of US9/EUR44 is about 504g. But the weight is acceptable after putting on.

Fit & Support
The shoe lacing system is extended to shoe head. After fastening the shoe laces, the vamp can fit the foot very well.

The tough leather on the side of vamp with the up-extending outsole, and the TPU material have good supporting performance. It has good anti-torsion performance to keep the foot being stable.

Due to the leather material, the supporting performance of vamp is excellent. When turning, the vamp only has slight deformation.

When breaking through, the shoe heel is quite stable, it can offer multi-angle support to make the ankle to be stable.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance
The outsole of Air Jordan 13 ‘HE GOT GAME’ is the classic outsole of AJ13. The separated herringbone on forefoot sole and rear sole can offer excellent traction performance.

The thickness of rubber outsole is good. So the abrasive resistance should be good and durable.
Cushion Performance
Both of the forefoot sole and rear sole have ZOOM Air Cushion. The cushion performance is excellent. It has good resilience.

The soft and elastic feedback is more obvious when running, as the insole is with foam and Zoom Air Cushion.

After jumping to floor, the body weight concentrates on the foot, and I can feel that the pressure of joints is released. The cushion performance is great.

Overall, the material of AJ13 ‘He Got Game’ is good, the appearance looks cool and great. The supporting performance of leather vamp is good. It can stabilize the foot well. The TPU supporting plate is built in the insole. Both of forefoot sole and rear sole have Zoom Air cushion. The excellent cushion performance can satisfy the request of daily exercise.

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Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” Performance Review

Since I was in childhood, I have been always longing for a pair of fashionable and beautiful and above all, very practical sneaker. I am steadfast that I should at least cop one pair by myself. And now I have the economic ability of buying what I want; I just made it: the other day, I came across this Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” which fits my require and expectation quite well. And as a pair of Nike’s widely popular shoes, it has been praised for its cracked design. And this time, Air Jordan 3 released some new colorways. As for this one, it is inspired by a charity event that MJ attended in 1988. Go on checking then.

The Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” still uses typical and classic crack which is super appealing and novel whereas the white shoe body, the red midsole and the two blue embellishment make the shoe somewhat lively. Besides, there is a highlight of the shoe: that is the MJ’s signature on the left shoe tongue which is so fascinating that I can not even move my eyes away from it.

Looking at the front, in my view, the light grey and white match well with the classic grey crackle. With the flying man on the tongue, my affection for this pair has arose to another higher level.

The shoe is a middle-high-top one. The red and blue colors of the midsole are simply very eye-catching while the heel is equipped with visible air cushion.

There is a whole TPU wrapping the heel with the blue three-dimensional flying man logo printed on. The whole color scheme of the shoe gives us strong visual impact. Majority of the buyers have said that they  like wearing the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” casually since they think that it is a very stylish shoe.

The shoe has also adapted the Air cushion which offers comfort and softness for the wearer. The foot feel is quite obvious and awesome.

Having the leather vamp and rubber outsole though, the shoe doesn’t feel very heavy on our feet. During exercising or combats, we won’t feel burdened or restricted. Such conclusion is based on the ground of my long time tests and experiences.

As you can see in the picture below that there are many air holes in the vamp  so as to ensure ventilation. However, for all the holes,  a few wearers still think the shoe to be hot during play whereas some testers say that the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” is actually a standout in terms of ventilation during its time; maybe this is also greatly depended on the weather.

In terms of wrapping and support, the two aspects are nice. Many of the purchasers love the details on the shoe, say, the lace locks because the laces really wrap nicely and the wearer’s feet fit tightly and well with the upper. And the vamp, made of leather, makes up for the lack of wide toe wrap, providing certain wrap and support. There is a thickened foam inside the heel, which ensures the wrapping of the ankle.

For support, it is not bad either. Due to the laces and the heel setup,  the users are able to experience the shoe’s sturdy support. You can see that when moving  from side to side, the foot remains very stable.

A separate TPU is set up at the heel to wrap the heel and provide superior support. When the left and right displacement action is done on the court, it can be seen that the heel hardly deforms and the support is worthy of being acknowledged.

For outsole, it is made of rubber and the thickness of the sole has been on the rise  and considerable, thus providing comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the wear resistance can withstand the test of every kind of court.

The independent ring raised pattern of the fore foot provides excellent grip and can hold the ground firmly when the player suddenly changes direction. Apart from that, the recessed and protruding square modules at the edges provide excellent grip from multiple angles.

The Air Jordan 3 uses a visual Air sole cushion. And in a similar way, the pair features Air sole cushioning technology and provides comfortable foot feel.

You can feel the softness immediately after you put it on.

The soft spring feeling is far more obvious when you are running. The cushion offers quite a lot of energy feedback.


The Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” uppers are made of premium leather, which feel really like the reflective material. And the shoe still has a good amount of court-feel for you, so you can expect. Inspired by a charity event that MJ attended in 1988, the shoe is surely to be the  attention of sneaker world.  And with all the excellent setups, the shoe is meant to be a beast on the court.

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Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 Performance Review

This Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 has some kind of “deadly” appealing power! Originated from Michael Jordan’s rookie in 1982, this shoe crowned the title of “WIN LIKE 82.”

Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 color scheme has inherited the style of the UNC family. At the back of the upper is the blue inwrought flyman logo which is very eye-catching in the background of the black and white color scheme. The sparkling patent leather exudes a strong sense of fashion and the dark color matching the light color is very visually appealing. As a classic and affectionate shoe, it is definitely very popular. Here let’s have a look at its overall performance. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the shoe is “deadly” appealing. It looks very nice and matches all kinds of daily dressing. For me, I don’t like buying anything without knowing any knowledge about that and I even won’t simply attracted by its appearance. But this time it is not the case: I fell in love with it the first moment I saw this Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 . I am appealed by the blue flyman logo, the “Air Jordan” on the tongue and the overall looking.

The heel is printed with the number 23 and with blue and white interlaced, the shoe great visual tension.

A number of fans signified that the shoe wore comfortably and required no time breaking in. It is such nice a shoe that many people pull out all the stops in order to buy a pair both in the purpose of daily wearing and combat. This pair also uses a soft foam midsole, from which you can feel the soft foot feeling.

Inside the shoe are soft sponges that fully wrap the feet and bring a soft wearing experience. For all the tough leather material in the upper, it does not affect daily activities and the basic flexibility is guaranteed.

A single shoe weighs 459 grams. It is no weightless material. To summarize, it has a relatively hard vamp whereas the inside is made of soft materials to ensure comfort. And on the other hand, resulting from the leather upper, the shoe’s breathability is a bit lacked. After short time’s wearing, you will feel  the inside muggy. 

Thanks to the leather upper which is tough enough to stand for the support and stabilize the soles for the feet, the shoe can stands out in the crowd. The sole is fitted with a full fibre-carbon plate to prevent distortion and protect the feet.

The vamp is surrounded by leather, so support of the shoe is not bad as well. And with prominent side support to prevent rollover, it is obviously seen  that the vamp hardly deforms when  undertaking acceleration or change directions suddenly.

This is a high-top sneaker though, inside the shoe are thick sponges. So the wrapping and support are very outstanding. Even though the outsole has some prominent deformation, the heel remains very stable and provides good ankle protection.

With respect to the traction, it is the herringbone pattern that does a great help for the grip. The independent forefoot herringbone pattern grips nicely on many kinds of grounds whereas  the middle sole provides a good grip effect from many aspects and angles.

The solid rubber outsole with dark color on front and back foots has a certain hardness. This Air Jordan 11 rubber outsole can also stand the test of time. And after my testing it, I found that the sole’s durability is worthy of affirmation.

This Air Jordan 11’s cushioning is quite unexpected. The Nike Air cushioning technology is also loaded and the use of middle bottom foam makes the soft elastic feeling very obvious.

When walking, you can clearly feel the soft bounce of the sole whereas when you are running, you can experience the energy feedback from the sole more clearly.

The cushioning is prominent in the actual combat. After you are landing, all your weight is concentrated on the shoe, you can feel the cushioning from the soles of your shoes, which  is like stepping on a pillow.

For the size, I recommend you choose the size that you are usually wearing or there may be some problems arising.


The original quality patent leather and the high quality uppers material comprise a big part of the shoe. It has outstanding support and wrapping; the cushioning is excellent enough to support high intensity sports on court; above all, the shoe is so comfortable that it is also well worth your paying for it. Anyway, I know you have had an idea in your brain.


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Air Jordan 11 “72-10” Performance Review

Jordan led the team to get a 72-10 record in 1995-1996, In honour of this classic moment, Jordan brand released AIR JORDAN 11 “71-10” in the 30th anniversary.

The vamp is made of black leather and patent leather. The insole is white and outsole is semitransparent. It looks cool. The number of 23 is embroidered in the shoe heel. The Jumpman logo on the upper is changed from embroidery to metal stigma. The details looks great.

The Front View

The black vamp is made of patent leather and litchi leather. It looks good. The shoe tongue is embroidered with Jumpman logo. And the shoe head is printed with number 72 & 10.

The Side View

The classic appearance of AJ 11, the black vamp and white sole is succinct. The holes of shoelaces is chamois leather material. The upper has red Jumpman logo.

The Rear View

From up to down, the material is different. Number 23 is embroidered in the shoe heel.

Comfort Level

The material of AJ11 is good. The insole is thicken foam material and 3/4 Air Sole. The cushion performance is great. It’s very comfortable.

The soft litchi leather and patent leather can guarantee the flexibility of vamp. It’s also not tight. But the air permeability of leather material is not good. It’s sultry.

The unit weight of US8.5=EUR42 is about 487g. The weight is moderate, not too heavy.

Fit & Support

As the vamp is leather, so we don’t need to worry about the supporting performance. The surrounding patent leather has great supporting performance and stability.

The mid-high upper design is filled with soft foam. It can fit the foot well. When breaking through, the shoe heel can keep on stabilizing status. It can offer ankle a great support.

After fastening the shoe laces, the chamois leather can drive the vamp to fit the foot.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The stiff rubber of forefoot and rear sole is herringbone design which can offer excellent traction performance. The semitransparent rubber material is water ripple design which can offer multi-angle and all-around traction.

The abrasive resistance of semitransparent outsole is not good. But it has good thickness. The lifetime should be not bad.

Cushion Performance

With 3/4 Air Sole, the cushion performance of AJ11 is great. The soft foam on the insole is also comfortable.

When running, we can see the compression and resilience of sole. The resilience is obvious.

After jumping to floor, the body weight is concentrated on the feet. When the forefoot contact to earth, I can feel that the pressure of body is released. The cushion performance is excellent.

Overall, Air Jordan 11 “72-10” is a pair of hot-sale model. The supporting performance and fit of litchi leather and patent leather is excellent. And the cushion performance of AJ11 is also great. It’s very comfortable. The disadvantage is the bad air permeability. It’s not suitable to wear in Summer.

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Air Jordan 13 Performance Review

The popular Air Jordan 13 was way back released in August, 2018. It’s been five years since it was last reproduced, and the shoe has been an instant hit! To tell the truth, I’ve never seen a shoe that is designed more diligent than this one. It is, as it were, widely welcomed by we loyal fans. 

Some proclaimed that Air Jordan 13 is the most eye-catching sneaker among the Air Jordan series. And I think so! For those who have been going after Air Jordan series, this  Air Jordan 13 seems like an old friend that has accompanied them for years. But for those who have never touched sneakers of this series,  Air Jordan 13 is quite  unacquainted for them. 

The black and white color scheme creates a simple style and the streamlined body of the shoe and the sole that is like cheetahs are both very exquisite designs.

The vamp is  entirely made of asymmetrical black and whit leather. On the tongue, there is a small flying man logo  and the “Jordan” at the relatively front part.

On the side is the large area of white leather. The materials are of high quality and the texture is super nice. And the midsole is shaped like a cheetah’s paw.

The soft lychee leather is widely used in the uppers so as to provide enough flexibility. Although the upper is made of leather, you are surely not affected whenever you want to make breakthroughs or accelerate.

Compared with other shoes that have also leather uppers, Air Jordan 13 performs rather excellently in breathability. For all the leather materials, it ensures enough ventilation. I know that unless testing it, there are very few people expecting nice breathability of the shoe. But here is the test result and the fact is that: it is relatively sultry though, it is not the case in cooler and colder days. So I won’t recommend it to those bothered by sweat to wear it in hot summer days; I’ll highly recommend it for winter uses.

As the shoe body suggests that it is “fat” and “large”, so don’t expect it to be too lightweight. It is in fact a bit heavy. A single shoe weighs 504 grams. But the good thing is that it doesn’t wear that heavy than we imagined. It is acceptable.

For wrapping and support, they are excellence of this shoe. The flexible  leather upper extends to the toe, giving the foot a distinct wrapping. After fastening the shoelaces, you feel your feet are tightly locked inside the shoes. Somehow there appears an illusion that you feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks or you are walking on the air.

The tough leather on the outer side and the outsole extending upward and the TPU material provide good support for the wearer. And the TPU has also certain anti-rollover ability and keeps feet stable inside the shoe.

Resulting from the use of all leather material, the shoe’s support becomes very prominent. When the player changes direction suddenly, you can see in the picture below that the vamp only deforms slightly while the vamp still supports well.

As you can see that the heel remains very stable and can provide multi-angle support for the feet.

As for the outsole, it is the classic Air Jordan 13 outsole. The herringbone pattern of the forefoot and the heel  provides excellent grip depending on the location of the force. You can see that on outdoor courts the outsole bites the ground tightly. The rougher the ground is, the better the outsole performs. According to a number of buyers, they are most satisfied with this respect because not only does the sole perform excellently, but it is also very durable. After a long time’s testing, there is no signs showing that the sole is to crack. It simply stands to the high-intensive tests.

The Zoom Air cushioning on the front and back part of the shoe is remarkable for its performance is remarkable as well. The cushioning alone can attract many fans; it is simply very outstanding: you will instantly feel the bouncy cushion as soon as you put it on.

The soft midsole foam and Zoom Air cushion make the soft bounce feel more visible while running.

The nice cushioning performance can be felt in actual combat. After landing, the weight of your whole body concentrating on both feet, you can experience the release of joint pressure .


A year ago, I was lucky enough to get along with the shoe closely. And I know virtually all its advantages and downsides. However, I still like its accompany until now. Every now and then there are matches and I always tend to choose it as my comrade on court. I do not want to care those negative comments. I just believe that what I chose is right.

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Air Jordan 12 Performance Review

The design inspiration of Air Jordan 12 ‘International Pack’ comes from the travel of Michael Jordan on Toyoko in 1996. So this pair of shoes has the oriental culture flavor.

The shoe shape is slender type. It uses full-length Zoom Air Cushion. The excellent appearance and cushion performance make Air Jordan 12 to be a pair of hot-sale shoes.

My Height: 175cm, weight: 57kg.

The front view

The colorway Air Jordan 12 ‘International Pack’ is navy blue and white. It looks succinctly. The vamp is made of chamois leather with the Japanese style auspicious clouds pattern. The shoe head leather is scale texture. The shoe tongue is embroidered with red Flyman logo.

The side view

The white leather is figure of fish scale. The insole is lichee pattern. The two silver shoelace buckles is also the classic part of AJ12.

The rear view

The pull-tab of shoe heel is embroidered with “Air Jordan” in Japanese. It accords with the Japanese themes of this sneaker. It also has Jordan’s uniform number 23 on the heel.

Comfort Level

The vamp uses soft chamois leather. It can assure the flexibility. But I still feel that it’s a little stiff after wearing.

The unit weight of US8.5/EUR42 is about 455g.

The leather vamp doesn’t have the design of air holes. The air permeability is not good. It’s hot if wearing in Summer.

Fit & Support

The leather vamp can offer excellent support. You don’t need to worry about the support.

The stiff leather on the shoe size with the up outspread outsole also offers good support and improve anti-torsion performance to keep the stability.

This pair of Air Jordan 12 is mid-high type. The shoe heel lining is filled with thick foam which can cover the heel well. When breaking through, the shoe heel is always on a stable state.

Traction & Abrasive Resistance

The grain of sole is herringbone. The dense grain can offer excellent traction performance.

The thick and wearable rubber sole has good abrasive resistance. It’s suitable to kinds of court. You don’t need to worry that the sole will be grinded away on cement court.

Cushion Performance

The insole of Air Jordan 12 uses full-length Zoom Air Cushion. But I feel that it’s a little stiff. The resilience is not obviously enough. I’m not satisfied at the cushion performance


The workmanship of Air Jordan 12 ‘International Pack’ is excellent. The chamois leather vamp looks good. The leather vamp can also offer great support. The TPU supporting plate also offer great anti-torsion performance. It uses full-length Zoom Air Cushion in the insole. But the cushion is not obviously enough. The traction performance is great. I rarely slipped when playing basketball.

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AIR JORDAN 18 RETRO Deconstructed

Many shoe fans are interested in AIR JORDAN 18 RETRO. The price was very high and it’s also hard to purchase it after releasing. Let’s have a look at the internal structure of AIR JORDAN 18 RETRO today.

Spliting the left shoe in the middle.

From the side section of left shoe, we can see the double layer of ZOOM Air Cushion.

Separating the vamp with insole.

After taking off the cover of shoelaces, we can see the hidden shoelaces.

It uses the fast lacing system.

The material of inner sleeve is soft.

The thickness of slow resilient memory foam on the shoe heel is about 10.35mm

The black plate is the ventilated holes on both sides of upper.

After taking off the ventilated plate and covering leather, we can see the lining of upper.

The ventilated plate and front side of covering leather. The ventilated holes may be seen indistinctly.

The ventilated plate and the reverse side of covering lether

The blue shoe-pad is printed with CARBON COMFORT CONTROL PLATE.

There is a big area of carbon fiber supporting plate on the reverse side of shoe-pad.

The length of US 9/EUR42.5 shoe-pad’s reverse side carbon fiber supporting plate is about 154.09mm.

The width of US 9/EUR42.5 shoe-pad’s reverse side carbon fiber supporting plate is about 59.95mm.

The thickness of US 9/EUR42.5 shoe-pad’s reverse side carbon fiber supporting plate is about 1.02mm.

The non-woven insole fabric

The revise side of insole fabric is printed with AIR JORDAN 17 RETRO LOW.

The full-length ZOOM Air Cushion under the insole fabric

The length of US 9/EUR42.5 ZOOM Air Cushion is about 255mm

The detailed picture of ZOOM Air Cushion

The width of US 9/EUR42.5 forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion is about 84.90mm

The width of US 9/EUR42.5 rear sole ZOOM Air Cushion is about 55.60mm

The thickness of US 9/EUR42.5 ZOOM Air Cushion is about 7.83mm

It adds the U-shape ZOOM Air Cushion on the rear sole of full-length ZOOM Air Cushion.

The length of US 9/EUR42.5 U shaped ZOOM Air Cushion is about 80.94mm.

The width of US 9/EUR42.5 U shaped ZOOM Air Cushion is about 47.94mm

The thickness of US 9/EUR42.5 U shaped ZOOM Air Cushion is about 8.19mm

The thickness of US 9/EUR42.5 built-in ZOOM Air Cushion is about 16.02mm.

The plastic trim strip on both side of insole can offer the stability of insole.

The trim strip is seamed with vamp.

The thickness of grooves on the inner side of trim strip is about 2.08mm

The combination of groove and insole looks nice.

The carbon fiber supporting plate is in the middle of insole and outsole.

This plate is the one that we can see from the outsole is with JUMPMAN logo.

The length of US9/EUR42.5 carbon fiber supporting plate is about 205mm.

The detailed picture of insole carbon fiber plate

The width of US 9/EUR42.5 carbon fiber supporting plate on forefoot is about 66.60mm

The width of US 9/EUR42.5 U carbon fiber supporting plate on rear sole is about 33.50mm

The thickness of US 9/EUR42.5 U carbon fiber supporting plate is about 1.15mm

The JUMPMAN logo on arch part is made of three parts. The workmanship is complicated.

The thickness of outsole with vulcanite and transparent rubber is about 4.65mm.

The stitching trace on the inner side of outsole

The stitch of outsole is unuseful.

The vulcanite is adhered with transparent rubber.

The thickness of US9/EUR42/5 forefoot insole with outsole is about 15.08mm.

The thickness of US9/EUR42/5 rearsole insole with outsole is about 26.19mm. The difference of level is about 11.11mm.

The aerial view of insole configuration which is complicated.

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: The appearance is succinct and cool. The hidden shoelaces design is useful. The resilient memory foam on the shoe heel can cover the heel after fastening the shoelaces.

Insole: The design of double layer ZOOM Air Cushion and double carbon fiber supporting plate is excellent. It’s designed by Jordan’s request.
Overall, AIR JORDAN 18 RETRO has restored AJ 18. The workmanship is great. It almost restore the details of original one. It’s very comfortable. The wide shoe tree is suitable to more kinds of foot type. The cushion feedback is obvious. The carbon fiber supporting plate can improve the stability.

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Jordan Supreme Elevation Performance Review

After Air Jordan 32, the Jordan Supreme Elevation is the first pair of shoes that attract my attention. For actual combat, Jordan Supreme Elevation is only suitable for the specific position. Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Jordan Supreme Elevation now.

  1. Appearance: 9 scores

If it’s a pair of monotonous colorways like black, white or red etc., maybe this pair of shoes won’t attract my attention. The colorway of Jordan Supreme Elevation includes white, green, black and pink.

And the whole model of Jordan Supreme Elevation is great. The vamp is made by several materials. Although the Velcro is not TPU or dermis, but it still looks good. And it makes the shoes fit the feet better. And it won’t be slipped when playing basketball.

  1. Fit: 9 Scores


<1> it uses the most successful vamp model of AJ32 which is the most stable and greatest knitted vamp. The vamp can fit the foot very well. It has the firmness of leather, but it’s also very comfortable.

<2> Great Velcro design, the Velcro can fix the ankle well. It’s different with other mid-high shoes.

<3> The leather facing on the middle part and the compact knitted vamp on the shoe heel makes the vamp fix the foot well.

<4> The comfortable filling in the shoe heel won’t abrase the heel tendon and the suitable size of pull-tab won’t affect you when playing basketball.


<1> Although Jordan Supreme Elevation uses the knitted vamp model of AJ22, but it may has one layer missing. The vamp of Jordan Supreme Elevation is thinner than AJ32.

<2> Due to the Velcro, it misses two shoelaces’ holes, it also means missing two Flywire holes. The playing-up would be better with Flywire holes.

<3> The shoe head is a little long. Maybe due to my foot type, I feel that Jordan Supreme Elevation is more comfortable than AJ32. The shoes fit well with the foot.

  1. Cushion Performance: 10 scores

The biggest advantage of Jordan Supreme Elevation is the cushion performance. It has two big and thick CAGE ZOOM. Explosive! Crazy Explosive!! The feedback of cushion is better than AJ32 and LBJ15. The feedback of cushion is great, but then the starting will be slower. So I add the stiff TPU supporting plate shoe-pad in the shoes to improve it.

It has super big TPU supporting plate shoe-pad. It almost likes a piece of Flightspeed that has been added in it. The cushion performance of Jordan Supreme Elevation has supreme elevation. The soft feeling of the cushion has been changed to rapid-response. With the chase design on the half sole, the starting and speeding up is quickly.

  1. The design defect of insole: 5 scores

<1> The center of gravity is too high. So my ankle is sprained. The biggest reason should be due to the two pieces of big ZOOM. So the center of gravity is very high. And the TPU shoe-pad that I added in the shoes is thicker than the original ones. So the height is higher.

The original shoe-pad

<2> The problem of window design. For most of NIKE shoes, if the cushion has window design, it normally adds the insole grilling outside of the air cushion, like MELOO9. So it can increases the support when lateral sway.

But Jordan Supreme Elevation don’t have the grilling to support and the extension to the outsole, so it’s easy to rollover. It doesn’t have any support outside of the air cushion.

<3> The area of rear sole is too small

<4> It doesn’t have supporting design for the separated sole. It doesn’t have external TPU, carbon plate or Flight Speed to assure the support.

  1. Traction performance: 8.5 scores

The outsole uses two kinds of material, rubber and crystal sole material. The rubber sole uses herringbone. The traction performance is good. But the abrasive resistance on the outfield is not good enough. So I suggest you to play on the infield.

Overall, the advantages and disadvantages of Jordan Supreme Elevation is obvious. The advantages are the excellent playing-up, vamp support, explosive cushion and great traction performance. The disadvantages are the bad insole supporting, high center of gravity and small area of half sole. It’s easy to be sprained. Above performance review is for your reference. Please consider it clearly before purchasing.