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Air Jordan Flylockdown Performance Review

After testing Air Jordan Flylockdown, we think it’s a nice pair of shoes which is very suitable for playing basketball and worthy to be recommended. Let’s have a look at it today.

Vamp support and wrapping performance: 7.5 scores

Firstly, the vamp of Flylockdown is woven in a similar material to nylon. Before wearing, I’m worried for this kind of material, as we don’t know the support and wrapping performance of vamp without any technology.

But it actually feels good after wearing. The vamp and the foot fit perfectly. The normal size is suitable. In the absence of vamp technology, we have already been very satisfied at such effect.

At the same time, in the middle of the shoelace, there are three shoelaces that pass through this kind of hard material, which makes the shoes fit well with the foot. Although the wrapping performance of the shoes can only be improved through shoelaces, but due to such kind of design, it makes the great wrapping performance.

However, there is also a small problem with the shoes: the part of half sole is slightly narrow, If the width of your feet is normal or slender, it will be suitable. But if your feet is wide type, it will be uncomfortable on the beginning.

Personally, the vamp support is common, the material is slightly soft, so the support is not very good.

The heel part is filled thick and built-in TPU, so your foot will be covered well.

Feedback and cushion: 7.5 scores
When we saw the word Zoom at the bottom of the half-sole, we knew that the shoes had Zoom air cushion.

After treading on it, the feedback from Zoom Air Cushion on half-sole is obvious. The area of the air cushion on half-sole should be similar to the area of the PG series’ air cushion. When you jump and fall into the ground, the feedback of air cushion is very obvious. Even comparing with PG3, the feedback of Air Jordan Flylockdown’s air cushion will be better.

There is no technology on the rear sole. The material is phylon. So if your weight is not heavy, the cushion of this sneaker is totally enough.

However, thanks to the thick materials, when we jump vertically, there will be no impact. For people of small weight, the cushion of these shoes is completely enough.

Protection and Anti-torsion Performance: 7 scores

For the protection and anti-torsion, the Flylockdown has a built-in TPU in the midsole. Although it is not as good as carbon plate, but the anti-torsion performance of this sneaker is definitely above average.

In addition, if you touch the part of the heel, you will find a circle of built-in TPU, the area of TPU is very big, I’m very surprised. After all, this is only a pair of team shoes, I have to say it is really good.

At the same time, you can see that the extension of the outsole can offer great anti-rollover. However, the area of extension is relatively not big enough, it is similar to the size of the protruding phylon of insole.

In addition, the material of insole from heel to upper is easy to deform if making some big movements. It is currently believed that the decline in the durability of the phylon material will lead to the decline of anti-torsion and protection.

Wear-resisting and Traction Performance: 9 scores

The wear-resisting and traction performance of this sneaker is definitely a surprise to us.

The herringbone with actiniform pattern of the outsole make the traction performance of this sneaker reaching an unexpected height. It can make you feel the full sense of security when urgently stop and turning. Shoes skidding out? Impossible!

And don’t forget that the outsole of Flylockdown is XDR materials, which has great wear-resistance.

Air-permeability: 5 scores

Although its material is very light, but the air-permeability is quite normal. Frankly, its air-permeability only a little better than the vamp of engineering mesh.


Comprehensive evaluation:

Suitable field: any field
Suitable crowd: except for players with wide feet and heavy weight
Suitable location: both of forward and defenders

Except to the above points, the biggest advantage of this sneaker is the cost performance. With cool styling and superior performance, it’s a pair of nice shoes for playing basketball.

The price of Air Jordan Flylockdown is cheaper than the PG3, but its feedback of air cushion is better, and the protection is comparable. For appearance, I think Air Jordan Flylockdown is better than PG3.

In terms of size, if you think your feet are fat, I think it would be better to buy bigger half size.

I personally recommend you to buy Air Jordan Flylockdown. OK, this is the end of the performance review. Hope it can help you.