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Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 Performance Review

This Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 has some kind of “deadly” appealing power! Originated from Michael Jordan’s rookie in 1982, this shoe crowned the title of “WIN LIKE 82.”

Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 color scheme has inherited the style of the UNC family. At the back of the upper is the blue inwrought flyman logo which is very eye-catching in the background of the black and white color scheme. The sparkling patent leather exudes a strong sense of fashion and the dark color matching the light color is very visually appealing. As a classic and affectionate shoe, it is definitely very popular. Here let’s have a look at its overall performance. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the shoe is “deadly” appealing. It looks very nice and matches all kinds of daily dressing. For me, I don’t like buying anything without knowing any knowledge about that and I even won’t simply attracted by its appearance. But this time it is not the case: I fell in love with it the first moment I saw this Air Jordan 11 Win Like ’82 . I am appealed by the blue flyman logo, the “Air Jordan” on the tongue and the overall looking.

The heel is printed with the number 23 and with blue and white interlaced, the shoe great visual tension.

A number of fans signified that the shoe wore comfortably and required no time breaking in. It is such nice a shoe that many people pull out all the stops in order to buy a pair both in the purpose of daily wearing and combat. This pair also uses a soft foam midsole, from which you can feel the soft foot feeling.

Inside the shoe are soft sponges that fully wrap the feet and bring a soft wearing experience. For all the tough leather material in the upper, it does not affect daily activities and the basic flexibility is guaranteed.

A single shoe weighs 459 grams. It is no weightless material. To summarize, it has a relatively hard vamp whereas the inside is made of soft materials to ensure comfort. And on the other hand, resulting from the leather upper, the shoe’s breathability is a bit lacked. After short time’s wearing, you will feel  the inside muggy. 

Thanks to the leather upper which is tough enough to stand for the support and stabilize the soles for the feet, the shoe can stands out in the crowd. The sole is fitted with a full fibre-carbon plate to prevent distortion and protect the feet.

The vamp is surrounded by leather, so support of the shoe is not bad as well. And with prominent side support to prevent rollover, it is obviously seen  that the vamp hardly deforms when  undertaking acceleration or change directions suddenly.

This is a high-top sneaker though, inside the shoe are thick sponges. So the wrapping and support are very outstanding. Even though the outsole has some prominent deformation, the heel remains very stable and provides good ankle protection.

With respect to the traction, it is the herringbone pattern that does a great help for the grip. The independent forefoot herringbone pattern grips nicely on many kinds of grounds whereas  the middle sole provides a good grip effect from many aspects and angles.

The solid rubber outsole with dark color on front and back foots has a certain hardness. This Air Jordan 11 rubber outsole can also stand the test of time. And after my testing it, I found that the sole’s durability is worthy of affirmation.

This Air Jordan 11’s cushioning is quite unexpected. The Nike Air cushioning technology is also loaded and the use of middle bottom foam makes the soft elastic feeling very obvious.

When walking, you can clearly feel the soft bounce of the sole whereas when you are running, you can experience the energy feedback from the sole more clearly.

The cushioning is prominent in the actual combat. After you are landing, all your weight is concentrated on the shoe, you can feel the cushioning from the soles of your shoes, which  is like stepping on a pillow.

For the size, I recommend you choose the size that you are usually wearing or there may be some problems arising.


The original quality patent leather and the high quality uppers material comprise a big part of the shoe. It has outstanding support and wrapping; the cushioning is excellent enough to support high intensity sports on court; above all, the shoe is so comfortable that it is also well worth your paying for it. Anyway, I know you have had an idea in your brain.


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Air Jordan 11 “72-10” Performance Review

Jordan led the team to get a 72-10 record in 1995-1996, In honour of this classic moment, Jordan brand released AIR JORDAN 11 “71-10” in the 30th anniversary.

The vamp is made of black leather and patent leather. The insole is white and outsole is semitransparent. It looks cool. The number of 23 is embroidered in the shoe heel. The Jumpman logo on the upper is changed from embroidery to metal stigma. The details looks great.

The Front View

The black vamp is made of patent leather and litchi leather. It looks good. The shoe tongue is embroidered with Jumpman logo. And the shoe head is printed with number 72 & 10.

The Side View

The classic appearance of AJ 11, the black vamp and white sole is succinct. The holes of shoelaces is chamois leather material. The upper has red Jumpman logo.

The Rear View

From up to down, the material is different. Number 23 is embroidered in the shoe heel.

Comfort Level

The material of AJ11 is good. The insole is thicken foam material and 3/4 Air Sole. The cushion performance is great. It’s very comfortable.

The soft litchi leather and patent leather can guarantee the flexibility of vamp. It’s also not tight. But the air permeability of leather material is not good. It’s sultry.

The unit weight of US8.5=EUR42 is about 487g. The weight is moderate, not too heavy.

Fit & Support

As the vamp is leather, so we don’t need to worry about the supporting performance. The surrounding patent leather has great supporting performance and stability.

The mid-high upper design is filled with soft foam. It can fit the foot well. When breaking through, the shoe heel can keep on stabilizing status. It can offer ankle a great support.

After fastening the shoe laces, the chamois leather can drive the vamp to fit the foot.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The stiff rubber of forefoot and rear sole is herringbone design which can offer excellent traction performance. The semitransparent rubber material is water ripple design which can offer multi-angle and all-around traction.

The abrasive resistance of semitransparent outsole is not good. But it has good thickness. The lifetime should be not bad.

Cushion Performance

With 3/4 Air Sole, the cushion performance of AJ11 is great. The soft foam on the insole is also comfortable.

When running, we can see the compression and resilience of sole. The resilience is obvious.

After jumping to floor, the body weight is concentrated on the feet. When the forefoot contact to earth, I can feel that the pressure of body is released. The cushion performance is excellent.

Overall, Air Jordan 11 “72-10” is a pair of hot-sale model. The supporting performance and fit of litchi leather and patent leather is excellent. And the cushion performance of AJ11 is also great. It’s very comfortable. The disadvantage is the bad air permeability. It’s not suitable to wear in Summer.