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Close look and opening: D.O.N. ISSUE #2

Adidas released two Donovan Mitchel 2 earlier this year: one is black and the other is the green spider-man colorway. Of course, they have arose quite plenty of hot discussion and won over lots of attention before long their release. Then let’s take a closer look at this D.O.N. ISSUE #2.

The two colorways are of visually very different styles, but it’s safe to say that both are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But today I wanna talk more about this “green spider-man”. It is reported that the inspiration of this fluorescent green colorway came from the Marvel Hero–the spiderman and the shoe box has also been changed to marvel heroes.

“My Spider Sense is tingling” is the kind of speech that spiderman uses from time to time. So this colorway also reminds us of the superpower that spiderman owns with the tongue ring printed with SPIDEY and  SENSE.

Donovan Mitchell is both a guard and a core player. So it fits the scenario very well to compare him to spiderman and his ability to analyze the situations on court is his Spidey Sense.

Whether it is the colorway or the details in design, the shoe can be a likesome work. From my perspective, D.O.N. ISSUE #2.  is a kind of basketball shoe that is not only  pleasing to the eye but also very head-snapping when it comes to the actual performance. And it seems that I can always pull off difficult situations with the help of D.O.N. ISSUE #2 and it is no inflation.

Adidas Donovan Mitchell shoes always offers us a nice foot feel. It not only seeks excellent performance; it also tries its best to offer us comfortable experience.  And it is as well very powerful whenever there are emergency stops or running.

The wear resistance is actually very good. I have been exercising indoors in the shoes for several days and I even tried high intensity sports, but there was almost no sign of wear in the outsole. Besides, the wrapping is nice and  the anti-rollover is peerless.

In a nutshell, this is a cost-effective shoe that deserves your trying and surely, it will offer you a can’t-miss-it experience!

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Adidas EQT Bask ADV Performance Review

The EQT series, which was born in the last 90s , have been re-interpreted and evolved into a variety of new shoes which have injected new vitality into the sneaker market. So of course, after the Adidas EQT Bask ADV was launched, it has stirred up a wave for people to chase it.

During that chasing, some people have succeed while some failed. Continuing the classic shoe type of QT Support ADV, the shoe looks very appealing. According to a number of buyers, the Adidas EQT Bask ADV is a versatile shoe, great for matching with a good number of outfits. What is even more surprising is that a lot of wearers have noticed that people stop to compliment them on the sneakers and get asked about it. Drawing inspiration from basketball shoes, Adidas has created a retro and functional shoe. And the combination of knitted fabric and neoprene has greatly enhanced the texture and performance of the shoe. What’s more, basketball fans are just very delighted to point out that the shoe a trendy shoe with a basketball-esque touch to it. There are also many colorways of the shoe and most fans just like the colorway options available.

The shoe tested is the  Adidas EQT Bask ADV Black Warrior which is made of black material from the upper to the sole. To a great extent, the pure black color is simply though, it makes the shoe full of mystery. For the upper, it is is made up of mesh material, leather and rubber materials, which makes the shoes more unique.

The inside of the toe is made of horizontal knit which adds some more details for us to ponder. The lace buckle and tongue label are both made of leather materials whereas the letter “EQT” is printed on the lace buckle which is very delicate.

At the side, the iconic three strips perfectly blend the same-color laces, forming a lacing system  with a unique look. The outsole line that is wrapped up is extremely recognizable and the leather at the upper improves the shoe’s texture.

As for the heel, it uses a striped design and the rubber lines printed with “EQT” are smooth.

In terms of the upper, it is made of knitted material and has good air permeability. Even though it was  35 °C  that day when I tested the shoe, my motivation had never declined because it was just so breathable that I forgot the hot weather.

The mesh material made upper fit my foot especially well and wraps my foot nicely. I just felt my feet tightly locked every time I wore the shoe. The mesh material can be easily bent so that the flexibility  can be ensured.

The weight of a single shoe is 356 grams which is  is within the normal range. Even if you’ve worn the shoe for several years or played in it for a long time, you can still feel the soft feedback  immediately  from the Adidas EQT Bask ADV and the feeling is very prominent. And the case is that virtually all buyers agree that the sneaker is insanely comfortable and that it feels like one is walking on memory foam when worn. There is even one wearer went as far as to say that the sneaker makes him look special and hot for the ladies.

The knitted upper allows you to feel the strong wrapping  shortly after you put the shoes on. And after tightening the laces, you can also feel the obvious wrapping from the three inner and outer sides of the webbing.

Though the upper uses mesh material, it also uses a more intensive knitting technique, ensuring a remarkable performance in support.

In the process of running, you can see that the upper has no obvious deformation and can still provide excellent support for sudden force start and change direction.

The high-top shoes are designed to protect the ankles more nicely. As is said by one reviewer that the ankles are fantastically supported. As for the heel, it is made of thick knit material whereas  the side is made of strong leather. I should say that the shoe’s support at the ankle is absolutely  top notch.

The thick rubber outsole is also very outstanding in the wear resistance performance and can adapt to different court needs.

The elliptical concave grain occupies most of the outsole; the forefoot can also provide grip when the force is activated. In short, the grip performance is nice and the grip can offer us practical experience.

As a pair of shoes with excellent tech, definitely it also has extraordinary cushioning technology. So is there any surprise in the cushioning performance of the Adidas EQT Bask ADV?

The Adidas EQT Bask ADV just has a very soft feeling and even if light players can have that obvious experience.

Adidas EQT Bask ADV also excels in the energy return. You can see a noticeable cushioning above when landing. When the forefoot first touched the ground,  a large part of the pressure is released by the cushion tech.

The degree of deformation of the sole is not obvious both when walking and running. However, you  can feel obvious rebound and  obvious energy feedback.

From my standpoint, it is definitely a trendy shoe, the quality and construction of the Adidas EQT Bask ADV is absolutely top notch; the shoe in the over performance is a hit to boot. Well, just have a try and I believe  the Adidas EQT Bask ADV deserves many thumbs up from reviewers.

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Adidas Originals Falcon W Performance Review

Following the YUNG-1, Adidas launched another outstanding shoe this summer which is a pair of very eye-catching sneaker and is deigned for girls. The shoe is Adidas Originals Falcon W.

The upper of the shoe is made of suede, leather and mesh materials and with the different colors in the upper, the shoe looks very pleasing to the eye; the sole is made of Torsion technology which is the same sole design of that of YUNG-1.

The upper, mainly made of mesh material, suede and leather material, performs nicely as a whole. The color on the upper is composed of black, gray, pink, orange, blue, green and so on. Seeing the shoe I just can not help claiming that it is a shoe in which I have ever seen so many colors. The irregular shape of different color blocks is spliced, and the inner and outer sides of the upper are silver leather. Very bright. isn’t it?

At the front, there is nothing special about the style of the shoes. Some said it is an “old-fashion” shoe because it seems to be very “old”. And the blue clover logo on the tongue is just very eye-catching.

At the side, pink, green, orange and some other colors are combined to create a colorful upper for the shoe whereas the silver leather on the upper brings a strong visual impact. Some girls remarked that it is a cool shoe because the irregular curve creates a sharp appearance; when wearing it on the street, people just can’t help but turn around and  look a few more times at their shoes.

The deep pink is matched with the light pink and the joining of the  light gray makes the shoe look very harmonious. The blue clover logo, echoed with the clover blue logo of the tongue, is very unique.

I know that some may turn their backs away seeing the shoe’s bulky appearance and feel the shoe to be very heavy. However, they are wrong. A single shoe of this Adidas Originals Falcon W weighs only 252 grams, bringing no burden on the feet.

The soles that look very heavy are not as hard as they might be; they are just very soft instead. The upper can be easily bent, and the arc at the front of the sole is designed to ensure the flexibility of the shoe. But whether that design really works remains some more testing as my test data are not overall.

Although there is a thin layer of foam inside the shoe, the performance of the breathability is quite good. It was 34 °C that day when I was testing the shoe, but the performance just turned out to be very nice and I didn’t have much stuffy feeling through out the whole testing.

Quite a number of reviewers also signified that the materials used in the shoe are well selected and are all of high quality. So you can imagine that the wrapping and support performance can’t be bad. Look, here is the combat performance: when running, the mesh upper has deformed very little while the other parts hardly deform, which can easily cope with the sudden change of direction.

There is a thin foam inside, thus helping enhance wrapping performance. The use of suede and leather at the heel has also outstanding support performance. When suddenly changing direction, you can see that the heel has hardly deformed, thus it can prevent the ankle from injury.

The wide sole extends to the periphery of the upper, as is seen below.

When the shoes are swayed from side to side, the feet can be seen to be very stable.

In terms of breathability, many are delighted because they can wear the Adidas Originals Falcon W  for long hours especially during summer due to its breathability. As for the grip, let’s look at the pattern of the outsole then. The forefoot uses a large number of prominent three-dimensional arrow lines, as well as the irregular shaped lines of the rear part, which bring great grip performance.

The thickness of the outsole is considerable, and with its many outstanding profiled grains, the shoe’s durability is more prominent. A reviewer even feels that the price of the Adidas Originals Falcon W is justified because of the quality of the outsole.

For the cushioning, Adidas Originals Falcon W uses Torsion  anti-twist technology  which can improve stability and flexibility. Wearing the shoe, there is a clear soft and comfortable feeling. And since the outsole is made of thick rubber material, the extent that the sole deforms is not great. Aside from that, a number of energy return can be seen both when walking and running.

When jumping to the ground,  there was no obvious compression  in the sole,  but the cushioning experience was particularly prominent. The cushion just releases quite a lot of pressure and eases shock brought to the player’s joint.


Adidas Originals Falcon W is exactly  an affordable shoe and its overall features make the shoe worth its value. If you want to cop it, you will find what I said is in agreement with its real performance after you experience it by yourself.


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Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 Performance Review

I’ve got this Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 for a long time and after many tests and based on quite a number of notes, I finally opened my computer and wrote down this article. Then let’s see…

Appearance is important. And I know like the majority, most of us look upon a shoe’s appearance as the first considered factor when buying shoes. But after all, this is a constant occurrence in human nature. Fortunately, this Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 has quite a outstanding appearance. To tell the truth, when I first saw this spider man color scheme, I fell in love and I bought it then and there. I felt that the red and blue colorway is simply very eye-catching in this hot summer day but not tacky at all. But after all, different people has different views and for this part, I don’t remark any more. 

When I first wore the shoe, I didn’t like tying the laces for the wrapping was really nice and very tight. But I still tied the laces when I was in combats. I also found that the heel part locks my feet very well and I never run into any slipping problems. In addition, the fore part of the shoe is not so wide and can fit many people, which is not like the Irving series I’ve experienced; there isn’t extra room in the forefoot to boot.

The pattern in the outsole is still the classic herringbone pattern. You will feel that the shoe bites the ground tightly. I wore the Kobe NXT 360 to play on the wooden floor, but it turned out to be very common whereas this one gave me a kind of bright feeling. To summarize, the grip of this shoe is absolutely on top of the sneaker market. And they performs even much better in the outfield where there is a lot of dust and gravels. The solid outsole rubber of the shoe is praised by many testers simply because it barely attracts dust.

Anti-rollover is always the biggest highlight of this pair. The oversized outsole basically eliminates the possibility of rollover, and I was overwhelmed by the safety of the outsole when I went to the store to try it on. I got injured in a match not long ago. Tripping in the circumstance, I dare not do any high-intensive training, however, I just feel quite secured in this shoe.

Personally, I do not require too much of cushioning and I do not like wearing super soft shoes. However, this cushioning is fine for me. It is not dragging when breaking through. When I made landing movements, it eases the shock brought by my weight. But this still requires some more tests because I haven’t experienced it so much. After all, it is a newly copped one and I am not so willing to shorten its life.

Durability is always highly phrased by a number of buyers and reviewers. On rough courts, the sole performs better than on  cement ground but worse than on plastic ground. The shoe is wore usually in outer side of the heel though the picture below can not be seen any wear and tear. Nevertheless, it should not fail you.


Some said the most thrilling part is that the shoe is worth the money; after all, it is a famous brand sneaker with such nice overall performance. On stores, when I was considering which one to choose, it is the shoe’s  “sincerity” and nice appearance that persuade me into buying it. What is fortunate is that after these days’ accompanying, it turn out to be a reliable model; every time there are matches, I resolutely chose it as my comrade. To learn more about this shoe, you can also have a try by yourself.

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The Comparison of Adidas Harden Vol.2 And Adidas Harden Vol.3

I am a fan of Harden series for many years. And the other day, when I was cleaning up my room I was surprised to find that most of my shoes are of Adidas brand. So with a love for Harden series, I’ve successfully picked up three editions of the Harden series which are the Harden Vol.1, Harden Vol.2 and Harden Vol.3. Below is the comparison of the second and the third version.

Harden Vol.2 is now a hot hit and there are still many inventory, so you don’t need to worry about not getting a pair. And the Harden Vol.3 is also a popular one and one of the main model of Harden series. With more and more color scheme releasing, it is reported that the shoe’s price will be cut down to some extent. So for those who wanna cop a pair, you can expect and wait for it.

First of all, when facing the question that which one performs better in terms of wrapping, support and protection, I will tell you that the answer is the Harden Vol.2. When I am in the shoe and remain static, honestly speaking, the Vol.3 wears much more comfortable than the Vol.2 whereas the Vol.2 is thought of only when I have matches or daily exercises.

The design of the elastic inner boot makes the wrapping very great, but it is also too tight for the foot especially for wide footers. And it is no the first time when I saw those wearing Harden shoes not fastening laces because the wrapping is really very tight.

When I was exercising, Vol.2’s brilliant wrapping can meet all my needs for sporting. So long as you choose the right size you won’t experience collision between your toe and the toe part of the shoe. As for Vol.3, it is a bit complex. Compared with Vol.2, Vol.3 is worse in the wrapping performance. It seems the shoelaces are hard to fasten

Although the shoelaces of Vol.3 are most similar to that of most basketball shoes that will use a “quick lacing system”, owing to the hard fabric materials, the wrapping is not very good, which can not even made up for by the laces. But if it uses the Forgefiber upper that once used in Vol.2, it is then too soft and the support is insufficient then; thus, some ways for enhancing support  are needed.

Both of  the two shoes are low-top sneakers. In the case of releasing the crotch space, it is necessary to increase the upper support and anti-rollover. At the beginning of exercising, with the physical exertion, which is not obvious though, it is very easy to get hurt because of the inability to control the body.

For the Vol.2, the guard plate on the sides can directly support the feet, following a hard ring TPU to protect the heel. And the anti-twist setup in the outsole also keeps the shoe from extremely rolling. As for Vol.3, it is equally good but because of the larger space of the crotch, the supportive design is not easy to come into being. Below are some data in terms of the widest part and the distance from the ankle to the ground.

Although the Vol.3 hasn’t  “support plates” on both sides, the reinforcement of the heel still exists and the height and thick filling design make the heel’s protection always “online”. Also, the fabric upper itself has a certain thickness and hardness, thus providing support to some extent.

For some people, the strips on the upper of Vol.3 is just like a decoration.

For cushioning, the Vol.2 wins over the other one as well. It is out of question that Vol.2 will have an advantage in this part, but it does not mean that the cushioning performance of the Vol.3 is not strong enough. The Boost of the two pairs both perform nicely on court. If taking the usual wearing  feelings into consideration, I may choose Vol.3 which is more comfortable. According to a number of buyers, Harden 3 is like a full foot Zoom in the light of daily wearing.

For traction, the Vol.3 wins out this time.

In my view, grip is an important part of a shoe. And I always tend to buy a shoe with nice grip. The outsole of Vol.3 is made of rubber and grains in the sole attract many gravels, resulting in frequent cleaning.


The two shoes are just like  Harden himself.  They are of average looking but very recognizable. They are not a pair that will be accepted and liked by many people  though, it is undeniable that  there are still  a lot of people falling in love with it. It is certain that more and more people will be given to it.



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Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail“Equality” Performance Review

As one of the most powerful shoes of Adidas originals series, Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail“Equality” is very hot popular. Besides this one, there are many other colorways released in March,2019. If you want a relatively bright color, you can also search for some other ones.

Unlike the past models that have a vivid and bright color schemes, “Equality” this time adapts a cold style. It uses black and white color scheme with purple ornament, which as a whole looks very calm and “introverted” without losing its highlights. You can see that the super thick midsole, the nice outsole pattern plus the appearance having been mentioned are quite appealing. A number of fans must have been attracted by these. But some fans remarked that the high price of the shoe has made many people turn their backs away. However,  if you find that the shoe’s setups and performance are well worth the money, you may change your views.

The simple color scheme of black and white with the Sanskrit “Equality” written on the right shoe and the English “Equality”  on the left shoe.

At the side, there is a super thick boost midsole which surely helps a lot. There is also a purple TPU that makes up the shoelace system. Besides, the large serrated rubber outsole is very distinctive.

The white boost midsole paired with the black body is very simple. And  at the heel there is the graffiti-style double bar at the left shoe while there is also the Adidas logo at the right one.

The thick midsole and rubber outsole can offer the wearer enough stability, but it brings a heavy foot feeling at the meantime. A single shoe of this pair weighs 440 grams, which is a bit heavy for a combat shoe.

Let’s turn to the upper then. Made of stretchy knit, the upper provides a comfortable fit for the  feet. Also, resulting from the awesome material, the upper can be easily bent effortlessly and during exercises, it offers quite enough flexibility in addition to the comfortable foot feeling.

The vamp is made of mesh material, thus resulting in passable breathability because there is a bit sweltering after a long time wearing in hot days. But for all the fact, it is still satisfactory in summer days and you need not worry about this.

Then in terms of the midsole, the chunky boost offers  a nice performance, so you can feel the  soft bounce and when running, you are expected to receive a number of energy return. Some said that having the Boost cushion, the shoe’s cushioning performance is naturally very outstanding. Well, its performance is consistent with what the buyers have said. You are to experience the distinct soft bounce the moment you put the shoes on. The feeling is like stepping on a pillow, making you unwilling to take it off. You must have been wondering that “How nice the cushion can perform!”

For this respect, its nice performance should once again be credited to the soft upper. If compared with some shoes with leather uppers, then the upper of Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Trail“Equality”  is just an average one, which can never make it to the top of the list. However, in the light of brands which are known for their sparing no effort to make a best shoe for their consumers, I decided to go on checking it. 

The elastic woven fabric upper makes the feet fit well with the whole shoe. You can feel your feet tighttly wrapped inside the shoe and there is no any extra room inside, so there is no problem of slipping. For the shoe’s support, it is not so bad. The support just rises in time when there are any needs. The TPU  in the shoe just does a tremendous job for the overall performance.

Some said that the  supporting performance of the mesh material is a little unexpected or I’ve never expected too much of the support. When the player changes direction, there is no significant deformation of either the vamp or the heel and the feet remain stable.

The materials used can live up to the price because they are not only of high quality but also used  in sufficient quantities. For the traction alone, it is made very thick and it grips well. The outsole has a large serrated pattern and the “teeth” of the whole palm are very prominent in terms of grip. For this respect, you can also expect.

For the size, you had  better buy the size that you usually choose.


The shoe provides superior comfort, outstanding performance in air permeability, support and wrapping. The boost midsole, which is as thick as the real thing, has a superior soft bounce and cushioning, which is the biggest highlight of the shoe. It can even be said to be a nearly perfect reproduction of the original products. Well, if you are seeking one shoe that meets almost all your needs, then this pair of high-performance and cost-effective shoes is a good choice.

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Adidas Pure BOOST GO Perfromance Review

Adidas released the new Boost series running shoes Pure Boost GO in the Summer of 2018. The full-length BOOST insole and wide forefoot sole design are customized for the city runners.

The vamp is made of pure white knit. The shoe heel and toes are infused with new design. The supporting material uses mesh design, which guarantee the good supporting performance and the air permeability. The appearance also looks cool. The full-length BOOST technology insole has excellent cushion performance.

The Font View

The pure white vamp is succinct. The inner side has mesh TPU supporting material. From the wide forefoot design, we can see the outer extending BOOST insole.

The Side View

The vamp is printed with off-white Adidas symbolic three bars. The socks type design is convenient for putting-on and taking off.

The Rear Side

The shoe heel is gray and white colorway. The mesh TPU supporting material cover the shoe heel well. The Boost insole is also extended out.

Comfort Level

Due to the knitted vamp and Boost insole, it’s light. The unit weight of US8=EUR41 is only about 280g.

Fit & Support

The socks design covers the forefoot, arch and heel well. The knitted vamp guarantees the flexibility and has great air permeability. The new lacing system is also very special. After fastening the shoelaces, it will wrap the foot well.

As the inner side part of shoe head has mesh TPU supporting material which can offer good supporting performance to the knitted vamp.

Even if the vamp has obvious deformation when running, but the foot is still very stable.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The full-length mesh rubber outsole can offer omni bearing traction performance. The traction performance is excellent.

The full-length rubber sole has great abrasive resistance. It’s durable.

Adidas Pure Boost GO has the full-length BOOST technology. With the elastic mesh outsole closed structure, its cushion performance and elasticity are excellent.

I can feel the resilience of Boost obviously. We can see the slight deformation and resilience of outsole when walking.

The soft and elastic feeling is more obvious when running. The Boost can offer fast feedback.

The thick Boost insole has great cushion performance. After jumping to floor, the cushion feedback is very obvious. This pair of Pure Boost GO uses knitted material which guarantee the flexibility and air permeability. The width forefoot sole design also keeps the stability. Overall, the performance of Adidas Pure Boost GO is excellent.

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Adidas Originals ZX500 RM Boos Performance Review

Every year the Adidas Originals series will introduce new technology and design to its classic collection, thus bringing a brand new look to the shoe. And this year the ZX500, a pair of classic vintage running shoes, gets a new Boost update.

The new ZX500 RM has continued the look of the ZX500 and is consistent with that retro style of ZX500.

The shoe body is composed of suede and mesh material and the simple grey and white color scheme is complemented by red ornament making the shoe body simple but distinctive at the mean time. And the original foam midsole has been replaced by a full palm Boost midsole and something used to enhance stability are respectively added to the front and back, making the shoe more comfortable to wear.

The combination of grey and beige is simple  and the red tongue logo embroidered with a clover logo is very eye-catching. At the side, it is still the symbolic Adidas logo. And the thick boost is as eye-catching as the red logo in the tongue.

The heel part is triangular and layered. The red leather used as a decoration is simple but not monotonous.

The thick original Boost midsole brings comfortable foot feeling and you can feel the soft bouncy cushion as soon as you put the shoes on. In short, the shoe is very prominent in comfort.

The mesh made vamp is nice. It is not hot inside the shoe even if after a long time playing under the sun. It has full air permeability and no obvious heat on the feet. Besides, the suede material also offers great flexibility and no restraint when moving.

A single shoe is only 318 grams. It is as light as the weight suggests after putting it on. Having the achievement is not easy for a shoe with such a thick Boost.

The wrapping, well, might be a bit disappointing though, it is still enough for most runners. Owing to the suede material and net upper, the shoe cannot fit the foot very well. But a flexible suede material provides good support. During high-intensive exercises, you can see that there is no obvious deformation below, which provides excellent support for sudden powerful start and direction change.

The heel is mainly made of suede and leather. It extends high up to provide better support and better ankle protection.

When you are running and you suddenly change direction, you can see that the heel barely deforms. An d the outspreading midsole also provides ample stability. 

The outsole is fronted by horizontal stripes that provide excellent grip and prevent sliding at the start. The front and middle part of the sole are latticed while the back is diagonal stripes, providing grip in many directions and excellent skid resistance.

The thickness of the sole is considerable and the middle sole has also a super thick boost, implying wear resistance. outstanding wear resistance.

It is needless to say that many shoes with thick Boost perform excellently in terms of the comfort and cushioning. And of course, this Adidas Originals ZX500 RM boosts with Boost also does a tremendous job in the two aspects.

The Boost, which is considerably thicker, offers springy feedback. You can see in the short video below that there are slight deformation and springy back as the man walks.

When running, the sole compresses and bounces back more clearly and quite a number of energy return can be seen and felt under the feet.


The appearance of this ZX 500 RM is outstanding and it can match all kinds of daily dressing. For me, I am given to wearing it out in the street. The material of the upper provides superior air permeability, support and wrapping; the heel offers the wearer enough ankle protection; the look of the shoe gives you a nice and fashionable wearing experience.

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Adidas AlphaEdge 4D Performance Review

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D  is a brand-new running shoe created by Adidas along with the printing company Carbon aiming at providing the best wrapping shoe for we consumers. It is said that  Alphaedge 4D is thought  as an outstanding running shoe with capabilities to be used for any type of running. So what is the fact?

The shoe features mainly black and grey in the shoe body complemented with a green 4D outsole, which presents that the shoe has a lot of technology equipped in it. The 4D technology uses optical positioning, liquid resin and oxygen permeation tablets so as to create a foot feeling that is stable, cushion enough and comfortable for everyone. Anyway, it remains to be seen how well it can perform.

There aren’t many decorations in the shoe body. It looks very simple but to some extent, it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The eye-pleasing upper complemented with its black shoe laces looks very harmonious. There are still Adidas’s trademark three stripes on the large mesh shoe tongue.

Next looking at the side, the shoe body line is fluent and the black, grey and white color scheme match each other very well.

At the heel part, there is a Adidas logo.

A number of users signified that they like the Alphaedge 4D’s midsole performance, saying that it is well comfortable, balanced and delivers perfect energy return. They also wondered” how the shoe’s midsole can feel firm in the right places, yet other parts of it are flexible and soft where it is needed.” “It’s quite beyond our imagination.” You are to feel the bouncy feedback the minute you step on the sole. The soft bounce is just the first thing you feel on your foot, and you can feel the rebound from the sole with every step.

A single shoe of Alphaedge 4D is 440 grams. But in my opinion, the shoe’s weight is on the heavier side for a running shoe.

The Primeknit uppers offer quite enough flexibility and outstanding breathability. Even if those people who are given to playing on outdoor courts the shoe is also acceptable. It won’t cause any bother under the feet. Its Primeknit upper is just much appreciated by the users for being very well perforated which make their feet especially cool even when they are running on hot weather; therefore, the shoe is highly recommended.

In terms of wrapping and support, they are not bad either. This should be credited to the nice vamp. The vamp of the shoe is made of  the original Primeknit material, thus the feet can fit the forefoot, toes and arch area very well. And the tight wrapping is more obvious after the laces are tightened, bringing no pressure to the feet.

The support of the mesh material is not bad at all. When the player suddenly change direction, there is no obvious deformation in the upper whereas the feet retain stable inside the shoes. Generally speaking, it can ensure the basic support and stable needs during running.

The external heel part has a fixed material added to provide powerful support and the ankle part can be seen deform just a little. When suddenly changing direction or accelerating, the support ensures that the ankle remain steady.

I’ve read many reviews, saying that how great the traction and grip is from the shoe’s Continental Rubber outsole. For the outsole, it is a lump of rubber covered with protruding dots. And the grains in the forefoot and the heel have more prominent grains, thus providing better grip. The grip is like a reliable comrade: it performs well on both wet and dry grounds. Besides that, the sole can stand the test of long time wearing and won’t be torn easily. You will know that I am just telling the truth if you chance to have one pair.

With respect to the cushion’s tech, the shoe comes with a 3D printed Futurecraft midsole that also provides a more reactive and dynamic cushioning.  The performance can live up to the word “excellent”! As you can see below that the cushion deforms a lot simply by adding some pressure on it.

The midsole design can well avoid the occurrence of the feeling that you are wearing nothing because the setup is rather thick.

When you are running, the sole’s deformation and instant response are more obvious. When landing, you will feel like you are stepping on a pillow.


Some online comments express that the shoe is priced steeply. But making allowance for the nice setups, I think the shoe is well worth the money if you want an innovative running shoe designed to offer the comfort and support that a runner needs. It seems like the shoe is especially designed for you. Anyway, for all the price, it proves to be a nice mate and has showed us its unique style aesthetic and remarkable cushioning performance.

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Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 Performance Review

The perfect integration of retro styling and new technology -EQT series is quite popular. After releasing many pairs of popular models, Adidas brings the new colorway.

The all black vamp matching with 3M reflective tape, the red, white and blue colorway has strong contrast with black. The new appearance and material improve the performance of shoes. Let’s have a look at the performance of ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 today.

The Front View

The black knitted vamp has the words EQT. The integrated shoe tongue has gray shoe tongue tag. There is a piece of chamois leather constitutes the lacing system. The TPU shoe lacing holes also increase the supporting performance.

The Side View

The vamp and sole have the symbolic Adidas logo. The red, white and blue colors are attractive. The outside of forefoot has the reinforced material. The TPU on upper is quite special.

The Rear View

The main material of shoe heel is foam and chamois leather.

Comfort Level

The insole is very soft and elastic. It’s very comfortable. It can satisfy the request of daily walking and exercise.

The knitted vamp can fit the foot well. The foot can move freely to guarantee the moving flexibility. And air permeability of knitted vamp is also good.

As it uses knitted vamp and foam sole, the weight of shoes is very light. The unit weight of US8.5/EUR42 is only about 231g.

Fit & Supporting Performance

The great knitted vamp material can fit the foot well.

The inner side and outer side of forefoot has the reinforced material which increase the abrasive resistance and the supporting performance of vamp. Although the vamp has obvious deformation when exercising, but it’s quite stable.

The inner and outer side 3 ribbons can stabilize the arch well to avoid rollover.

The chamois leather and TPU on shoe heel can offer excellent stabilization and supporting performance. When turning, the shoes is still very stable without deformation.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The red rubber on the sole of forefoot offers excellent traction performance. The rubber on rear sole guarantee the great abrasive resistance. The round embossing of sole has good traction performance.

The whole piece of foam on insole can also assure the long-time exercise. The abrasive resistance is great.

Cushion Performance

This pair of ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 uses foam insole. The cushion performance is excellent. It’s soft and elastic. We can see the slight deformation and resilience of shoe heel.

When running, the resilience is more obvious.

When jumping to floor, the resilience is very obvious. It can release the pressure to joints.

The knitted vamp of ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 guarantees the excellent air permeability and fitting performance. It’s suitable to kinds of foot types. The vamp also has extra reinforcing material. The supporting performance is also excellent. The feeling of excellent soft elasticity is quite good. Overall, the appearance and performance of ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 is above average.