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AIR JORDAN 34 Performance Review

It’s the highlight of annual Air Jordan release, Air Jordan 34 will be released one quarter earlier than pre-release in Winter. This year, Air Jordan 34 will be released on 25th, Sept. Let’s talk about the recently exposed AIR JORDAN 34 today.

In my opinion, Air Jordan series are divided into two phases, the ‘front 30th generations’ and ‘rear 30th generations’. As you know, from Air Jordan 31, the Air Jordan series start to salute to the previous generations. For example, Air Jordan 31 uses big logo and other elements as design inspiration for saluting Air Jordan 1. The Air Jordan uses the 6 stereoscopic stripes on the shoeheel of Air Jordan 2 as design inspiration. So the design of Air Jordan 34 should be going to salute Air Jordan 4. So what kinds of design elements will be uses on Air Jordan 34? Let’s have a look at it now.

Let’s start from shoe box, the shoebox is printed with the exclusive logo No. 34 for Air Jordan 34. It doesn’t uses the traditional Greek numerals ‘XXXIV’.

The shoe box is trapezoid drawer type. It’s a new irregular shoebox design after AJ18, AJ19 etc.

From the design drawing, Air Jordan 34 has a sense of science and technology. It seems that it doesn’t have big obvious elements of Air Jordan 4 from the design drawing.

From Air Jordan 31 to Air Jordan 33, the weight is keeping increasing. This time, the Air Jordan 34 is known as the lightest Air Jordan series. The unit net weight of EUR42.5 is only about 13.1 ounce (about 371.38g). It’s indeed already very light for the high shoes.

I just said that I haven’t found the design elements of Air Jordan 4 on the design drawing. But after seeing the picture, the vamp of Air Jordan 34 uses the small square shape between the shoe tongue and upper of Air Jordan 4.

The vamp of Air Jordan 34 is similar to Hyperfuse ventilated textures. With the ventilated shoe tongue which has the big holes, the air permeability should be good.

The joint part of shoe tongue has the Morse code ‘34’.

The outsole uses the standard herringbone to guarantee the traction performance.

It has exclusive 34 logo for Air Jordan 34 on the shoe head.

The words「J4-34,2.89-2019」 on the shoe heel of outsole is also to salute to Air Jordan 4 in 30th years ago.

The insole of Air Jordan 34 uses the new technology—Eclipse Plate, which is made of Pebax, it’s the updated version of Jordan FlightSpeed Plate technology. The hollow out design not only reduce the weight, but also expose parts of air cushion to offer more resilience and support. It’s similar to Air Jordan 2009 insole supporting technology. I’m expecting the actual performance of Air Jordan 34.

Most of guys should be most concerned at the insole cushion configuration. The forefoot insole carry with big 14mm thick ZOOM Air like AlphaDunk. The rear sole uses hexagon ZOOM Air. The insole cushion configuration has been improved a lot.

The prepositive anti-torsion design of Air Jordan 34 is more close to shoe head than normal anti-torsion design. It can stabilize the outside to avoid big deformation when breaking through.

Actually, I expect that Air Jordan 34 can use the same pull-tab design on the shoe heel of Air Jordan 4. But Air Jordan team definite position Air Jordan 34 as a pair of light basketball shoes. It doesn’t have the useless technology as marketing gimmick. I’m satisfied at the design of AIR JORDAN 34, and I also expecting its actual performance. Let’s waiting for it.

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Closed Look and Unboxing:Saucony Triumph iSO 5

A suitable pair of running shoes is important for runners to avoid being hurt. It’s important to protect yourself, especially the guys who are heavy weight. Today let’s have a closed look at Saucony Triumph iSO 5. IOS 5 has two series at present, that is, Triumph and Hurricane.

From below data, Saucony Triumph iSO 5. IOS 5 should be more suitable for the guys who are heavy weight.

  1. Unboxing

It’s classic Saucony black and white package.

The main colorway of vamp is gray, insole is white and outsole is red.

The red ISO logo on the shoe tongue is conspicuous.

The front side of shoe-pad is green.

The side of vamp is printed with Saucony, and another side is printed with TRIUMPH ISO. We see the thick white insole and salmon outsole from the side part. The insole is printed with EVERUN, which is Saucony black technology has great energy feedback and durable cushion protection.

The Triumph ISO 5 uses Tri-Flex outsole which is red.

The outsole is salmon hollow out. The surface texture of middle and two sides are different. We can see the white EVERUN insole.

The TRI-FLEX outsole and EVERUN insole make the sole to be more wear-resisting. It has great traction performance and skid resistance.

The triangular plate on two sides of shoe heel can protect the heel won’t be easy to move when running and it can prevent being injured.

The shoe tongue design is fixed. It’s not easy to move. It has soft padding. It’s thicker than shoe head.

It’s soft, but the air permeability is not good.

From inside, we can find the integrate EVERUN insole. The official empirical data is, it can offer 83% energy feedback.

The insole is white. The inside workmanship is good.

I like the design of shoe laces holes. Triumph iSO 5 uses ISOFIT dynamic plying-up system.

The vamp of forefoot is jacquard weave mesh fabric. The holes are big, so the air permeability is good.

The shoe tag has marked the item no., place of production, size and material etc.

  1. Testing

The unit weight of EUR42 is 313g. It’s not light.

The unit weight of INSPIRE 14 EUR42 is 272g.

For the comfort level, I prefer to Saucony Triumph iSO 5. Although INSPIRE 14 is lighter, but for the actual feeling, INSPIRE 14 is not lighter than Saucony Triumph iSO 5. It may because INSPIRE 14 cover the instep too tight.

Fit: Saucony Triumph iSO 5 can fit the foot very well, it should be due to the shoe tongue with elastic padding and ISOFIT dynamic plying-up system.

Comfort Level: It can adjust the shoelaces for the degree of tightness. The engineering jacquard weave mesh fabric and ventilated resilient shoe-pad have good air permeability. It’s also suitable for daily wearing.  As the thickness of forefoot is thinner than shoe heel, so it will push you to go forward.

After long distance testing, I think that Saucony Triumph iSO 5 is more comfortable than INSPIRE 14 in Summer.

Feeling after testing:

  1. The cushion performance is excellent.
  2. It has great resilient feedback. I can feel the enduring energy feedback.
  3. The shoe tongue is filled with elastic padding. It can cover the instep well. But it will decrease the air permeability of instep.

When running, I can feel that the elastic EVERUN insole is actually different with others. But it’s only suitable for jogging.

Overall: Saucony Triumph iSO 5 is a pair of comfortable jogging shoes with excellent cushion.

Advantages: The outsole of TRI-FLEX with EVERUN insole can offer excellent resilience, cushion performance and traction performance.

ISOFIT dynamic plying-up system, fixed shoe tongue and ventilated vamp are very comfortable.

Disadvantages: The price is a little high.

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Closed Look and Unboxing: NIKE M2k Tekno Team Orange

The Dad Shoes are hot-sale on these years. Recently NIKE M2K are popular, so I purchased it.
I normally wear EUR43, but I haven’t bought this size, so I choose one size bigger, EUR44. This kind of shoe type looks big. The workmanship of NIKE M2K is good.

Let’s have a closed look at it today.


It’s normal NIKE shoebox (red shoebox with white NIKE logo). It maybe due to the cheaper price comparing with other signature shoes.


Side View

Front View

From above picture, we can find that there is no big difference for inner side and outside of NIKE M2K Tekno.

The shoe head is made of several layers of leather

The shoe tongue is jointed with black and white, and embroidered with NIKE logo

The black Swoosh logo on the side of vamp is not big, and it has a white small embroidered Swoosh logo under it. But I don’t like the side plus material, if it use all leathers on the vamp, it would be perfect.

The shoe heel is very thick. It’s good for incresing your height, haha.. It also has the pull-tab on the shoe heel which is convenient for putting on and take off the shoes.

The black rubber outsole should be wear resisting.

The shoe-pad has a big Swoosh logo. The padding in the shoe collar is thick.

Comfort Level: ★★★★☆
As I normally wear EUR43, this pair of EUR44 NIKE M2K is big for me. The comfort level is good. It’s better than plimsolls.
Appearance & Workmanship: ★★★★☆
The main colorway is white, red, navy and black. It looks cool. The material and workmanship are good. I like it.
Matching Index: ★★★★☆
As all of the Dad Shoes looks fat and big. It’s retro type, but very popular in these years. It’s easy to match the clothes. It’s a good choice to wear in Winter.
Cost Performance: ★★★☆☆
The price of M2K Tekno is not expensive now. If you like it, don’t hesitate to choose it.
Trend Index: ★★★★☆
As the present hot-sale shoes, it won’t be a mistake to purchase it now.

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Closed Look and Unboxing: AIR JORDAN 18

As I mentioned in previous performance article of AJ18, this pair of black and blue colorway AJ18 is my favorite shoes in this year. It’s really cool. Let’s have a closed look at AJ18 today.

Purchase Reason

The reason why I purchase it is due to feelings. After getting it, I find that the workmanship is not good. But the configuration of AJ18 is great, it has full-length ZOOM Air and it adds a piece of ZOOM Air on the shoe heel. But it also has some disadvantages, the foot is easy to feel aching and limp. It’s similar to AJ32


The main colorway is black and blue. And the shoe shape is integrated type. It looks clean and cool.

The front side of shoe is embroidered logo and NO. 23. It looks great.

The outsole is raised grain. And it has Flyman logo. But the material of outsole is easy to be abrased and stained with dust.


The suede sheepskin is easy to be fuzzing.

After turning over the cover of shoelaces, we can see the golden Jordan logo.

The shoe heel design is convenient for take off and put on. It’s not easy to put on AJ18. As it’s hard to adjust the shoelaces.

The decorative design of carbon plate is not flat. It’s swelling.

The golden shoelace buckle and shoelace head looks a little cheap.

The embroidered NO. 23 on the shoe tongue looks good.

The insole has double-deck ZOOM. The insole design is novel. As present most of the shoes don’t have many decorative design, but AJ18 has the carbon plate decorative design.

The heat abstractor is useless.

The lining material looks cheap.

The excessive glue on the shoe head is obvious.

The outsole is raised grain, the traction performance is good. But the blue material is not abrasive.

The Flyman logo on the arch part looks great. The silver carbon plate grain is cool.

Shoe Box

The shoe box of AJ18 is good. It doesn’t use the black and gold shoe box of 30th anniversary. It improves the hardness. But it doesn’t have retro card or complimentary.

Although the configuration of AJ18 is good, but I think that most of people won’t wear AJ18 to play basketball. It’s comfortable to walk on the road. I can feel the obvious cushion feedback when walking up and down stairs. It’s suitable for daily wearing in Winter. It’s a pair of shoes for feelings more than cost effective.

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Closed Look and Unboxing: NIKE KOBE NXT 360

NIKE KOBE NXT 360 should be the most expensive basketball shoes of Kobe series. Today let’s have a look at NIKE KOBE NXT 360. It has black, yellow and white colorways. I purchased the black one.

Shoe Box

The shoe box is special. It’s black and white colorway and printed with Kobe logo.

The design of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 is advancing. It doesn’t like basketball shoes in this age. The appearance is cool.


The overall shape of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 looks like football shoes.

The material of the vamp likes nylon mesh fabric. The shoe heel is Kobe logo.

The outsole has a layer of transparent sole with dense salient points.

It doesn’t have obvious grains, but mostly the dot scope distribution.

It has Kobe signature on the side of shoe heel.

Let’s have a look at the material of vamp. It’s not Flywire, the material is similar to fishing net material. It’s amazing.

The shoe heel part uses Flywire. It looks good.

The shoe head is also covered with the material of outsole.

The sectional material of vamp is similar to nylon.

The shoe tongue part and collar looks like VAPOEMAX.

The asymmetric Kobe logo on the shoe heel of another shoes.

The big Swoosh logo is conspicuous.

After taking way the shoe-pad, we can see the outsole.


I want to talk about the shoe-pad, as all of the technology of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 should be included in this 2cm thick shoe-pad.

The material of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 shoe-pad is different with most of other NIKE’s shoe-pad.

The thickness of shoe-pad is about 1.5cm. As NIKE KOBE NXT 360 doesn’t have insole, so the shoe-pad is the insole.

The similarly plastic plate on the arch is the anti-torsion system. But it looks thin. The big Swoosh logo on the bottom is extended to shoe heel.

After taking off the shoe-pad, we can find that there is a Kobe logo on the shoe heel of transparent sole.

Overall, the appearance of NIKE KOBE NXT 360 is cool and special as a pair of basketball. It’s very comfortable after wearing. But I am unused to wear due to the shoe-pad. It’s a little hard to move on the shoe-pad. As the surface of shoe-pad don’t have the material of fabric. So I’m afraid that it will be easy to slip after sweating. In additionally, the transparent outsole is not wear-resisting. The salient points are easy to be grinded off.


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Saucony Triumph iSO 5 Performance Review

I used to hate running when I’m young. I started to run from Oct., 2018. In the beginning, I chose the running shoes by its appearance. But then I find that the running shoes will affect your running status. A pair of suitable running shoes will improve your running speed and release the pressure to knees. After testing Saucony Triumph iSO 5, I’m very satisfied at it.


I choose the black and yellow colorway of Saucony Triumph iSO 5. I don’t like this colorway. But after trying, I’m very pleased to find that my foot looks smaller.

It looks heavy, but actually not. It’s light after wearing. And the mesh vamp has good air permeability.

After fastening the shoe laces, the vamp fit the foot very well.

It uses ventilated resilient shoe-pad. The insole technology also adds with FORMFIT technology to improve the comfort level. The three-deckers offer excellent comfortable running experience to the runners.

The color of outsole looks shining. The sole is durable and wear-resisting. The great traction performance is suitable to run in kinds of ground.

If your weight is heavy, you don’t need to worry that it can’t undertake your weight. It will give you perfect resilient feedback.


Saucony Triumph iSO 5 is wide shoe type. My foot is fast and the instep is high. But it’s comfortable to wear it. It won’t press my foot.

The insole is not very soft. It has great resilient feedback.

To judge if it’s a good pair of shoes, not matter if it’s good looking or it has great technology, if it’s not comfortable, it’s not a good pair of shoes.

The first time when I wear Saucony Triumph iSO 5, it’s very comfortable and easier for me to run. I can feel the great feedback from insole. As per the advertisement, the runner can feel 83% energy feedback on each step.

After running about 10km, the shoes fit the foot well and it hasn’t grinded the foot. And the air permeability of forefoot is good. The biggest advantage is the great cushion and resilient feedback. A nice pair of running shoes can improve the running speed, stabilize your kinstate and let you running easier.

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NIKE ALPHADUNK Deconstructed

The first impression of NIKE ALPHADUNK should be, it inherits the classic, and has innovated vamp, excellent cushion performance and amazing big Zoom Air cushion. Many people should have bought it and already wear it to play basketball. So we don’t talk the specific performance today, let’s have a look at the inner structure of NIKE ALPHADUNK.


Splitting the left shoe from middle

The insole configuration is super big Zoom Air Cushion on forefoot and TPU supporting plate in arch

Separating the vamp with insole

It adds the material like nylon in the vamp, which can improve the supporting performance of vamp obviously. That’s why the vamp is soft.

The FLYWIRE technology is under Air Knit vamp to improve the wrapping performance.

The lining use soft material. It’s comfortable.

The red shoe-pad is lint material which has good skid resistance and air permeability.

The surface material of insole fabric is EVA.

The reverse side of insole fabric is non-woven material, and it’s printed with the information of the shoes.

After opening the insole fabric, we can see the insole technology.

From the hollow-out insole of forefoot, the ZOOM Air Cushion is visible. It reduces the thickness of insole. It will improve the comfort level.

The outside of air cushion uses stiff transparent TPU. When the cushion is pressed, it will stabilize the shoes to reduce injured risk.

The outside stiff transparent TPU has the groove on the bending part of forefoot, which will improve the flexibility.

The TPU supporting plate of size EUR42.5 is about 78.99mm

The middle line of TPU supporting plate of size EUR42.5 is about 44.51mm

The TPU supporting plate thickness of size EUR42.5 is about 2.89mm.

The shoe heel insole is printed with product’s information and two punching holes.

The super big ZOOM Air Cushion cover the whole forefoot.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion length of size EUR42.5 is about 158.26mm.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion width of size EUR42.5 is about 112.17mm.

The forefoot ZOOM Air Cushion thickness of size EUR42.5 is about 14.22mm.

We can see the reverse side of insole after taking away air cushion.

The outsole is made of transparent rubber.

Deconstructing the structure of NIKE ALPHADUNK EP

Deconstructing Report

Vamp: The Air Knit vamp, Flywire technology cover both sides of vamp, the supporting performance is good.

Insole: the forefoot insole has a big piece of ZOOM Air Cushion. It’s resilient and comfortable. The cushion performance is good.

Overall: the performance of NIKE ALPHADUNK EP is good. If you are frontline and internal line, you can consider to buy it.

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Simple Comparison Between Nike KD 11 and Nike KD 9

As a top star in the NBA league, Durant’s shoes  absolutely gain much attention, not to mention the he himself. When it comes to his sneakers, some words first surge into my mind:  hard, comfortable and practical. Before the KD 11 was released, it has received a lot of attention. My first encounter with KD shoes was the Sprite color KD5 that is equipped with ZOOM both in the front and the rear of the sole. However, it is really very hard the minute I put it on. Then several years have passed and Nike has now launched its 11th version. But among those, it is the 9th version that impressed me most. I should say it is a nice shoe with the full-foot ZOOM cushioning and excellent stability. Then this time Nike brought to us a big surprise: the Kd series ushered in a major upgrade of technologywith the midsole of the full-hand ZOOM and the full-foot React. Here is a simple comparison of the two shoes…

KD11’s shoe box is designed in black and kraft paper. In the middle is the “Kevin Durant” and the Roman numeral “XI” whereas that of KD 9 is totally black with the gold “KD 9” letters. Some said the KD9 elite shoe box is better and designed more carefully than that of the KD11 .

The shoe boxes of the two have some parts in common. After, they both come from the same series. But there aren’t any special, so let’s look at the shoe then.

Putting the two shoe together, you can see that KD11 shoes are mainly grayish-white while KD9 elite uses yellow orange green as the base color scheme. On the inner and outer sides of the forefoot of KD 11 there are reinforced with black hot-melt material. As for KD 9, it uses bold fly line, black sole with Durant’s signature on the toe and the suede-material-made tongue. You can also make some comparison by yourself.

Although the uppers of both shoes are made of Flyknit woven fabric, the texture of the two are different: KD11’s weaving is very rough and feels slightly hard which is similar to the TPU line while the KD9 elite’s upper is more tightly knitted but very soft. Both pairs have also used flying line connected to the midsole to add the wrapping. You just don’t worry about the durability of the shoes.

A buyer observed that the KD 11 is  not comfortable and the upper is also very hard. But fortunately, its excellent wrapping has made up for this. Then for KD9, there is no discomfort in it with a pair of thin socks. To summarize, if you seek after comfort, I recommend that you choose the KD 9.

Both shoes have a heel collar to help make it easier to put on and take off the shoe. You can see in the picture above.

KD11 uses a crystal  outsole, which is crystal clear and beautiful and is beloved by a lot of people. The grain of the sole is designed with water ripples with a KD logo in it. The sole grips nicely, however, it is not durable and attracts dust and oxidize as well. The midsole uses the full foot ZOOM+ full foot React, so you will feel the soft energy feedback instantly you put it on.

The sole of KD 9 is made of black and green rubber with XDR. As is seen that there are many diamond pattern that is inspired by the honeycomb. The midsole uses the full foot separated Zoom, ensuring a soft wear feeling.

The heel is wrapped with suede and has a venting design. The outside has also a KD Logo embroidery. But the rivets may disappoint you.

The inner side of the heel is Nike’s hook embroidery. And above the midsole is the exposed React which is very elastic.


According to some, KD11 is a very distinctive shoe. The case is that: if you like it, you will ignore all its downsides or you can face it with an inclusive mindset, but if you don’t enjoy it, you will turn your back away immediately.  As for me, I prefer the 9th to the 11th, but I also recommend the two model to those who are in need of a pair practical shoes.


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Unboxing: Nike AF1-TYPE “Black”

A large number of prototypes are stored in the Nike archives department and no matter for Nike fans or for many average players, each of shoes deserves trying. As is known, those shoes of Nike archives department are all highly appreciated with their  iconic and stylish flair. What is more, they bridge the gap, fashion-wise, between the old generations and the current craze. And now, the Nike archives department has another usage; that is it is used as the start of N.354 series and for inspiring new  models with collectibles and continually explore to break the boundaries of footwear design.

The N.354 series is not only a series, but it also represents the past, present and future of NIKE, encouraging people to unswervingly support original originality. Here is the Air Force 1 Type “Summit White” of N.354 series. But we’ve also brought another brand-new colorway, the Nike AF1-Type “Black”.

The shoe mainly features black and the materials used in the upper fully shows its attractions.

At the side, the swoosh Logo is omitted this time and the outside of the toe is wrapped with a thermosetting material, with gray stickers and decorated with the handwritten N.354 .

The inside is deconstructed to present a silhouetted Swoosh Logo design concept that is quite unique.

The insole uses eye-catching red with white text on it, which is designed on the base of the 2001 Air Mowabb prototype.

At the heel, it is integrated with the strap design, which very novel and presents the aesthetics of the structure.


As for the shoe’s performance, it remains some more testing because I haven’t checked it that much, but what is certain is that it won’t fail us and according to some reviewers that for such a popular shoe with superb performance, we don’t need to worry whether it is worth the price. Just try!

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Nike Kyrie 6 Performance Review

The NBA superstar, Irving, is well known among sneaker fans. He has won the fans’ love with his way of playing. And so it is out of question that Kyrie series is widely welcomed by a number of Irving’s fans. What’s more, there are still many buyers saying that “I’ve go after Kyrie series since the first version was launched and I am also lucky enough to have copped all of them.” Although the Kyrie 5 was  exposed to  lacking midsole anti-rotation films, with its excellent performances, many fans were persuaded into buying it as well.

To tell the truth, I’ve been a fan of Kyrie  series since I was in college and if asking people  “whose signature shoes are your favorite?”, I am sure many of them will give a list in which Kyrie series can rank TOP3. As is mentioned by a customer,  the shoe is attractive enough to be worn outdoors.

Recently, Kyrie 6’s have been frequently burst out. From the images we can see that Kyrie 6 has continued the design concept of the previous Kyrie editions in the appearance, which adopts the mid-top design and the velcro design in the middle of the upper. So have you ever thought of the Nike Air Yeezy 2 which have not been seen for a long time?

In addition to that, the raised pleats at the heel are even more similar to that of the Nike Air Yeezy 2. You can also compare the two by yourself.

I know that maybe some of  you will wonder if this pair will be the re-enactment of Kyrie 5. However, I can tell you that this is absolutely the Kyrie 6. The strap on the vamp has been equipped with the Roman numeral Vi which is seen vaguely, indicating that it is an authentic Kyrie 6. And another problem arises:” Can the added strap design bring better wrapping performance after removing the  Venus Flytrap? Let’s see.

Some said thanks to the shoe laces, the shoe’s wrapping could be that nice, but in my view, he has just missed the boat.  Before this review, I’ve heard a basketball shoe critic expressing  his enthusiasm for the secure lockdown brought by the shoe’s strap and he further reiterated that the element envelops the player’s foot especially in the forefoot and midfoot areas, creating a snug feel for the wearer. After tightening the laces, you are to experience more and enjoy the on-field times and above all,  the wrapping becomes more prominent.

Looking at the details from the exposed pictures, we can find the outside of the forefoot has the same Zoom Turbo as the Kyrie 5, so it is certain that Kyrie 6 will adapt  the Zoom Turbo air cushion in the forefoot. And I think the Kyrie 6 is definitely not to be missed in terms of startup performance.

In terms of the traction, a number of users praise  the good traction delivered by this basketball shoe. In addition to that, the outsole maintains stability for players who do rapid direction changes, which is rather important. If you are a Kyrie fan then you will know that outsole grip performance has always been a masterpiece of the series, so this is something we can expect.  It can be seen from the picture that the forefoot part of the Kyrie 6 outsole is designed with an all-visible design and has the signature of Irving. Having the middle curve design and the exaggerated outsole design, the shoe’s grip is guaranteed.

Surely, many careful fans will find that from the “LeBron Watch” project released last year, NIKE has gradually increased the intensity of the trend elements to actual combat shoes.

This “LeBron Watch” project will give NIKE the classic shoes that have been released in the past on the LeBron 15 and LeBron 16 some more elements, thus giving the new editions more options to match daily dressing. For Nike Kyrie 6, it has been a shoe that is attractive enough to be worn outdoors.


Those who have experience the Nike Kyrie 6 said that the shoe is a beast on court. It is not only outstanding in its appearance,  the consensus is that it also delivers in terms of cushioning and traction. For players who play in a way similar to that of Irving, you can take it into consideration.