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Nike KD 12 Performance Review

For Nike signature shoes, most of the players have some kind of preference, such as the reactiveness, cushion, low type, flexibility and light weight etc. But there is no rules for the design of KD series. But Kevin Durant has his requirement for his shoes, that is comfort level.
The shoebox of KD12 is simple. The big SWOOSH logo and the name of the shoes. It’s concise.

The style of KD12 is designed by KD’s favorite 90s shoes’ style. It looks concisely, but it’s also added some new ideas.

Shoe tongue: Ultra-Plush Flyknit shoe tongue, the shoe tongue is thick and fluffy, with the shoe tag

Insole: full-length ZOOM Air Cushion+punching PHYLON insole cushion material+hexagone ZOOM Air Cushion on rear sole
Stability: it adds a big area of TPU stabilizing plate in the insole

KD12 uses new vamp design. The first layer of vamp uses artificial fiber ventilated mesh. The second layer of vamp is added the QUAD AXIAL FLYWIRE. And the third layer is the thickened lining to increase the wrapping performance.

The shoelace holes are sewn directly on the edge of vamp and shoe tongue. With the patent leather shoelaces, it’s not easy to be loose.

The shoe tongue  has the shoe tag of KD mark. It look retro.

The vamp and insole is rounded. And it adds a layer of TPU plate to increase the stability. And the white part is the insole material that extended to vamp to increase the lateral supporting stability. There is a big area of TPU surrounding the insole and outside of the shoes. Then it’s the outsole.

On the front of the vamp, except for the surrounding TPU plate and TPU stabilizing plate of insole, it also adds reinforcing design on the part of thumb.

The part of heel is seamed with KD tag.

The shoe-pad is printed with double layers of ZOOM Air Cushion.

The full-length ZOOM Air Cushion is added with groove to increase flexibility, and it cancels the insole fabric. And it also has groove design on the shoe-pad. So the feet can feel the full-length ZOOM Air Cushion directly. In the part of heel, it adds the hexagon Zoom Air between insole and outsole to increase the cushioning of heel. The configuration of insole is great.

The groove design on the air cushion is obvious. It’s to increase the flexibility when air cushion is bent. The thickness of air cushion is 8mm. Some guys may feel that the air cushion is not thick enough, maybe it’s due to the area.

But it adds a piece of hexagon Zoom Air on the heel. We can see it clearly from the transparent outsole. So we don’t need to doubt the cushion performance of KD12.

Except the thick shoe-pad, it also has the annular padding in the heel.

Brief Comment
Support to ankle
7 scores
7.5 scores
Cushion Performance
8.5 scores
7.5 sccores
Traction Performance
7.5 scores
Comfort Level
8 scores

Support to ankle7 scores
Comparing with last three generations, the stability of KD12 is prominently improved. The height of shoelaces holes is also on a high position. When running, you won’t feel that the ankle is restrictive. But due to the mid-high design, the shoes can’t fit very well to the foot when making some movements.

Fit7.5 scores

The fit and stability of KD12 should be the most satisfied part. Comparing with KD11, KD12 has been improve a lot on the vamp and stability. It has new vamp structure, TPU vamp coating film, big TPU supporting plate and the extension of insole. And the thickness of KD12 insole is thinner than KD11. The stability is improved a lot.
(Mark: The thickness of KD 12 half sole is about 17.5mm and rear sole is about 22.5mm. The thickness of KD 11 half sole is about 18.5mm and rear sole is about 26.6mm)

Cushion Performance8.5 scores

KD 12 don’t have the insole fabric. It put the full-length ZOOM Air cushion directly on the shoe-pad. After taking off the shoe-pad, we can see that it adds the flexible air cushion. The insole uses Phylon cushion material. And it has a piece of hexagon ZOOM Air cushion on the heel.

As we can tread on the air cushion directly, so we can feel the full-length air cushion directly. It’s very comfortable. Some guys may feel that the air cushion is not thick enough, maybe it’s due to the area.

We can’t feel the hexagon Zoom Air obviously. But the cushion performance and comfort level is quite great. It can be compared with the great configuration of KD11.
KD 11 uses full-length React material. The cushion performance is great. But the weight and reactiveness becomes another problem.

Reactiveness7.5 scores

With the new air cushion and configuration, the weight of KD12 is lighter than KD11. With the punching Phylon insole material and great stability, the reactiveness of KD12 is not bad.

The unit weight of size US9 KD12 is about 388g. And the unit weight of size US9 KD 11 is about 435g.

Traction Performance7.5 scores

Although KD series is not famous for its traction. But the simple annular pattern also has good traction performance. The traction of this sneaker is enough.

For the wear resistance, we don’t suggest you to wear it on outer field.

Comfort Level8 scores

KD12 has soft vamp, thickened shoe tongue, full-length ZOOM Air Cushion and suitable weight. We haven’t found big defects of KD12.  It’s very comfortable.
For the size, as I used to wear thick socks, so I feel it’s more comfortable to choose half size bigger.

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Air Jordan Flylockdown Performance Review

After testing Air Jordan Flylockdown, we think it’s a nice pair of shoes which is very suitable for playing basketball and worthy to be recommended. Let’s have a look at it today.

Vamp support and wrapping performance: 7.5 scores

Firstly, the vamp of Flylockdown is woven in a similar material to nylon. Before wearing, I’m worried for this kind of material, as we don’t know the support and wrapping performance of vamp without any technology.

But it actually feels good after wearing. The vamp and the foot fit perfectly. The normal size is suitable. In the absence of vamp technology, we have already been very satisfied at such effect.

At the same time, in the middle of the shoelace, there are three shoelaces that pass through this kind of hard material, which makes the shoes fit well with the foot. Although the wrapping performance of the shoes can only be improved through shoelaces, but due to such kind of design, it makes the great wrapping performance.

However, there is also a small problem with the shoes: the part of half sole is slightly narrow, If the width of your feet is normal or slender, it will be suitable. But if your feet is wide type, it will be uncomfortable on the beginning.

Personally, the vamp support is common, the material is slightly soft, so the support is not very good.

The heel part is filled thick and built-in TPU, so your foot will be covered well.

Feedback and cushion: 7.5 scores
When we saw the word Zoom at the bottom of the half-sole, we knew that the shoes had Zoom air cushion.

After treading on it, the feedback from Zoom Air Cushion on half-sole is obvious. The area of the air cushion on half-sole should be similar to the area of the PG series’ air cushion. When you jump and fall into the ground, the feedback of air cushion is very obvious. Even comparing with PG3, the feedback of Air Jordan Flylockdown’s air cushion will be better.

There is no technology on the rear sole. The material is phylon. So if your weight is not heavy, the cushion of this sneaker is totally enough.

However, thanks to the thick materials, when we jump vertically, there will be no impact. For people of small weight, the cushion of these shoes is completely enough.

Protection and Anti-torsion Performance: 7 scores

For the protection and anti-torsion, the Flylockdown has a built-in TPU in the midsole. Although it is not as good as carbon plate, but the anti-torsion performance of this sneaker is definitely above average.

In addition, if you touch the part of the heel, you will find a circle of built-in TPU, the area of TPU is very big, I’m very surprised. After all, this is only a pair of team shoes, I have to say it is really good.

At the same time, you can see that the extension of the outsole can offer great anti-rollover. However, the area of extension is relatively not big enough, it is similar to the size of the protruding phylon of insole.

In addition, the material of insole from heel to upper is easy to deform if making some big movements. It is currently believed that the decline in the durability of the phylon material will lead to the decline of anti-torsion and protection.

Wear-resisting and Traction Performance: 9 scores

The wear-resisting and traction performance of this sneaker is definitely a surprise to us.

The herringbone with actiniform pattern of the outsole make the traction performance of this sneaker reaching an unexpected height. It can make you feel the full sense of security when urgently stop and turning. Shoes skidding out? Impossible!

And don’t forget that the outsole of Flylockdown is XDR materials, which has great wear-resistance.

Air-permeability: 5 scores

Although its material is very light, but the air-permeability is quite normal. Frankly, its air-permeability only a little better than the vamp of engineering mesh.


Comprehensive evaluation:

Suitable field: any field
Suitable crowd: except for players with wide feet and heavy weight
Suitable location: both of forward and defenders

Except to the above points, the biggest advantage of this sneaker is the cost performance. With cool styling and superior performance, it’s a pair of nice shoes for playing basketball.

The price of Air Jordan Flylockdown is cheaper than the PG3, but its feedback of air cushion is better, and the protection is comparable. For appearance, I think Air Jordan Flylockdown is better than PG3.

In terms of size, if you think your feet are fat, I think it would be better to buy bigger half size.

I personally recommend you to buy Air Jordan Flylockdown. OK, this is the end of the performance review. Hope it can help you.

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Altra Torin 3.5 Performance Review

The design of Altra running shoes is always special. Although it looks weird, but we have to admit that its special design brings the new running experience.
Not matter the FootShape or Zero Drop, the existence of proprietary technology is fundamental to Altra’s growth, which is also the reason that Altra has always insisted on its unusual design.

Today the location of Altra Torin 3.5 that we tested is the light cushioned running shoes. As the new model in 2019, Altra make better vamp design for Altra Torin 3.5 and also keeps the design of FootShape and Zero Drop.
What about the actual experience? Let’s have a look at it.

Appearance 7.5/10 scores
Due to the design of FootShape, so the appearance of Torin 3.5 and other Altra running shoes looks weird. But it’s also the FootShape technology that makes Altra running shoes to be different with traditional running shoes. It has enough space for the toes to stretch freely. It reduce the possibility that it will cause the blister and plantar fasciitis on the foot of the runners.

Altra designed two kinds of vamp for Torin 3.5, one is knitted fabric, and the other one is engineering mesh fabric. So the experience of these two kinds of vamp is different. For the appearance, I think that most of people likes the vamp with engineering mesh fabric.

Comfort level 8.3/10 scores

Both of the two kinds of Torin 3.5 use A-Bound elastic insole and double layers of EVA foam insole. The elastic feedback when running is obvious due to A-Bound elastic insole. And the EVA foam insole is soft, and its cushion performance is great.

Although there are many advantages for the Zero Drop, such as balancing the instep and torso to reduce the effect to body when running. It also increases the strength of the Achilles’s tendon to offer better propulsion and leads the runners to have more scientific running posture.

But if you haven’t tried the Zero Drop before, it needs time for you to break-in.

Torin 3.5 has higher requirements for your legs and feet than traditional running shoes, especially when running.

The knitted vamp reduce the weight of the shoes. With FootShape design, it can offer bigger moving space for feet.

But due to the loss of support, the wrapping performance of midsole and heel is decreased. Although fastening the shoelaces can solve some problems, but the foot will feel too tight.

The traditional ventilated mesh vamp makes Torin 3.5 like a pair of traditional running shoes. The vamp is soft. And the support and wrapping performance is better than knitted vamp.

I feel that the shoe tree of Torin 3.5 is a little narrow. I don’t know if the reason is my wide foot.

Buffering 8.6/10 scores

If you are pursuing for great buffering and resilience, The A-Bound elastic insole and double layers of EVA foam insole of Torin 3.5 will bring you this kind of feedback.

It can realize the best effect of buffering and resilience when jogging.

But the great buffering will effect you when speeding up, even if the unit weight of Torin 3.5 is only 278g/258g.

Of course, the location of Torin 3.5 is a pair of buffering jogging shoes.

Support 7.6/10 scores

The design of Torin 3.5 follows the human characteristics, such as the Inner Flex groove on outsole and FootPod outsole.

Although this kind of design can bring the improvement in the performance, but it has higher request to the runners.

Due to these kinds of design, Torin 3.5 doesn’t have visible extra supporting design. Not matter the vamp or insole, Altra emphasize the capacity of runners.

When testing it, we can obviously feel that the support of Torin 3.5 insole is not enough. And the design of Zero Drop has high requirements to the controlling force of feet.

Durability 8.4/10 scores

To control the weight, Torsin 3.5 uses the popular outsole design of present platform running shoes.

It uses resistant rubber materials in the area where friction is concentrated and it uses the insole material on the other positions. Overall, it doesn’t have big effect to the durability of Torin 3.5.

After several times of 10km running, the outsole of Torin 3.5 is not badly worn. If for daily training, the outsole can last a long time.

Overall  8.0/10 scores

The technology of Altra running shoes can bring us the new special experience. Let’s summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Torin 3.5.


  • Excellent foot feeling, it’s very comfortable
  • The buffering of insole is excellent
  • It can offer obvious resilient feedback


  • The supportive of vamp and insole is insufficient
  • It has high request for the strength of foot
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NIKE ZOOM GP Deconstructed

For Peyton’s classic basketball shoes AIR ZOOM GP. The design is special, and the workmanship is great. Many shoe fans are interesting in Nike ZOOM GP retro 2019. What’s the specific configuration? We deconstructed it. Let’ have a look at it today.


Splitting the left shoe in the middle

From the side cross section, we can see the separated ZOOM Air Cushion and the carbon fiber plate on arch.

Separating the vamp and insole of right shoe

The inner sleeve is printed with FLIGHT, it’s soft.

It uses fast lacing system, so it’s convenient to put on and take off.

The inspiration of rubber and plastic lock catch comes from skiing boots.

The padlocking system is made of four parts. The regulatory is more humanized than zipper.

The inner side of upper uses the ‘monkey paw’ technology.

The ‘monkey paw’ technology almost cover the whole upper side. It improves the support and wrapping performance.

The width of EUR42.5 ‘monkey paw’ technology is about 73.01mm

The thickest part of EUR42.5 ‘monkey paw’ technology is about 5.74mm. The supporting effect is excellent.

The thinnest part of EUR42.5 ‘monkey paw’ technology is about 1.41mm.

The arch position of yellow shoe-pad is swelling.

The material of insole fabric is flannel, which is the standard configuration of old type sneakers.

The reverse side of insole fabric is printed with the product information.

The ZOOM Air cushion on the insole

The width of EUR42.5 fan shaped air cushion on half sole is about 79.39mm

The length of EUR42.5 fan shaped air cushion on half sole is about 52.62mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 fan shaped air cushion on half sole is about 5.21mm

The length of EUR42.5 U shaped air cushion on rear sole is about 81.03mm

The width of EUR42.5 U shaped air cushion on rear sole is about 50.07mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 U shaped air cushion on rear sole is about 10.70mm

The irregular carbon fiber supporting plate is in the middle of insole and outsole

The length of EUR42.5 carbon fiber supporting plate is about 143.12mm

The width of EUR42.5 carbon fiber supporting plate is about 39.18mm

The thickness of EUR42.5 carbon fiber supporting plate is about 1.45mm

The multicolor stiff rubber outsole. The water ripple grain offer great traction performance.

Under the condition of decompression, the thickness of insole and outsole of half sole is about 14.49mm.

Under the condition of decompression, the thickness of insole and outsole of rear sole is about 24.02mm. The fore-and-aft drop is about 9.53mm.

2019 NIKE ZOOM GP insole technology

Deconstructed Report

Vamp: Leather vamp, rubber and plastic lock catch and the ‘monkey paw’ technology offers great support and wrapping performance.

Insole:Separated ZOOM Air Cushion. The irregular carbon fiber supporting plate is normally the configuration of top-level sneakers. Although the Zoom Air Cushion of half sole is changed to fan shaped, but it’s still comfortable.

Overall: The NIKE ZOOM GP 2019 perfectly restore the original appearance. And it keeps the double air cushion and carbon fiber supporting plate which makes this old sneaker keep the good performance.