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Nike Kyrie 3 EP Performance Review

It is absolutely not strange that most of you know the Nike Kyrie 3 which is a nice model. In the 2016 Christmas final game, the Nike Kyrie 3 on Irving’s feet earned a lot of attention when he scored a stunning goal in the final three seconds.

Then as Irving’s  third pair of signature shoes,  the Nike Kyrie 3 EP is also designed to fit with the way that Irving plays. To some extent, the shoe is even more impressive. With the  combination of outstanding cushioning, the excellent grip, the nice durability and the flexible support performance, the shoe can be said to be on top of the sneaker field.

Many a purchasers just love how these Kyrie basketball sneakers look. They said that the shoe has nice colorways that go well with your daily outfits, which is similar to the 2018 version of the Kobe AD. Look at the details then. The large totem pattern on the outer side of the shoe body is a highlight of this pair while a red Swoosh embellishment makes the shoes more eye-catching. Aside from that, the thick outsole seems to reassure us that it is quite reliable. I can say that the understated and sophisticated shoe is not only eye-catching on the court, but also an everyday necessity.

At the front of the shoe, the clean and neat appearance to very pleasing to our eyes. That exclusive logo of Irving on the tongue is very eye-catching then. And on the other hand, the black upper makes it easier for us to match with our daily dressing. And although it is simple, it is versatile as well. You can see that the upper is distributed with a large strip of rubber-like reinforcement layer,  which is independent and also perfectly integrated with the upper.

At the side of the shoe, the first thing we can see  is the white totem and the big red Swoosh. The front, middle and heel of the upper are all designed with different grains. In short, the side view is very special.

As for the heel view, there is nothing special and distinctive. The outer side totem and the inner side of the Swoosh tail are extended to the heel for decorative purposes whereas the outsole is printed with the “ZOOM” which indicates the cushion technology.

Presumably, this Kyrie 3 EP is one of the most outstanding shoe I’ve ever wore in the weight part. A bit bulky as it looks, a single shoe of  Kyrie 3 EP weighs only 341 grams. Because of the  Flywire material used in the upper, the shoe’s weight is reduced effectively. And the outsole is thick though, it doesn’t bring much weight as well. So the shoe  is suitable for players with high speed requirements. Many has described the Nike Kyrie 3 as a comfortable shoe and is great to wear all day.

When I got the shoe, I just could not help wear it out and had some tests. And it was 32℃ that day, but I just couldn’t resist my delight and went out. After 2 hours testing, I found that the shoe is not breathable, which is in agreement with a number of players’ remark although some people  commented that the shoe have good ventilation. I don’t see why there are different views about this, but presumably it also result from the weather. And objectively speaking, as a pair of basketball shoes, Nike Kyrie 3 EP has done a tremendous job in this part.

In the front of the upper, the lacing system is special: it is the  flying wire lace holes.  After tightening the laces, you feel your feet are firmly locked  and the light foam inside is added to bring a tight feeling of wrapping.

The upper is mainly made of woven material plus a plastic reinforcement layer that traverses the upper, which can be flexibly bent. Thanks to the upper, it provides strong support for quick breaks and redirected forces.

Some buyers also say that the shoes have excellent ankle support. The ankle collar is well padded and contours to the ankle nicely. The thicker foam inside the heel and on the tongue both give us excellent wrapping and support.  When suddenly changing direction, you can see that there is only a little deformation at the heel.

The reinforcement of the upper and the outsole that extends upwards around the upper provide outstanding support.  When the shoe is swayed from side to side, you can see that the feet are very stable.

In terms of the grip, several assert that the Kyrie 3 has one of the best tractions. It has elite-level grip and is very sticky. Well, it is really the case. The whole foot of the herringbone pattern and the independent grip module distributed on the left and right sides of the forefoot can firmly grip the ground. In short, no matter what movement you do, you are to feel the powerful grip.

The outsole is made of XDR rubber, which is very wear-resistant and its thickness is very considerable. The performance in wear resistance on court can be said to be acceptable. A lot of buyers has declared that the Kyrie 3 is an amazing basketball shoe because they can get high quality for a great value.

A handful also remark that the shoes have a decent cushion. They love the feel and movement on the court. The Kyrie 3 EP uses Zoom Air technology in the rear part and Phylon foam in the forefoot. The combination of the two provides excellent light cushioning. I even can’t help claiming that what a nice combination Nike had thought of.

The cushioning of Zoom Air technology on the back is good. When landing, the forefoot cushion is not very obvious whereas the back cushion performs more prominently.

When running,  you can see the tiny compression and rebound process of the back which brings outstanding energy feedback.


Some said the Nike Kyrie 3 is the definition of a guard shoe. This is quite true. And the shoe provides great traction and excellent court feel — something that you can expect. On court, it is surely to become a beast and you won’t be failed. Just try!


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NIKE Alphadunk Performance Review

It is out of imagination that when we were all looking forward to the Hyperdunk 11, Nike decided to end this series with a decade of glorious history. I even conceived about the appearance of the Hyperdunk 11 and had intended to buy it the moment it was released. However, “plans may not be able to keep up with changes.” So my wishes had to fade away. But on the other hand, there is also some good news: Nike has launched the new Nike AlphaDunk this year. Also, Nike uses some more powerful tech and setups in order to open a new era of Nike team shoes series. 

We can still see a lot of details of AlphaDunk that are similar to Hyperdunk: the shoe body design  the Flywire placement of the high lace holes and the thick and wide mid-bottom design. All of these aim to making up an excellent team shoe. On the basis of Hyperdunk, AlphaDunk has also added a variety of the latest and powerful tech to maximize the performance of the shoes, thus allowing AlphaDunk to stand on top of the team.

First of all, let’s have a look at the upper. The AlphaDunk uses the new Flyknit design, which is also known as Airknit, to add a woven upper so as to offer sufficient support and wrapping. And it also uses heat reinforcement on the outermost layer to create a rough and rugged upper. On the one hand,  such design can weaken the ductility of the woven upper and make the shoe more satble; on the other hand, it ensures the support of the upper  even without increasing the weight of the upper.

Besides the brand-new woven upper design,  the extra reinforcement layer on the heel has also become another highlight of the shoe and more importantly, enhance the shoe performance. The outer leather + “Flash Card” logo is designed to enhance the heel stability  and at the meantime, it also allows the AlphaDunk woven upper to match with our daily dressing more easily. At the moment, the colorway of this shoe is here and we are all expecting some more color schemes to be released. But whether it will bring us some more surprises remain unknown, so let’s stay tuned.

When we get a pair of new sneaker, the first part that  we will pay more attention is the upper. After all, the upper of a shoe is always the highlight and plays an important role. But when evaluating whether a shoe’s  cost performance is worth the price, we usually turn to the midsole setup. This time, Nike has put a huge Zoom air cushion in the midsole of AlphaDunk which almost covers the entire forefoot. Based on the ground of my experience, AlphaDunk’s forefoot cushioning  performance is  almost as nice as many other excellent air cushions that many famous sneakers equips with. The foot feeling can actually be said to be like stepping on a pillow.

In addition to the extremely soft air cushion, the widened midsole of the sneakers also performs nicely.  If you look down at this pair, you will find that the material in the midsole circles the whole vamp. AlphaDunk also adds a TPU module that avoids the deformation of the air cushion on the outside and widens the midsole on the inside to improve the cushioning while balancing the anti-rollover performance. And so as to ensure the sufficient cushioning of the heel, AlphaDunk increases the thickness of the midsole, which not only improves the heel cushioning feeling and enhances the torsional performance, but also increases the stability of the shoe. To summarize, the the cushion and midsole setups of AlphaDunk are far more luxurious than that of the  Hyperdunk series.

With respect to the outsole, its performance is equally outstanding. The outsole pattern that resemble the “concentric circles” is surely to perform nicely. Also, the material of the outsole allows the shoes to maximize its grip performance. Movements such as emergency stops or start-ups won’t become an obstacle as the AlphaDunk can hold the ground firmly for us.

Someone asked me “Why are there more and more people choosing AlphaDunk?” Undoubtedly, it is because of the series’ actual online performance, its attractive  appearance and some highlights that talk people into buying it.  AlphaDunk not only  takes over the mission of  Hyperdunk, but also magnified the advantages of Hyperdunk through its setups.


Here, I highly recommend this pair of Nike AlphaDunk to all players who like the Nike Hyperdunk series and want to have a different experience.  I believe that  AlphaDunk will be a new start for Nike’s team shoes, and it will bring a brand new experience for players. To summarize, anew era of Nike basketball shoes has arrived and Nike AlphaDunk is surely to continue to write its resplendence. 

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Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” Performance Review

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” was released in 2018. It’s popular and hot-sale after releasing.

As a pair of retro shoes, the colorway Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” is the most popular one. The appearance looks cool. The black and white colorway is succinct.

The Front View

The vamp is made of black and white leather. The front end of shoe tongue is printed with JORDAN. And the shoe tongue has a Flyman logo.
The Side View

The side of vamp is a big area of white leather. The cyclic annular stitch makes the special lines. The insole model is similar to the claw of leopard.
The Rear View

The shoe heel shape is asymmetric. It has the ‘leopard eye’ on the upper. It shows different patterns on different angle.
Comfort Level
The vamp uses big area of soft litchi leather which is very comfortable. Although it’s leather vamp, but it doesn’t affect exercising.

As we know, the air permeability of leather vamp is bad. It’s sultry. So it’s more suitable to wear in Autumn and Winter.

It looks big, so the weight is also not light. The unit weight of US9/EUR44 is about 504g. But the weight is acceptable after putting on.

Fit & Support
The shoe lacing system is extended to shoe head. After fastening the shoe laces, the vamp can fit the foot very well.

The tough leather on the side of vamp with the up-extending outsole, and the TPU material have good supporting performance. It has good anti-torsion performance to keep the foot being stable.

Due to the leather material, the supporting performance of vamp is excellent. When turning, the vamp only has slight deformation.

When breaking through, the shoe heel is quite stable, it can offer multi-angle support to make the ankle to be stable.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance
The outsole of Air Jordan 13 ‘HE GOT GAME’ is the classic outsole of AJ13. The separated herringbone on forefoot sole and rear sole can offer excellent traction performance.

The thickness of rubber outsole is good. So the abrasive resistance should be good and durable.
Cushion Performance
Both of the forefoot sole and rear sole have ZOOM Air Cushion. The cushion performance is excellent. It has good resilience.

The soft and elastic feedback is more obvious when running, as the insole is with foam and Zoom Air Cushion.

After jumping to floor, the body weight concentrates on the foot, and I can feel that the pressure of joints is released. The cushion performance is great.

Overall, the material of AJ13 ‘He Got Game’ is good, the appearance looks cool and great. The supporting performance of leather vamp is good. It can stabilize the foot well. The TPU supporting plate is built in the insole. Both of forefoot sole and rear sole have Zoom Air cushion. The excellent cushion performance can satisfy the request of daily exercise.

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Adidas Originals Falcon W Performance Review

Following the YUNG-1, Adidas launched another outstanding shoe this summer which is a pair of very eye-catching sneaker and is deigned for girls. The shoe is Adidas Originals Falcon W.

The upper of the shoe is made of suede, leather and mesh materials and with the different colors in the upper, the shoe looks very pleasing to the eye; the sole is made of Torsion technology which is the same sole design of that of YUNG-1.

The upper, mainly made of mesh material, suede and leather material, performs nicely as a whole. The color on the upper is composed of black, gray, pink, orange, blue, green and so on. Seeing the shoe I just can not help claiming that it is a shoe in which I have ever seen so many colors. The irregular shape of different color blocks is spliced, and the inner and outer sides of the upper are silver leather. Very bright. isn’t it?

At the front, there is nothing special about the style of the shoes. Some said it is an “old-fashion” shoe because it seems to be very “old”. And the blue clover logo on the tongue is just very eye-catching.

At the side, pink, green, orange and some other colors are combined to create a colorful upper for the shoe whereas the silver leather on the upper brings a strong visual impact. Some girls remarked that it is a cool shoe because the irregular curve creates a sharp appearance; when wearing it on the street, people just can’t help but turn around and  look a few more times at their shoes.

The deep pink is matched with the light pink and the joining of the  light gray makes the shoe look very harmonious. The blue clover logo, echoed with the clover blue logo of the tongue, is very unique.

I know that some may turn their backs away seeing the shoe’s bulky appearance and feel the shoe to be very heavy. However, they are wrong. A single shoe of this Adidas Originals Falcon W weighs only 252 grams, bringing no burden on the feet.

The soles that look very heavy are not as hard as they might be; they are just very soft instead. The upper can be easily bent, and the arc at the front of the sole is designed to ensure the flexibility of the shoe. But whether that design really works remains some more testing as my test data are not overall.

Although there is a thin layer of foam inside the shoe, the performance of the breathability is quite good. It was 34 °C that day when I was testing the shoe, but the performance just turned out to be very nice and I didn’t have much stuffy feeling through out the whole testing.

Quite a number of reviewers also signified that the materials used in the shoe are well selected and are all of high quality. So you can imagine that the wrapping and support performance can’t be bad. Look, here is the combat performance: when running, the mesh upper has deformed very little while the other parts hardly deform, which can easily cope with the sudden change of direction.

There is a thin foam inside, thus helping enhance wrapping performance. The use of suede and leather at the heel has also outstanding support performance. When suddenly changing direction, you can see that the heel has hardly deformed, thus it can prevent the ankle from injury.

The wide sole extends to the periphery of the upper, as is seen below.

When the shoes are swayed from side to side, the feet can be seen to be very stable.

In terms of breathability, many are delighted because they can wear the Adidas Originals Falcon W  for long hours especially during summer due to its breathability. As for the grip, let’s look at the pattern of the outsole then. The forefoot uses a large number of prominent three-dimensional arrow lines, as well as the irregular shaped lines of the rear part, which bring great grip performance.

The thickness of the outsole is considerable, and with its many outstanding profiled grains, the shoe’s durability is more prominent. A reviewer even feels that the price of the Adidas Originals Falcon W is justified because of the quality of the outsole.

For the cushioning, Adidas Originals Falcon W uses Torsion  anti-twist technology  which can improve stability and flexibility. Wearing the shoe, there is a clear soft and comfortable feeling. And since the outsole is made of thick rubber material, the extent that the sole deforms is not great. Aside from that, a number of energy return can be seen both when walking and running.

When jumping to the ground,  there was no obvious compression  in the sole,  but the cushioning experience was particularly prominent. The cushion just releases quite a lot of pressure and eases shock brought to the player’s joint.


Adidas Originals Falcon W is exactly  an affordable shoe and its overall features make the shoe worth its value. If you want to cop it, you will find what I said is in agreement with its real performance after you experience it by yourself.


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Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit Performance Review

After Nike launched the impressive masterpiece, the  Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, in 2017, another new work, the Nike Vapor Street Flyknit, is also released to brighten our eyes. Although Nike Vapor Street Flyknit has inherited the Elite’s shoe body design, its cushioning tech adapts the lighter, softer and better react foam rather than the  ZoomX+ carbon fiber board. So let’s check together to find whether the shoe is worth our trust.

I know that there are buyers that liked the black colorway as it gives off a “dark and mysterious” vibe, but for me, I just like this bright red color scheme as it seems to reflect a positive spirit and gives me motivation to exercise. And the shoe chosen this time is eye-catching enough to wear in hot summer days as if to compete with the sun for enthusiasm. And it is also suitable because of its ventilation. Most remarked that they are delighted because they can wear the Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit for long hours especially during summer due to its breathability.

The huge ship-shaped sole and the oversized Swoosh on the side create an exaggerated shape of the Nike Vapor Street Flyknit, which is said to be futuristic. At the front of the shoe, we can see the eye-catching red upper which is made of mesh and adapts the the simple one-piece upper design. As for the side view, there is the oversized Swoosh logo which extends from the toe to the heel and the outsole and the outsole fades from red to white fades from red to white.

Looking at the back then. The thick ship-shaped outsole extends upwards and gradually contracts, which is very distinctive. And the 3M reflective strips in the collar can ensure safe night running. To summarize, this is a shoe with outstanding appearance. What’s more thrilling is that the sneaker’s design as pointed out by some users allows it to be paired with fitted jeans or shorts. Fantastic!

According to a number of wearers, comfort won’t be an issue and they also described that the shoe makes them feels like they are not wearing anything on their feet. Well, after many testing, I can guarantee that the shoe’s performance fits the description of those wearers. Consisting of Flyknit upper and super lightweight react foam, the shoe has a weight of only 198 grams, which is the lightest shoe I’ve ever seen and wore.

The knit upper and the foam outsole provide immediate comfort: the foam outsole is soft and elastic whereas the knit upper can be bent easily and is soft enough to ensure flexibility during exercise.

The one-piece upper provides an extremely comfortable wrapping. One reviewer is even satisfied that there is extra padding on the collar which contributes to the shoe’s comfortable fit and wrapping, and he added that the shoe was the best in the wrapping aspect.

As soon as you put the shoes on, you can obviously feel the nice wrapping even if you don’t fasten your laces. On top of that, for all the soft upper, it is rather supportive as well. This is not the point you need to worry about. For me, the Nike React Vapor Street Flyknit  has become my  everyday go-to shoes because of its style and support features. When accelerating, the upper has very little deformation, thus ensuring support.

The heel is additionally added with the foam  to enhance the wrapping and this design has done a tremendous job. When suddenly changing direction during running, the crotch deforms very littleand the support for the crotch is worthy of acknowledge. However, there is a fatal downside: the slender outsole extends outward, but the stability for the feet is not enough. The other day when I was testing the shoe, I just made a direction change then amazingly I nearly sprained. Such case has never been thought of for me.

In terms of the grip and durability, they are both enough for most people. The foam outsole, which has a considerable thickness, looks quite reassuring, so there is little need to worry about the problem of durability. The forefoot sole is regularly distributed with a large number of lattice grains to provide excellent grip while the the back  sole is added with two independent gripping modules to the inner and outer sides. It is commented by nearly all consumers that this sneaker has a nice sturdy quality. I sincerely hope that all of you can experience it in the flesh as the quality of the rubberized Flynit and React sole is really worthy.

As the name suggests, the shoe has a react cushioning outsole and is very reactive. The React can provide excellent soft bullets and cushioning. When walking, you will feel the soft  energy return from the sole as if pushed forward. And when running, you can see the deformation and rebound of the outsole  under the runner’s pressure.


Some other negative but novel views about the shoe is that the pointy shape of the heels doesn’t add anything to the shoe’s style. Well, I don’t regard it as a deal breaker. According to a long-time Nike fan, this shoe is very excellent among all the Nike shoe he has worn these years. Having the React cushioning, Flyknit construction and a sleek aesthetic, the shoe is surely to arise a lot of comments and popularity. Believe me that the shoe is an excellent option if you chance to be seeking for one pair of sneaker.


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Nike Air Max 95 Essential Performance Review

From the past to the present day, the Nike Air Max series is very popular though it ran into criticism and failure at times. These are more than normal anyway. And among the many Nike Air Max sneakers, the Max 95 is definitely on the list of the excellent ones. As the first pair of running shoes with a forefoot cushion, the popularity always stay there and are all obvious to everyone. 

The Air Max 95 draws inspiration from the human body and is bold and avant-garde; the front and rear foot independent air cushions are designed to provide effective protection and high cushioning performance. In short, the shoe is believed to attract a lot of fans and I know many of you must have got very excited. Let’s go on checking then.

The shoe tested  today features the marine gradient color scheme. The classic Air Max 95  shoe body and the fresh blue gradient color has a lovely “flavor”, quite eye-catching! Besides, the visible air cushion in the front and rear part looks very technological.

At the front, we can see the blue, black and white color scheme. The upper is composed of mesh material and leather  and the combination of white-blue-black is very harmonious. In hot summer days, this shoe seems to offer us a very cool feeling. The dark blue Air Max 95 leather makes up the lacing system  and the oval tongue also features “Air Max” letter embroidery.

At the side, the appearance is even more eye-catching. The streamlined shoe body and the dynamic line bring full visual impact. And the colors in the upper is layered, which is very fresh. Apart from those, the small embroidered logo on the outside of the heel is very simple but not monotonous. After seeing the detailed designs of the appearance, many fans may say admiringly in spite of themselves that the low-top Air Max 95 Essential deserves heaps of compliments for its stylish looks. Well, that’s quite true!

The “Nike Air” logo is printed on the T-shaped dark blue leather and the thick outsole is equipped with a visible air cushion to increase the wearer’s height.

Many buyers who have experienced the shoe will know how comfortable it is. It is a fact that almost of the buyers all gave these Nike Air Max 95 sneakers two thumbs up for the comfortable in-shoe feel it provided and these Nike Air Max shoes are also recognized by many for their quality materials that looked good and felt nice. The upper uses a compression molding process, and the leather provides strong support for the tough leather cannot be easily bent.

A single shoe of  Nike Air Max 95  weighs 431 grams, which is at a normal range. However, there are still many people observing that the Nike Air Max 95 running shoes looks bulkier and feels heavier compared to other running shoes. For this part, there are many positive and negative views and everyone holds their own opinions.

The upper is made of mesh material, as is seen in the picture below. However, most of the leather that is used as well as the inner layer help very little in terms of the breathability. What’s more, the minute you put on the shoe, you will have sultry feeling under your feet.

As I mentioned before that the upper is not easily  bent, so the support performance is ensured. The tough leather uses stitching and compression molding aiming at creating an outstanding support that locks your feet and providing strong support. When you wear shoes and move from side to side, you will find that the feet are very stable. Aside from that, after fastening the laces, your feet are tightly locked and wrapped. In short, the upper fits your feet very well if you are not high-insteps.

If you suddenly change direction when running, your center of gravity is placed on your right foot, you can see that the upper has only very little deformation. So I want to say that the support of the upper is really worthy of recognition.

The outsole materials used are of high quality and are carefully selected. The rubber outsole with considerable thickness is very outstanding in terms of wear resistance and can withstand the test of various tests.

The forefoot in the sole features a classic waffle grain and raised square elements to provide excellent grip whereas the rear sole is a larger area of the square unit with the same nice and  outstanding grip.

The Air Max 95 is well known also for its excellent cushioning. But when walking, the feedback is not obvious; when running, the rear air cushion undergoes some deformation and much rebound. Lots of energy feedback under the feet is received from the cushion. Based also on a couple of reviews, the Nike Air Max 95 Essential running shoes supplied adequate support and sufficient cushioning.


Comfortable, breathable and durable are all tags of this Air Max 95 Essential. A number of people look upon the shoe as a product that is worth buying at its original retail rate despite its average to expensive price point. For most of you, comfort is an important part of a sneaker, and what is fortunate is that the Nike Air Max 95 Essential remained comfortable after wearing it for work for extended hours as well as long walks. So have you still any worry about the shoe? Why not have a try in the  flesh?

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Nike AlphaDunk Performance Review

In the past 10 years, Hyperdunk has received a great deal of glory and reputation. It fulfilled its  mission of succession. Now its time had had gone and it is AlphaDunk  turn to dominate a big part of the sneaker market. AlphaDunk finally took over the banner of Nike team shoes from Hyperdunk. For AlphaDunk, it’s not just a beginning, but it needs to conquer the hearts of the fans. So why not have a look and see how it can “capture” our hearts?

At the first glance, I had thought it to be James’ signature shoe because the Air Knit woven upper is almost identical to that of the LeBron 15 . But surely it is an illusion. The overall look of the sneaker has changed into rounder and heavier rather than the slenderness of the Hyperdunk series.

Looking at the front, the Air Knit woven upper shows an uneven appearance and it feels a bit tough resulting from the hardness of the materials.

The side view of the upper part of the shoe is aesthetic as well. But you may change another color of sock to match the shoe if you are not in favor of this collocation. The oversized Zoom Bag cushion on the forefoot gives us a shocking visual effect and it is full of temptation. Isn’t?!

At the heel, the red hooks across the heel forms a sharp contrast with the silver  color scheme. And for the sake of a comfortable experience, AlphaDunk uses Air Knit woven upper. But because the upper has no elasticity, you may not have any obvious feelings the minute you put the shoes on. It requires some time breaking and getting used to it. Besides, the AlphaDunk weighs a lot more than the previous version of Hyperdunk X. After all, AlphaDunk equips with more excellent tech.

However, to tell the truth, after I put the shoes on, I decided that I must take off immediately instead of going on wearing them because the upper is too low, which is not very friendly to my feet. But after a day’s wearing, the pressure on the forefoot upper is relieved and I have to admitted that it is not bad.

For the size, you can just choose the one that you usually use. It fits snugly well and my feet fit the upper very well too. And there is simply no difficulty in wearing and taking off. Having the Zoom Bag cushion, which is oversized in the forefoot midsole and easy to be bent, a single shoe weighs only 80 grams more than the Hyperdunk X.

In terms of wrapping and support, the Air Knit woven upper is  very nice and the personal wear feeling is comparable to the fabric upper. At the heel, there is a  layer of leather reinforcement  and the support for the ankle is ensured. And even if under the case of  the absence of the inner boots, the wrapping can still be felt and is sufficient.

The Air Knit woven upper requires some time to get used to it: the front part of the shoe is relatively low and the toe has very  limited space for movement inside the shoe. After tightening the laces, you will feel the pressure of the upper all placed on  your instep. And although the thickness of the foam padding in the heel part is of average level, you can  still feel the binding effect from the heel.

By touching the upper, you can know that the Air Knit woven upper is much harder than the ordinary woven surface, and the support of the upper is basically equivalent to the fabric upper. The heel, which is reinforced with leather material, can give the ankle a strong support effect. When there are landing and breakthroughs, you are to obviously feel your feet retain very stable inside the shoe. To some extent, you can feel your feet stay steady in the shoe under any circumstance.

As for the outsole, it is made of rubber and the forefoot adapts an oval water ripple design whereas the rear part is a horizontally distributed grain. Reasonably, designs as such won’t have any slippery problems, but the real performance of this one just turned out to be very average. You can  clearly see that in the process of breaking through, the shoe directly slipped. But there is one advantage; that is the shoe’s wear-resistant performance is nice resulting from the crystal rubber.

After many emergency stop tests,  AlphaDunk in the field isn’t able to stop timely either. And even if there is a factor in the field itself, the performance can not satisfy fans as well.

Just looking at the Zoom Bag air cushion that fills the entire forefoot, it seems the nice feeling can be felt through the pictures alone. However, is the big and thick air cushion really good? Or in other words, the bigger and thicker, the better? Absolutely, it isn’t always the case. The oversized air cushion is mixed bless. First of all, in the light of consumers, many of whom can not feel the feedback for those people are too light. And then the energy return seems not sufficient for heavy players. All these factors mean that the shoe is destined to be suitable only for a specific group of people.


AlphaDunk is the successor of the Hyperdunk series and it will be a new series of the basketball field. I know there are still some downsides of the shoe, there are also many nice respects for you to search for. Anyway, it is still growing and we should face it with an inclusive mindset and above all, I hope it will continue to grow into a team shoe that suits everyone.


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Unboxing: Nike Alphadunk

The other day, I came across a question that was popular recently. And I also want to ask you that question: In the development history of basketball shoes, which one is the most successful team shoe series ever created? Well, I know there are many answers for different people, but as for me, I think the answer is the Hyperdunk series and it is also the one that gets the most acknowledge.

In the last decade,  the hyperdunk is said to be even more popular than many star signature shoes in the sneaker market. However, it is a pity that this series has officially ended this year. But definitely, its sneakers will always be there and accompany us.

Though many people didn’t cop one pair of today’s Alphadunk, let’s still have a look at the shoe.

There is nothing special in the shoe box: it is the traditional orange box, which is very common and classic. For the colorways, there are four kinds and for that of today’s shoe, it is simpler, but aesthetic at the meantime.

To tell the truth, when I held the shoes in my hand( I was fortunate enough to have copped one pair), I felt there were many surprises waiting for me and they were something I could expect. Unlike the previous impression whose images left me, it is not heavy in the least — at least it is that case for me. I had thought it to be very heavy because it looks really bulky and was prepared to buy another model, but my friend recommend it to me, so I finally bought it.

Resulting from the upper’s materials, the shoe can be that lightweight. It adapts Nike’s brand-new tech: the Air knit. At the first glance, you may think it as the battleknit of LBJ15, but this Alphadunk wears more comfortably.

It seems incredible to hear that phrases of the shoe? Well, it really wears very comfortably; the upper is indeed very thin and feels super nice.

In the shoelace holes, Nike is very “generous” this time because all of which are applied to the flying line. And according to a deal of reviewers, the “hook” at the heel is somewhat interesting for it is not the traditional design which indeed fatigues their eyes. What’s more, the Nike swoosh that directly surrounds the whole heel, I think, may be a new trend.

The tongue and the heel collar are printed with many symbolic logos.

At the same time, the heel, the full inner soles, the built-in tpu and the extra layer of reinforcement on the outside is certain to make the shoe’s wrapping quite reliable.

Besides the band-new tech, the other eye-catching part of this pair of shoes is its midsole. The air cushion of  the shoe is really very big, but it is the cushion’s area and thickness that persuades me into buying it. The Zoom bag and the Zoom Air are the cushions that I expected the most.

On the outside of the Alphadunk air cushion, there is a very hard and thick transparent tpu, while on the inside, there is a layer of foam protection. Owing to the setup, it can be said that the risk of injury to the air cushion is reduced to a minimum.

The sole of the shoe is made of crystal  rubber, so there is risk of wear resistance; on the other hand, the sole has very deep grains, which means the sole has also very reliable grip.

But of course, it has also downsides. It is a high-top model and has done a bad job in rollover prevention.

All in all, I think the advantages outweigh the flaws and I also have a feeling that it will be the top class practical shoes of the year.


Here I must recommend you who want to pick the shoe go stores to have  a try. Except the shoe’s brief performance, I want to say : Alphadunk, the successor to the most successful team shoe of the past decade, carries a lot of expectations. Anyway, it  is still growing and someday I believe it can be powerful enough to meet all our expectation.


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Unboxing: sacai x blazer mid

The sacai x blazer mid of today is said to be a powerful contender of this year. Hearing the news that sacai x blazer mid  is to be released, surely, many fans including me got very excited and we are all looking forward to seeing this model as soon as possible. So today I bring the brief introduction of this sacai x blazer mid  for you. Here we go.

The Sacai-Nike series is a hot  item of this year. The Sacai x Nike LDWaffle came out first in April and has arose a number of popularity and attention. But relatively, I prefer the sacai x blazer mid  that is to be discussed today. Both the style of blazer’s shoes and the color scheme are of my “taste”.

First of all, have  a look at the shoe box. Still, it is the traditional and classic orange box of Nike. With the drawer type design and a pull ring for easy extraction, the box becomes somewhat different from the traditional ones. You can also see that the logo is printed on both sides of the shoe box. And some can see  a complete logo if they put their two shoe boxes together. And then on the wrapping paper is this joint sign which is decorated with simple black and white.

Look at the shoe’s appearance then. To tell the truth, upon opening the shoe box, I was a bit shocked by the shoe’s bright colorway. And there is also another color scheme of the shoe. So if you do not like the colorway of this one, you can turn to the other one which has a relatively cold color.

As for me, I like both of the shoe’s colorways. As you can see, the shoes have been remade by sacai in a new overlapping deconstructed form and the biggest feature in the shoe should be the tongue, shoelaces and swoosh’s double overlapping design. On top of that, the edges of the shoes are superimposed by multiple layers of compound glue with the inner layer white and the outer layer beige, which is more resistant to dirt.

At the toe part which is made of cowhide, I think highly of it because it is a great update compared with the previous blazer.

At the shoe body, there are  two swoosh layers of different colors superimposed outside of the shoe body. The inner swoosh is connected all the way to the back of the shoe whereas the outer one is made straight through.

Take a closer look at the shoelace then. You may find that it’s a bit of a hassle to tie the shoelace and take it apart because the two independent shoelaces go into the same hole at the same time but the size of the hole is still that big. But for the sake of beauty, some can ignore this problem.

On the tongue there are two layers. The front layer tongue is decorated with the Nike logo whereas the back layer is the joint logo. And there is a sponge on the tongue which adds some comfortable foot feel. But on the whole, this pair may not be friendly to those with high instep. And having the thick shoelaces, the shoe would isn’t easy for the high-insteps to put on and take off.

When asked “is it worth buying?” Personally, it is hard to define that. For some, it is rather fantastic, so they feel it worthy whereas others may think it as undesirable. But the latter view held by consumers are only very few.


Here I recommend to those who like the shoe to buy it presently, it is going to out of inventory otherwise. In addition, I still want to remind you that this pair has no spray foam, but because the shoes are made of leather material and attract dust easily, the difficulty of cleaning the shoe is increased. So if you mind this, you’d better think twice about whether to buy it or not.

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Not long before, I heard someone saying, “Nike is going to release some brand-new shoe presently after the  Nike Joyride Run FK.” The shoe is the NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER. And now I am fortunate enough to have waited for its arrival and copped one pair.

Here is simple introduction of  NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER. Nike Joyride is characterized by the placement of TPE particles in the midsole, each of which is precisely studied. The TPE particles will separate different areas in the soles of the shoes. And different parts of the sole will be installed with different amounts of TPE particles which can freely move in all directions when  the player changes directions. For this part, Nike calls it multiple spatial displacement. The cushioning system as such creates a very comfortable foot feel for consumers. Below are the NIKE JOYRIDE CC3 SETTER’s two colorways equipped with the cushioning system. They are the “HYPER PINK” & “BARELY VOLT.

The upper of the brand-new Nike Joyride CC3 Setter uses a variety of fabrics and leather mosaics. Compared with the first version,  the appearance of the two are more layered. The bright  pink and the pure and fresh white plus the collocation of fluorescent color make the two shoes very lovely and pleasing to the eye. They seem to be designed just for summer.

The reverse “tick” logo used as a decoration make the shoe’s style more trendy and more suitable for everyday wear.  The corrugated design at the vamp has strong visual effect and the shoe body is ergonomically created with multiple cushions.

The complex lace support design allows us to get better wrapping when exercising.

In the tongue, Nike adapts a mid-top design and also prints it with “Nike Joyride”.

In addition to the above, the design of the midsole rubber eyelet and the super elastic upper make it  more convenient for everyone to wear and take off.

At the heel is the  Nike Swoosh and Joyride Technology logo.

I  once thought about the problem: Why Joyride come into being? This question has accompanied me for a long time and now I know the answer. That is Joyride is born for the purpose of meeting the general needs of runners: making running easier and more efficient. This is a challenge if to satisfy most people  and requires crazy creativity and radical innovation. Will Moroski and his team spent years in solving this problem and finally they made it!

Will Moroski remarked, “Every runner faces the same problem: the impact of landing on both feet. We need a new cushioning system to solve this problem.” And this is what Will Moroski wants to improve. The Nike Joyride CC3 Setter uses a three-stage Joyride cushioning system; through the outsole you can see the TPE cushioning particles filled in the front, middle and back part of the sole.

The principle is that the excellent particles bring the high-efficiency cushioning effect  and the gap between the spheres is well utilized.

Thousands of particles in the outsole ease the shock brought by the wearer’s weight. With  a dynamic cushioning lasting cushioning, you can feel eased after a day’s playing.