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ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 Performance Review

The perfect integration of retro and brand-new technology makes EQT series a surge in popularity! And following that, Adidas has brought a new color scheme which is the newly released ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17.

The black color scheme is not novel though, it is rather under the blessing of the 3M reflective strip. The red, white and blue color strip form a strong contrast with the black shoe body, providing enough visual impact. The shoe as a whole is very graceful and temperate.

On the upper, there is can be obviously seen is the letters “EQT”. On the shoe tongue, a grey tag is printed. And a small piece of suede is used to make up the lacing system while the TPU lacing hole offers support.

There are the Adidas’s trademark three stripes both on the side and on the sole. The strips alone, as it were, is very eye-catching and they easily stand out in the crowds. The outer side of forefoot has reinforcing material, and the TPU at the upper is very unique. And the heel is supported mainly by sponge and suede materials.

Simply by putting it on — you don’t even have to walk or do any movement, you are to run in for a super soft and comfortable foot feel. For some high-intensitive combat or daily exercise, the shoe is more than suitable let alone walking.

Looking at the upper then. The high quality knitted vamp material feels very nice. Unlike leather ones which are very sweltering,  the upper of ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 provides excellent breathability. Besides breathability, the upper also ensures flexibility. 

In most cases, the upper is closely related to the shoe’s support and wrapping. Then with respect  to this, the upper certainly won’t fail us. It provides excellent wrap and powerful support. Well, on the other hand, it also enables the foot to fit well on the inside, thus bringing the excellent wrapping. After tying the shoelaces, you can also feel the tight wrapping of the three strips from the inside and outside of the shoe.

Both inner and outer sides of the forefoot are reinforced to enhance durability and support of the upper. Although the vamp has undergone significant deformation during exercise, the foot remains very stable. And the suede and the TPU at the heel provides better stability and support for the wearer, avoiding unnecessary injuries.

Thanks to the well-selected materials and foam sole, a single shoe weighs only 231 grams, which is very lightweight. Resulting from this point, you won’t feel your feet burdened; therefore, you can fully concentrate on your matches or exercises.

In terms of the traction, the  red rubber outsole in the forefoot part provides excellent grip while the rear rubber sole guarantees wear resistance. The foam sole is distributed with circular bulges, which also provides the corresponding function of grip.

The durability of the outsole is not bad. At least judging from my experience, there is no any sign of wear and tear in the outsole after a long time’s playing in it.

The shoe performs especially well in the aspect of cushioning. The EQT Support ADV 93/17 is made of the original foam material, which is particularly outstanding.

During running, the rebound of the sole deformation is more obvious. With clear energy feedback and the soft spring feeling, you are surely into a nice experience.

You can obviously feel the obvious feedback when you jump to the ground. The cushioning setup does a great help in releasing a lot of shock brought by gravity on the joints.


The ATMOS x Adidas EQT Support ADV 93/17 is overall satisfying. I dare not say that it is the best I’ve ever seen, but it is indeed very remarkable. The nice vamp, the soft cushion, the awesome foot feel and the tight wrapping all impress me a lot. Above all, in the actual combat, it can provide outstanding court feeling, which is rather fascinating. Well, you might as well have a try.