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Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” Performance Review

Since I was in childhood, I have been always longing for a pair of fashionable and beautiful and above all, very practical sneaker. I am steadfast that I should at least cop one pair by myself. And now I have the economic ability of buying what I want; I just made it: the other day, I came across this Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” which fits my require and expectation quite well. And as a pair of Nike’s widely popular shoes, it has been praised for its cracked design. And this time, Air Jordan 3 released some new colorways. As for this one, it is inspired by a charity event that MJ attended in 1988. Go on checking then.

The Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” still uses typical and classic crack which is super appealing and novel whereas the white shoe body, the red midsole and the two blue embellishment make the shoe somewhat lively. Besides, there is a highlight of the shoe: that is the MJ’s signature on the left shoe tongue which is so fascinating that I can not even move my eyes away from it.

Looking at the front, in my view, the light grey and white match well with the classic grey crackle. With the flying man on the tongue, my affection for this pair has arose to another higher level.

The shoe is a middle-high-top one. The red and blue colors of the midsole are simply very eye-catching while the heel is equipped with visible air cushion.

There is a whole TPU wrapping the heel with the blue three-dimensional flying man logo printed on. The whole color scheme of the shoe gives us strong visual impact. Majority of the buyers have said that they  like wearing the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” casually since they think that it is a very stylish shoe.

The shoe has also adapted the Air cushion which offers comfort and softness for the wearer. The foot feel is quite obvious and awesome.

Having the leather vamp and rubber outsole though, the shoe doesn’t feel very heavy on our feet. During exercising or combats, we won’t feel burdened or restricted. Such conclusion is based on the ground of my long time tests and experiences.

As you can see in the picture below that there are many air holes in the vamp  so as to ensure ventilation. However, for all the holes,  a few wearers still think the shoe to be hot during play whereas some testers say that the Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” is actually a standout in terms of ventilation during its time; maybe this is also greatly depended on the weather.

In terms of wrapping and support, the two aspects are nice. Many of the purchasers love the details on the shoe, say, the lace locks because the laces really wrap nicely and the wearer’s feet fit tightly and well with the upper. And the vamp, made of leather, makes up for the lack of wide toe wrap, providing certain wrap and support. There is a thickened foam inside the heel, which ensures the wrapping of the ankle.

For support, it is not bad either. Due to the laces and the heel setup,  the users are able to experience the shoe’s sturdy support. You can see that when moving  from side to side, the foot remains very stable.

A separate TPU is set up at the heel to wrap the heel and provide superior support. When the left and right displacement action is done on the court, it can be seen that the heel hardly deforms and the support is worthy of being acknowledged.

For outsole, it is made of rubber and the thickness of the sole has been on the rise  and considerable, thus providing comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the wear resistance can withstand the test of every kind of court.

The independent ring raised pattern of the fore foot provides excellent grip and can hold the ground firmly when the player suddenly changes direction. Apart from that, the recessed and protruding square modules at the edges provide excellent grip from multiple angles.

The Air Jordan 3 uses a visual Air sole cushion. And in a similar way, the pair features Air sole cushioning technology and provides comfortable foot feel.

You can feel the softness immediately after you put it on.

The soft spring feeling is far more obvious when you are running. The cushion offers quite a lot of energy feedback.


The Air Jordan 3 Retro “International Flight” uppers are made of premium leather, which feel really like the reflective material. And the shoe still has a good amount of court-feel for you, so you can expect. Inspired by a charity event that MJ attended in 1988, the shoe is surely to be the  attention of sneaker world.  And with all the excellent setups, the shoe is meant to be a beast on the court.