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Air Jordan 13 Performance Review

The popular Air Jordan 13 was way back released in August, 2018. It’s been five years since it was last reproduced, and the shoe has been an instant hit! To tell the truth, I’ve never seen a shoe that is designed more diligent than this one. It is, as it were, widely welcomed by we loyal fans. 

Some proclaimed that Air Jordan 13 is the most eye-catching sneaker among the Air Jordan series. And I think so! For those who have been going after Air Jordan series, this  Air Jordan 13 seems like an old friend that has accompanied them for years. But for those who have never touched sneakers of this series,  Air Jordan 13 is quite  unacquainted for them. 

The black and white color scheme creates a simple style and the streamlined body of the shoe and the sole that is like cheetahs are both very exquisite designs.

The vamp is  entirely made of asymmetrical black and whit leather. On the tongue, there is a small flying man logo  and the “Jordan” at the relatively front part.

On the side is the large area of white leather. The materials are of high quality and the texture is super nice. And the midsole is shaped like a cheetah’s paw.

The soft lychee leather is widely used in the uppers so as to provide enough flexibility. Although the upper is made of leather, you are surely not affected whenever you want to make breakthroughs or accelerate.

Compared with other shoes that have also leather uppers, Air Jordan 13 performs rather excellently in breathability. For all the leather materials, it ensures enough ventilation. I know that unless testing it, there are very few people expecting nice breathability of the shoe. But here is the test result and the fact is that: it is relatively sultry though, it is not the case in cooler and colder days. So I won’t recommend it to those bothered by sweat to wear it in hot summer days; I’ll highly recommend it for winter uses.

As the shoe body suggests that it is “fat” and “large”, so don’t expect it to be too lightweight. It is in fact a bit heavy. A single shoe weighs 504 grams. But the good thing is that it doesn’t wear that heavy than we imagined. It is acceptable.

For wrapping and support, they are excellence of this shoe. The flexible  leather upper extends to the toe, giving the foot a distinct wrapping. After fastening the shoelaces, you feel your feet are tightly locked inside the shoes. Somehow there appears an illusion that you feel like you are just wearing a pair of socks or you are walking on the air.

The tough leather on the outer side and the outsole extending upward and the TPU material provide good support for the wearer. And the TPU has also certain anti-rollover ability and keeps feet stable inside the shoe.

Resulting from the use of all leather material, the shoe’s support becomes very prominent. When the player changes direction suddenly, you can see in the picture below that the vamp only deforms slightly while the vamp still supports well.

As you can see that the heel remains very stable and can provide multi-angle support for the feet.

As for the outsole, it is the classic Air Jordan 13 outsole. The herringbone pattern of the forefoot and the heel  provides excellent grip depending on the location of the force. You can see that on outdoor courts the outsole bites the ground tightly. The rougher the ground is, the better the outsole performs. According to a number of buyers, they are most satisfied with this respect because not only does the sole perform excellently, but it is also very durable. After a long time’s testing, there is no signs showing that the sole is to crack. It simply stands to the high-intensive tests.

The Zoom Air cushioning on the front and back part of the shoe is remarkable for its performance is remarkable as well. The cushioning alone can attract many fans; it is simply very outstanding: you will instantly feel the bouncy cushion as soon as you put it on.

The soft midsole foam and Zoom Air cushion make the soft bounce feel more visible while running.

The nice cushioning performance can be felt in actual combat. After landing, the weight of your whole body concentrating on both feet, you can experience the release of joint pressure .


A year ago, I was lucky enough to get along with the shoe closely. And I know virtually all its advantages and downsides. However, I still like its accompany until now. Every now and then there are matches and I always tend to choose it as my comrade on court. I do not want to care those negative comments. I just believe that what I chose is right.