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Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” Performance Review

Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” was released in 2018. It’s popular and hot-sale after releasing.

As a pair of retro shoes, the colorway Air Jordan 13 “He Got Game” is the most popular one. The appearance looks cool. The black and white colorway is succinct.

The Front View

The vamp is made of black and white leather. The front end of shoe tongue is printed with JORDAN. And the shoe tongue has a Flyman logo.
The Side View

The side of vamp is a big area of white leather. The cyclic annular stitch makes the special lines. The insole model is similar to the claw of leopard.
The Rear View

The shoe heel shape is asymmetric. It has the ‘leopard eye’ on the upper. It shows different patterns on different angle.
Comfort Level
The vamp uses big area of soft litchi leather which is very comfortable. Although it’s leather vamp, but it doesn’t affect exercising.

As we know, the air permeability of leather vamp is bad. It’s sultry. So it’s more suitable to wear in Autumn and Winter.

It looks big, so the weight is also not light. The unit weight of US9/EUR44 is about 504g. But the weight is acceptable after putting on.

Fit & Support
The shoe lacing system is extended to shoe head. After fastening the shoe laces, the vamp can fit the foot very well.

The tough leather on the side of vamp with the up-extending outsole, and the TPU material have good supporting performance. It has good anti-torsion performance to keep the foot being stable.

Due to the leather material, the supporting performance of vamp is excellent. When turning, the vamp only has slight deformation.

When breaking through, the shoe heel is quite stable, it can offer multi-angle support to make the ankle to be stable.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance
The outsole of Air Jordan 13 ‘HE GOT GAME’ is the classic outsole of AJ13. The separated herringbone on forefoot sole and rear sole can offer excellent traction performance.

The thickness of rubber outsole is good. So the abrasive resistance should be good and durable.
Cushion Performance
Both of the forefoot sole and rear sole have ZOOM Air Cushion. The cushion performance is excellent. It has good resilience.

The soft and elastic feedback is more obvious when running, as the insole is with foam and Zoom Air Cushion.

After jumping to floor, the body weight concentrates on the foot, and I can feel that the pressure of joints is released. The cushion performance is great.

Overall, the material of AJ13 ‘He Got Game’ is good, the appearance looks cool and great. The supporting performance of leather vamp is good. It can stabilize the foot well. The TPU supporting plate is built in the insole. Both of forefoot sole and rear sole have Zoom Air cushion. The excellent cushion performance can satisfy the request of daily exercise.