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Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 Performance Review

After Adidas made some improvement, the Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 was finally released. This Yeezy 700’s retro-inspired running shoes have become the Yeezy family’s go-to shoe.

The shoe was designed complexly: it adopts a variety of materials to form the contrastive color scheme, thus making the shoe very avant-garde. Besides the appearance, the midsole is loaded with boost technology, which makes the cushioning stand out. On the other hand, its price is also acceptable which attracts a number of sneaker fans. As for its performance, let’s see what it will bring to us.

Looking at the front, I think it is large and a bit funny, but this definitely won’t affect the overall aesthetic at all. And you can see that the blue, gray, dark green, black material stitching upper plus the goose yellow shoelaces makes the whole shoe very eye-catching.

Looking at the side, I’ve totally fallen in love with this shoe. I should say it has the most cool and pretty profile. If regardless of  the setups’ performance, the shoe’s profile is the most appealing part that persuades me into buying this shoe. The profile is similar to that of a killer whale and the lines move in a unique way with the striking teardrop-shaped orange part in the midsole. In addition, the 3M reflective material on the outside provides a unique visual effect in a low-light environment.

In terms of the heel part, it looks like a triangular which is mainly made of mesh and fur. And the thick midsole looks very stable.

The shoe is mainly made of relatively light materials, thus bringing no pressure on the foot. A single shoe weighs 394 grams which not heavy for a pair of sports shoes that looks a little clunky. It can provide its owner with what they want when it comes to comfort. As a matter of fact, it won’t do much to weigh down the player’s stride when in combat. For this respect, you can expect.

The thick midsole adapts the well known Boost. You’ll feel the awesome feedback from the sole. After all, the cushion setup is the Boost that is known for its nice ability to offer its wearer with what they are in need of. When walking, you can receive the nice comfort offered by the cushion; when running, the soft bounce of the sole is more clear. Every time you put your weight on it, it responds you with a high level of energy return.

Looking at the upper then. It features a variety of materials in the shoe. For the upper, it is made of mesh and fur, which is easily bent. Besides, you can feel the excellent breathability the shoe offers. Even in hot summer days, the shoe is still suitable for combat. It ensures that the smells won’t accumulate and defuse out of the shoe.  The upper is simply very breathable and comfortable. The shoe is more than suitable for running because the materials used does a tremendous job to keep the wearer protected. But though it has done the job very well,  it is still the part that the designers want to go above and beyond.

Resulting from the materials, the shoes’ overall performance is outstanding. The flexible leather and mesh can wrap the feet well, providing excellent wrapping and flexibility during combat.

The toe and sides are both fur-flipped and the midsole extending upward provides excellent support. As you can see that the feet retain very stable even when the feet move from side to side. Another point needs mentioning is the midsole. It is designed a wide base that allow the shoe to provide a nice fit that transforms into support for the feet.

Only the net surface had obvious deformation when running, and the deformation of other parts was small, indicating that it could deal with sudden change of direction and force.

For the traction, the pattern is a special-shaped grain with black part the herringbone grain. And the outsole side  also extends upward. All the above provide outstanding  multi-directional grip. Whereas this is a running shoe, it has an outsole that lives up to our expectation. The rubber outsole has been tested and it just stood out by its grip and durability.

The thickness of the rubber outsole is very practical. There is simply no point worrying about the durability because it can stand the test of various fields.


At first glance, I had thought it as a fashionable shoe and I had intended to buy it as my daily sports shoes to match my daily dressing. However, it turned out to be a reliable comrade: I chanced to wear it for one of my most important match and it helped me greatly in many aspects. Once one gets used to it, he/she are unwilling to take it off. While ensuring all its awesome performance, it also ensures a nice appearance. If you ignore the price point, it will be your must-get companion.