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Adidas Yeezy 500 “Supermoon Yellow” Performance Review

Someone said that fashion is a constant reincarnation. In my view, this is definitely true. When the  Balenciaga, LV and other major brands dominated the market, Yeezy 500 can still sought after by many people. When June comes by, the “supermoon yellow” was nearly out of sale shortly after it was released.

The Yeezy 500 “Super Yellow Moon” has a strong retro feel of old-fashioned shoes. However, it is never out of fashion. This pair mainly features the very eye-catching yellow. There is quite a large number of circular deformation patterns on the upper and the overall appearance  is relatively more rounded, not too tough. Many buyers have just noted that the Adidas Yeezy 500“supermoon yellow” is a stylish shoe and so are the other colorways. And there are also many claiming that  they loved this shoe so much that they will order other colors as well.

This kind of shoe has always been thick and heavy, but the bulky appearance may become very lovely in the eyes of Adidas Yeezy fans. Looking at the upper, it seems to be chronological and then there is nothing special in it. The Adidas logo on the front sole of the shoes is conspicuous.

The side appearance is much more beautiful and more colorful than the front view. And the sole looks very appealing and cool which is also a versatile tool for increasing height.

At the heel, the arcs of the outsole make the heel look less monotonous and it also softens the bulky visual perception of the shoe.

Then in terms of the shoe’s performance, let’s first look at the comfort. To tell the truth, the first feeling after you put on the shoe is super nice, indicating that the sole materials of the shoe are of high quality. A lot of reviewers are just beyond impressed with the comfort of the Yeezy 500“supermoon yellow”.

A single shoe of Yeezy 500“supermoon yellow” is 440 grams, which can be said to be excellent for such a bulky model. But I think this won’t bother too much because there, under normal cases, won’t be much high-intensive exercises; after all, it seems to be used for  more fashion factors.

The upper is made of three kinds of materials: the mesh, the suede and leather. Aside from that, the inside is filled with thick sponge, so you are to experience the nice bouncy feedback the minute you wear it.

A large number of consumers stated that they loved the way this shoe fits their feet; the feeling is like you are just wearing a pair of socks. Having got the shoe and tested it for many times, I should say Adidas has used quite a lot of high quality materials and the upper is made of a large amount of leather material that is consistent with what other reviewers have said; thus, we are lucky enough to enjoy the nice feeling the shoe offers. The tough leather can provide good support: when suddenly starting up, you can see that the upper is obviously deformed, but fortunately, thanks to the use of a large amount of leather, the feet can be firmly locked inside the shoe and remains in a stable state.

The thick inner sponge  provides greater wrapping while ensuring that the feet can move flexibly.When suddenly changing direction, you feel that your ankle is much better protected. The heel Air unit is just very phenomenal.

Although the wide sole extends to the periphery of the upper and the leather material is  there to offer support, the forefoot is a bit unstable when the shoe is swayed from side to side.

The design style and details of the outsole are very artistic. There are ring patterns in different areas such as in the toes, forefoot and the rear part. And it is the uneven pattern that provides a good grip for us.

You can see that I was doing tests on the  plastic track and after  nearly 2 hours of activity, I hardly ever found any wear and tear on the sole. It is just as phenomenal as the other respects.

As for cushioning, the Yeezy 500 uses Adidas’ ADIPRENE+ which is not so nice as Boost, the cushioning and soft-elastic feelings are still obvious.


Although there are still some reviewers commented that the shoe runs a bit narrow in the toes for wide-footed wearers, a number of other buyers claimed that the problem fade away after some time playing. In short, those who enjoy the Adidas Yeezy 500“supermoon yellow” are to find more and receive more in their experience.