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Adidas Pure BOOST GO Perfromance Review

Adidas released the new Boost series running shoes Pure Boost GO in the Summer of 2018. The full-length BOOST insole and wide forefoot sole design are customized for the city runners.

The vamp is made of pure white knit. The shoe heel and toes are infused with new design. The supporting material uses mesh design, which guarantee the good supporting performance and the air permeability. The appearance also looks cool. The full-length BOOST technology insole has excellent cushion performance.

The Font View

The pure white vamp is succinct. The inner side has mesh TPU supporting material. From the wide forefoot design, we can see the outer extending BOOST insole.

The Side View

The vamp is printed with off-white Adidas symbolic three bars. The socks type design is convenient for putting-on and taking off.

The Rear Side

The shoe heel is gray and white colorway. The mesh TPU supporting material cover the shoe heel well. The Boost insole is also extended out.

Comfort Level

Due to the knitted vamp and Boost insole, it’s light. The unit weight of US8=EUR41 is only about 280g.

Fit & Support

The socks design covers the forefoot, arch and heel well. The knitted vamp guarantees the flexibility and has great air permeability. The new lacing system is also very special. After fastening the shoelaces, it will wrap the foot well.

As the inner side part of shoe head has mesh TPU supporting material which can offer good supporting performance to the knitted vamp.

Even if the vamp has obvious deformation when running, but the foot is still very stable.

Traction Performance & Abrasive Resistance

The full-length mesh rubber outsole can offer omni bearing traction performance. The traction performance is excellent.

The full-length rubber sole has great abrasive resistance. It’s durable.

Adidas Pure Boost GO has the full-length BOOST technology. With the elastic mesh outsole closed structure, its cushion performance and elasticity are excellent.

I can feel the resilience of Boost obviously. We can see the slight deformation and resilience of outsole when walking.

The soft and elastic feeling is more obvious when running. The Boost can offer fast feedback.

The thick Boost insole has great cushion performance. After jumping to floor, the cushion feedback is very obvious. This pair of Pure Boost GO uses knitted material which guarantee the flexibility and air permeability. The width forefoot sole design also keeps the stability. Overall, the performance of Adidas Pure Boost GO is excellent.