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Adidas Originals ZX500 RM Boos Performance Review

Every year the Adidas Originals series will introduce new technology and design to its classic collection, thus bringing a brand new look to the shoe. And this year the ZX500, a pair of classic vintage running shoes, gets a new Boost update.

The new ZX500 RM has continued the look of the ZX500 and is consistent with that retro style of ZX500.

The shoe body is composed of suede and mesh material and the simple grey and white color scheme is complemented by red ornament making the shoe body simple but distinctive at the mean time. And the original foam midsole has been replaced by a full palm Boost midsole and something used to enhance stability are respectively added to the front and back, making the shoe more comfortable to wear.

The combination of grey and beige is simple  and the red tongue logo embroidered with a clover logo is very eye-catching. At the side, it is still the symbolic Adidas logo. And the thick boost is as eye-catching as the red logo in the tongue.

The heel part is triangular and layered. The red leather used as a decoration is simple but not monotonous.

The thick original Boost midsole brings comfortable foot feeling and you can feel the soft bouncy cushion as soon as you put the shoes on. In short, the shoe is very prominent in comfort.

The mesh made vamp is nice. It is not hot inside the shoe even if after a long time playing under the sun. It has full air permeability and no obvious heat on the feet. Besides, the suede material also offers great flexibility and no restraint when moving.

A single shoe is only 318 grams. It is as light as the weight suggests after putting it on. Having the achievement is not easy for a shoe with such a thick Boost.

The wrapping, well, might be a bit disappointing though, it is still enough for most runners. Owing to the suede material and net upper, the shoe cannot fit the foot very well. But a flexible suede material provides good support. During high-intensive exercises, you can see that there is no obvious deformation below, which provides excellent support for sudden powerful start and direction change.

The heel is mainly made of suede and leather. It extends high up to provide better support and better ankle protection.

When you are running and you suddenly change direction, you can see that the heel barely deforms. An d the outspreading midsole also provides ample stability. 

The outsole is fronted by horizontal stripes that provide excellent grip and prevent sliding at the start. The front and middle part of the sole are latticed while the back is diagonal stripes, providing grip in many directions and excellent skid resistance.

The thickness of the sole is considerable and the middle sole has also a super thick boost, implying wear resistance. outstanding wear resistance.

It is needless to say that many shoes with thick Boost perform excellently in terms of the comfort and cushioning. And of course, this Adidas Originals ZX500 RM boosts with Boost also does a tremendous job in the two aspects.

The Boost, which is considerably thicker, offers springy feedback. You can see in the short video below that there are slight deformation and springy back as the man walks.

When running, the sole compresses and bounces back more clearly and quite a number of energy return can be seen and felt under the feet.


The appearance of this ZX 500 RM is outstanding and it can match all kinds of daily dressing. For me, I am given to wearing it out in the street. The material of the upper provides superior air permeability, support and wrapping; the heel offers the wearer enough ankle protection; the look of the shoe gives you a nice and fashionable wearing experience.