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Adidas Originals Falcon W Performance Review

Following the YUNG-1, Adidas launched another outstanding shoe this summer which is a pair of very eye-catching sneaker and is deigned for girls. The shoe is Adidas Originals Falcon W.

The upper of the shoe is made of suede, leather and mesh materials and with the different colors in the upper, the shoe looks very pleasing to the eye; the sole is made of Torsion technology which is the same sole design of that of YUNG-1.

The upper, mainly made of mesh material, suede and leather material, performs nicely as a whole. The color on the upper is composed of black, gray, pink, orange, blue, green and so on. Seeing the shoe I just can not help claiming that it is a shoe in which I have ever seen so many colors. The irregular shape of different color blocks is spliced, and the inner and outer sides of the upper are silver leather. Very bright. isn’t it?

At the front, there is nothing special about the style of the shoes. Some said it is an “old-fashion” shoe because it seems to be very “old”. And the blue clover logo on the tongue is just very eye-catching.

At the side, pink, green, orange and some other colors are combined to create a colorful upper for the shoe whereas the silver leather on the upper brings a strong visual impact. Some girls remarked that it is a cool shoe because the irregular curve creates a sharp appearance; when wearing it on the street, people just can’t help but turn around and  look a few more times at their shoes.

The deep pink is matched with the light pink and the joining of the  light gray makes the shoe look very harmonious. The blue clover logo, echoed with the clover blue logo of the tongue, is very unique.

I know that some may turn their backs away seeing the shoe’s bulky appearance and feel the shoe to be very heavy. However, they are wrong. A single shoe of this Adidas Originals Falcon W weighs only 252 grams, bringing no burden on the feet.

The soles that look very heavy are not as hard as they might be; they are just very soft instead. The upper can be easily bent, and the arc at the front of the sole is designed to ensure the flexibility of the shoe. But whether that design really works remains some more testing as my test data are not overall.

Although there is a thin layer of foam inside the shoe, the performance of the breathability is quite good. It was 34 °C that day when I was testing the shoe, but the performance just turned out to be very nice and I didn’t have much stuffy feeling through out the whole testing.

Quite a number of reviewers also signified that the materials used in the shoe are well selected and are all of high quality. So you can imagine that the wrapping and support performance can’t be bad. Look, here is the combat performance: when running, the mesh upper has deformed very little while the other parts hardly deform, which can easily cope with the sudden change of direction.

There is a thin foam inside, thus helping enhance wrapping performance. The use of suede and leather at the heel has also outstanding support performance. When suddenly changing direction, you can see that the heel has hardly deformed, thus it can prevent the ankle from injury.

The wide sole extends to the periphery of the upper, as is seen below.

When the shoes are swayed from side to side, the feet can be seen to be very stable.

In terms of breathability, many are delighted because they can wear the Adidas Originals Falcon W  for long hours especially during summer due to its breathability. As for the grip, let’s look at the pattern of the outsole then. The forefoot uses a large number of prominent three-dimensional arrow lines, as well as the irregular shaped lines of the rear part, which bring great grip performance.

The thickness of the outsole is considerable, and with its many outstanding profiled grains, the shoe’s durability is more prominent. A reviewer even feels that the price of the Adidas Originals Falcon W is justified because of the quality of the outsole.

For the cushioning, Adidas Originals Falcon W uses Torsion  anti-twist technology  which can improve stability and flexibility. Wearing the shoe, there is a clear soft and comfortable feeling. And since the outsole is made of thick rubber material, the extent that the sole deforms is not great. Aside from that, a number of energy return can be seen both when walking and running.

When jumping to the ground,  there was no obvious compression  in the sole,  but the cushioning experience was particularly prominent. The cushion just releases quite a lot of pressure and eases shock brought to the player’s joint.


Adidas Originals Falcon W is exactly  an affordable shoe and its overall features make the shoe worth its value. If you want to cop it, you will find what I said is in agreement with its real performance after you experience it by yourself.