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Adidas Marquee Boost Performance Review

I have tested Adidas Marquee Boost for a while. Today I want to share my performance review of Adidas Marquee Boost for your reference.


The vamp of Adidas Marquee Boost is normal mesh material. There is a layer of artificial leather on the front 3 shoe lacing holes. The the outside of forefoot part adds a layer of plastic upturning to the part of toes to increase the stability of Boost. The ankle part is filled with foam to improve the comfort level. It’s a pity that it doesn’t use Geofit technology. The shoe tongue is also filled with foam. The half inner sleeve in the sneaker makes the shoes fit the foot well. The shoe-pad is the normal one. The shoe heel has TPU support to offer good stability. Adidas Marquee Boost use full-length Boost, and it has built-in Y type TPU.

Performance Review?

  1. Excellent fitting:my foot is slim type. It still presses my toes. It’s a little tight. It needs times to breaking-in.
  2. Excellent Cushion Performance: The feeling of boost for basketball shoes is different with running shoes. The boost of Adidas Marquee Boost is quite stable.
  3. Stable Anti-torsion performance: with the Y shape TPU and wide outsole, it can offer stable anti-torsion performance to the foot.
  4. Support: as the mesh material of vamp is not stiff enough, the support of Adidas Marquee Boost mainly comes from the thick foam padding and TPU support on shoe heel. The supporting performance is just so so.
  5. Traction Performance: the herringbone sole normally can offer excellent traction performance. But it’s easy to slip on the plastic cement with dust. You need to clean the sole. In the clean plastic cement, Adidas Marquee Boost has excellent traction performance.
  6. The padding design on the shoe heel is unreasonable. It’s easy to abrade the heel. It needs times to breaking-in.
  7. Size: the inner length of this model is longer than normal size. But the shoe tree is a little narrow. It’s better to have a try on the physical store.

Overall: Adidas Marquee Boost is a pair of basketball shoes with high cost performance. The advantages are obvious, and the disadvantages are acceptable. If you don’t like to break through, and you can accept to take times to breaking-in, you can choose it. But if your foot is wide and instep is high, it’s not suitable for you.