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Adidas EQT Bask ADV Performance Review

The EQT series, which was born in the last 90s , have been re-interpreted and evolved into a variety of new shoes which have injected new vitality into the sneaker market. So of course, after the Adidas EQT Bask ADV was launched, it has stirred up a wave for people to chase it.

During that chasing, some people have succeed while some failed. Continuing the classic shoe type of QT Support ADV, the shoe looks very appealing. According to a number of buyers, the Adidas EQT Bask ADV is a versatile shoe, great for matching with a good number of outfits. What is even more surprising is that a lot of wearers have noticed that people stop to compliment them on the sneakers and get asked about it. Drawing inspiration from basketball shoes, Adidas has created a retro and functional shoe. And the combination of knitted fabric and neoprene has greatly enhanced the texture and performance of the shoe. What’s more, basketball fans are just very delighted to point out that the shoe a trendy shoe with a basketball-esque touch to it. There are also many colorways of the shoe and most fans just like the colorway options available.

The shoe tested is the  Adidas EQT Bask ADV Black Warrior which is made of black material from the upper to the sole. To a great extent, the pure black color is simply though, it makes the shoe full of mystery. For the upper, it is is made up of mesh material, leather and rubber materials, which makes the shoes more unique.

The inside of the toe is made of horizontal knit which adds some more details for us to ponder. The lace buckle and tongue label are both made of leather materials whereas the letter “EQT” is printed on the lace buckle which is very delicate.

At the side, the iconic three strips perfectly blend the same-color laces, forming a lacing system  with a unique look. The outsole line that is wrapped up is extremely recognizable and the leather at the upper improves the shoe’s texture.

As for the heel, it uses a striped design and the rubber lines printed with “EQT” are smooth.

In terms of the upper, it is made of knitted material and has good air permeability. Even though it was  35 °C  that day when I tested the shoe, my motivation had never declined because it was just so breathable that I forgot the hot weather.

The mesh material made upper fit my foot especially well and wraps my foot nicely. I just felt my feet tightly locked every time I wore the shoe. The mesh material can be easily bent so that the flexibility  can be ensured.

The weight of a single shoe is 356 grams which is  is within the normal range. Even if you’ve worn the shoe for several years or played in it for a long time, you can still feel the soft feedback  immediately  from the Adidas EQT Bask ADV and the feeling is very prominent. And the case is that virtually all buyers agree that the sneaker is insanely comfortable and that it feels like one is walking on memory foam when worn. There is even one wearer went as far as to say that the sneaker makes him look special and hot for the ladies.

The knitted upper allows you to feel the strong wrapping  shortly after you put the shoes on. And after tightening the laces, you can also feel the obvious wrapping from the three inner and outer sides of the webbing.

Though the upper uses mesh material, it also uses a more intensive knitting technique, ensuring a remarkable performance in support.

In the process of running, you can see that the upper has no obvious deformation and can still provide excellent support for sudden force start and change direction.

The high-top shoes are designed to protect the ankles more nicely. As is said by one reviewer that the ankles are fantastically supported. As for the heel, it is made of thick knit material whereas  the side is made of strong leather. I should say that the shoe’s support at the ankle is absolutely  top notch.

The thick rubber outsole is also very outstanding in the wear resistance performance and can adapt to different court needs.

The elliptical concave grain occupies most of the outsole; the forefoot can also provide grip when the force is activated. In short, the grip performance is nice and the grip can offer us practical experience.

As a pair of shoes with excellent tech, definitely it also has extraordinary cushioning technology. So is there any surprise in the cushioning performance of the Adidas EQT Bask ADV?

The Adidas EQT Bask ADV just has a very soft feeling and even if light players can have that obvious experience.

Adidas EQT Bask ADV also excels in the energy return. You can see a noticeable cushioning above when landing. When the forefoot first touched the ground,  a large part of the pressure is released by the cushion tech.

The degree of deformation of the sole is not obvious both when walking and running. However, you  can feel obvious rebound and  obvious energy feedback.

From my standpoint, it is definitely a trendy shoe, the quality and construction of the Adidas EQT Bask ADV is absolutely top notch; the shoe in the over performance is a hit to boot. Well, just have a try and I believe  the Adidas EQT Bask ADV deserves many thumbs up from reviewers.