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Adidas D Rose 10 Performance Review

Many audiences may have deep impression that Rose get 50 scores in last sports competition season.

Does the new Rose 10 also have high competition? Let’s have a look at it today.

Weight: The unit weight of Rose 10 in EUR42.5 is about 419.5g. It’s a little heavy as a pair of defender shoes.

Traction Performance

The forefoot sole of Rose 10 is constituted with herringbone and circle line.

The circle lines aim at turning. And herringbone can assure the traction performance for starting and speeding up.

But the outsole of Rose 10 is easy to absorb dust, the grain is intensive, so it’s not easy to clean. I slipped for a few times when playing basketball games.

The big problem of the outsole is, the fringe field of outsole lack the design of upturning grains. We can compare it with the outsole of Strike 6.

The design of forefoot sole and rear sole is almost the same.

The inner side of Strike 6’s fringe field has the upturning grain.

But Rose 10 doesn’t have the design of upturning grains. If the guys who likes to change the directions, the smooth fringe field doesn’t have any traction. It’s the biggest problem of Rose 10.

BTW, after testing, the length of abrasion is about 9.8mm. The abrasive resistance is bad.

Bounce Insole

The first pair of Adidas shoes with Bounce technology is Lillard 2. It gets good feedback in the market due to the good resilient feedback.

But after so many years, Adidas hasn’t adjusted Bounce well. The insole of Rose 9 is a little stiff.

Till now, I’m surprised at the full-length Bounce of Rose 10. Comparing with Lillard 2, it’s softer. It feels like Boost running shoes.

The soft insole also offers the excellent cushion performance to the rear sole of Rose 10. If you are heavy weight and need great cushion performance of rear sole, Rose 10 can satisfy your request.

As a pair of defender’s sneakers, the forefoot sole of Rose 10 is soft. It will affect the starting speed.

Fit & Size

As Rose 9, the size of Rose 10 is also half size bigger. Rose 10 has the same problem as Rose 9, such as wide shoe tree and bad fit.

After fastening the shoe laces, it can fit the foot.

But the first punching holes of shoe laces is a little back, so it’s still a little empty for forefoot.

As the vamp of Rose 10 uses soft leather, the vamp is easy to deform after a period. The wrapping performance will be worse.

Supporting Performance of Vamp

The soft vamp can’t offer excellent supporting performance to foot.

Rose 10 is the same as Rose 4, it uses soft leather to improve the comfort level.

But Adidas should be able to put inside Flywire or other good supporting material to assure the support and fit of vamp.

The part that TPU on shoe heel extending to outside has a little supporting performance, but the supporting performance of other parts is not good.

Moreover, Rose 10 doesn’t have any supporting design on the inner side of arch.

It’s easy to hurt ankle and knees for the guys who are low arch or flat foot. It’s hidden risk.

As the design of shoe heel is too protruding, it’s easy to rub the area of heel tendon. It’s better to wear elite socks.

Anti-torsion Performance

The outsole of Rose 10 has dilated design.

But the soft Bounce insole doesn’t have been reinforced with transparent shell like Harden 1. So the forefoot is easy to deform.

To adjusting the feeling of Bounce, the thicken Bounce insole increase the high center of gravity. With the bad supporting performance, we think that Rose 10 has obvious risk of rollover.

If you want to purchase a pair of defender’s basketball shoes, we don’t suggest you to buy Rose 10. As we mentioned above for the problems of Rose 10, most of the problems are bad for defenders.

But if you are Rose’s fans and you don’t have high request to the supporting performance of vamp, I will recommend you to try Rose 10.

Although Rose 10 is not a good pair of basketball shoes, but I find that most of the customers who purchase Rose series don’t care the performance of the shoes, but they more care if Rose series will be stopped by Adidas.