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Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 Performance Review

I’ve got this Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 for a long time and after many tests and based on quite a number of notes, I finally opened my computer and wrote down this article. Then let’s see…

Appearance is important. And I know like the majority, most of us look upon a shoe’s appearance as the first considered factor when buying shoes. But after all, this is a constant occurrence in human nature. Fortunately, this Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1 has quite a outstanding appearance. To tell the truth, when I first saw this spider man color scheme, I fell in love and I bought it then and there. I felt that the red and blue colorway is simply very eye-catching in this hot summer day but not tacky at all. But after all, different people has different views and for this part, I don’t remark any more. 

When I first wore the shoe, I didn’t like tying the laces for the wrapping was really nice and very tight. But I still tied the laces when I was in combats. I also found that the heel part locks my feet very well and I never run into any slipping problems. In addition, the fore part of the shoe is not so wide and can fit many people, which is not like the Irving series I’ve experienced; there isn’t extra room in the forefoot to boot.

The pattern in the outsole is still the classic herringbone pattern. You will feel that the shoe bites the ground tightly. I wore the Kobe NXT 360 to play on the wooden floor, but it turned out to be very common whereas this one gave me a kind of bright feeling. To summarize, the grip of this shoe is absolutely on top of the sneaker market. And they performs even much better in the outfield where there is a lot of dust and gravels. The solid outsole rubber of the shoe is praised by many testers simply because it barely attracts dust.

Anti-rollover is always the biggest highlight of this pair. The oversized outsole basically eliminates the possibility of rollover, and I was overwhelmed by the safety of the outsole when I went to the store to try it on. I got injured in a match not long ago. Tripping in the circumstance, I dare not do any high-intensive training, however, I just feel quite secured in this shoe.

Personally, I do not require too much of cushioning and I do not like wearing super soft shoes. However, this cushioning is fine for me. It is not dragging when breaking through. When I made landing movements, it eases the shock brought by my weight. But this still requires some more tests because I haven’t experienced it so much. After all, it is a newly copped one and I am not so willing to shorten its life.

Durability is always highly phrased by a number of buyers and reviewers. On rough courts, the sole performs better than on  cement ground but worse than on plastic ground. The shoe is wore usually in outer side of the heel though the picture below can not be seen any wear and tear. Nevertheless, it should not fail you.


Some said the most thrilling part is that the shoe is worth the money; after all, it is a famous brand sneaker with such nice overall performance. On stores, when I was considering which one to choose, it is the shoe’s  “sincerity” and nice appearance that persuade me into buying it. What is fortunate is that after these days’ accompanying, it turn out to be a reliable model; every time there are matches, I resolutely chose it as my comrade. To learn more about this shoe, you can also have a try by yourself.