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Adidas AlphaEdge 4D Performance Review

Adidas AlphaEdge 4D  is a brand-new running shoe created by Adidas along with the printing company Carbon aiming at providing the best wrapping shoe for we consumers. It is said that  Alphaedge 4D is thought  as an outstanding running shoe with capabilities to be used for any type of running. So what is the fact?

The shoe features mainly black and grey in the shoe body complemented with a green 4D outsole, which presents that the shoe has a lot of technology equipped in it. The 4D technology uses optical positioning, liquid resin and oxygen permeation tablets so as to create a foot feeling that is stable, cushion enough and comfortable for everyone. Anyway, it remains to be seen how well it can perform.

There aren’t many decorations in the shoe body. It looks very simple but to some extent, it is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The eye-pleasing upper complemented with its black shoe laces looks very harmonious. There are still Adidas’s trademark three stripes on the large mesh shoe tongue.

Next looking at the side, the shoe body line is fluent and the black, grey and white color scheme match each other very well.

At the heel part, there is a Adidas logo.

A number of users signified that they like the Alphaedge 4D’s midsole performance, saying that it is well comfortable, balanced and delivers perfect energy return. They also wondered” how the shoe’s midsole can feel firm in the right places, yet other parts of it are flexible and soft where it is needed.” “It’s quite beyond our imagination.” You are to feel the bouncy feedback the minute you step on the sole. The soft bounce is just the first thing you feel on your foot, and you can feel the rebound from the sole with every step.

A single shoe of Alphaedge 4D is 440 grams. But in my opinion, the shoe’s weight is on the heavier side for a running shoe.

The Primeknit uppers offer quite enough flexibility and outstanding breathability. Even if those people who are given to playing on outdoor courts the shoe is also acceptable. It won’t cause any bother under the feet. Its Primeknit upper is just much appreciated by the users for being very well perforated which make their feet especially cool even when they are running on hot weather; therefore, the shoe is highly recommended.

In terms of wrapping and support, they are not bad either. This should be credited to the nice vamp. The vamp of the shoe is made of  the original Primeknit material, thus the feet can fit the forefoot, toes and arch area very well. And the tight wrapping is more obvious after the laces are tightened, bringing no pressure to the feet.

The support of the mesh material is not bad at all. When the player suddenly change direction, there is no obvious deformation in the upper whereas the feet retain stable inside the shoes. Generally speaking, it can ensure the basic support and stable needs during running.

The external heel part has a fixed material added to provide powerful support and the ankle part can be seen deform just a little. When suddenly changing direction or accelerating, the support ensures that the ankle remain steady.

I’ve read many reviews, saying that how great the traction and grip is from the shoe’s Continental Rubber outsole. For the outsole, it is a lump of rubber covered with protruding dots. And the grains in the forefoot and the heel have more prominent grains, thus providing better grip. The grip is like a reliable comrade: it performs well on both wet and dry grounds. Besides that, the sole can stand the test of long time wearing and won’t be torn easily. You will know that I am just telling the truth if you chance to have one pair.

With respect to the cushion’s tech, the shoe comes with a 3D printed Futurecraft midsole that also provides a more reactive and dynamic cushioning.  The performance can live up to the word “excellent”! As you can see below that the cushion deforms a lot simply by adding some pressure on it.

The midsole design can well avoid the occurrence of the feeling that you are wearing nothing because the setup is rather thick.

When you are running, the sole’s deformation and instant response are more obvious. When landing, you will feel like you are stepping on a pillow.


Some online comments express that the shoe is priced steeply. But making allowance for the nice setups, I think the shoe is well worth the money if you want an innovative running shoe designed to offer the comfort and support that a runner needs. It seems like the shoe is especially designed for you. Anyway, for all the price, it proves to be a nice mate and has showed us its unique style aesthetic and remarkable cushioning performance.