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Adidas Alphabounce lnstinct ccm Performance Review

The brand-new updated Adidas Bounce running shoes attract many shoe fans after releasing. Comparing with AlphaBounce Beyon, the updated version is inclined to concise comfortable type.

The colorway of Adidas AlphaBounce Instinct ccm is black and white. The vamp and insole use rugged water ripple texture. The insole is thickened. It’s classic running shoe model.

The Front View

The vamp is made of black ventilated mesh material. The outside of shoe head is reinforced with TPU plate. The black and white colorway is easy matching. It looks cool.

The Side View

The side vamp and insole are water ripple design. The stabilizing plate on the insole combine with the lacing system.

The Rear View

The pull-tab on the shoe heel is convenient for putting on and taking off. It’s also the water ripple design. It also has Adidas logo on the shoe heel.

Comfort Level

The soft mesh vamp has great air permeability and it’s very comfortable and has good flexibility.

The unit weight of size US8=EUR41 is only about 326g. It’s light enough as its insole is thick.

Fit & Support

The stabilizing TPU of insole combined with lacing system offer great supporting performance. With bilateral water ripple texture on the vamp, it can fit the foot very well and offer good supporting performance.

The outsole of shoe heel is extended, so it has good stability.

The outside TPU reinforcement can also offer good supporting performance. It won’t deform when running.

The foam on the shoe heel is full enough. It can offer great safety to ankle. It can protect the ankle well when fast running.

Traction & Abrasive Resistance

The outsole grain is also changed to water ripple design. The integral shape of sole is S. It’s very special.

Cushion Performance

Although the cushion feedback of Adidas Alphabounce is not better than Boost, but it also has good resilience. I can feel the cushion feedback from insole obviously. It can remit the pressure to knee.

It doesn’t have obvious soft and resilient feeling when walking. But after long time running, my knees are still not tired.

This pair of black and white Adidas Alphabounce running shoes is worthy to purchase. As its appearance is cool, and the integral performance is good.

The thick insole can offer great cushion performance and it can also rise your height. The black and white colorway is easy matching color. It’s a pair of fashion running shoes.