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Close look and opening: D.O.N. ISSUE #2

Adidas released two Donovan Mitchel 2 earlier this year: one is black and the other is the green spider-man colorway. Of course, they have arose quite plenty of hot discussion and won over lots of attention before long their release. Then let’s take a closer look at this D.O.N. ISSUE #2.

The two colorways are of visually very different styles, but it’s safe to say that both are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But today I wanna talk more about this “green spider-man”. It is reported that the inspiration of this fluorescent green colorway came from the Marvel Hero–the spiderman and the shoe box has also been changed to marvel heroes.

“My Spider Sense is tingling” is the kind of speech that spiderman uses from time to time. So this colorway also reminds us of the superpower that spiderman owns with the tongue ring printed with SPIDEY and  SENSE.

Donovan Mitchell is both a guard and a core player. So it fits the scenario very well to compare him to spiderman and his ability to analyze the situations on court is his Spidey Sense.

Whether it is the colorway or the details in design, the shoe can be a likesome work. From my perspective, D.O.N. ISSUE #2.  is a kind of basketball shoe that is not only  pleasing to the eye but also very head-snapping when it comes to the actual performance. And it seems that I can always pull off difficult situations with the help of D.O.N. ISSUE #2 and it is no inflation.

Adidas Donovan Mitchell shoes always offers us a nice foot feel. It not only seeks excellent performance; it also tries its best to offer us comfortable experience.  And it is as well very powerful whenever there are emergency stops or running.

The wear resistance is actually very good. I have been exercising indoors in the shoes for several days and I even tried high intensity sports, but there was almost no sign of wear in the outsole. Besides, the wrapping is nice and  the anti-rollover is peerless.

In a nutshell, this is a cost-effective shoe that deserves your trying and surely, it will offer you a can’t-miss-it experience!